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					        Jardines Del Monte
         Family Child Care
            Town Homes
          Monterey County Housing, Inc.,
     A Community Housing Development Organization,
in partnership with the Housing Authority of the County
                      of Monterey
           Children’s Services International

                  Grand Opening Celebration
                        June 24, 2003
    11 unit affordable housing project that
     integrates licensed family child care
• All units are able to be licensed for family
• 4 units dedicated at any one time to child care-
  up to 6 infants/children each
• Units designed after the Vancouver Model
• Child care training and mentoring by CSI an
  integral component of the project
       Outcomes Anticipated
Increase in the number of affordable housing units
available to very low income working families.
Positive and productive use of infill land in Salinas.
Increase in the number of children in care giving settings
who have positive social and emotional development
because of nurturing and stable relationships with
Increased economic development for families and clients
of the caregivers.
Increased professionalism and concern for the healthy
development of infants and children under care of on-site
child care providers.
 What is the Vancouver model?
• Larger square footage-1,300      • Facilities for washer and dryer
  sq. feet units                     in units
• Space for childcare              • Open floor plan, all areas
  downstairs-1 bdr. downstairs       observable from kitchen
• One full bath downstairs with
  counter space for diapering      • Lots of natural light
• One fully equipped tot-lot       • Lots of closets & storage for
  solely dedicated to child care     childrens’ belongings and
• Exterior rear yard areas           equip.
• Exterior storage & covered       • Forced Air heating
  patios to accommodate            • On-going training and
  outdoor play.                      mentoring of providers.
    Community Partners and Funders-
Total Local Capital Contribution-$1,209,072
                                              •   Monterey Peninsula Foundation-$50,000
                                              •   SH Cowell Foundation-$80,000
•   Affordable Housing Program-
    Community Bank of Central Ca-             CHILD CARE PROGRAM FUNDING:
    $45,000                                   •  Monterey County First Five Commission-
•   Bank of America Foundation-                  $25,000 Mini Grant for business start-up
    $10,000                                   •  Community Foundation of Monterey County-
•   City of Salinas Redevelopment                $20,000
    Agency-property donation and              •  Charitable Council - $2,500 (Revolving
    $325,000                                     Security Deposit Fund for Family Child Care
•   City of Salinas HOME Program-
    $200,000                                  CONSTRUCTION FINANCING
•   Community Foundation of Monterey          •  Housing Authority-CHFA-HELP Loan under
    County-$14,000                               a Revolving Loan Program, 3 year financing-
•   County of Monterey Inclusionary              $1,000,000 @ 3.5%
•   David and Lucile Packard-$250,000         •   Infill development –total project cost
•   Gabilan Foundation-$30,000
•   Monterey County First Five Commission -
         Services & Outreach
Section 8 Family Self-Sufficiency Program for all Section 8
residents- includes an escrow savings plan.
Residents pre-screened under the Section 8 program.
CSI conducted outreach for program candidates from allied
agencies and training programs.
CSI coordinated ongoing training modules on child care &
business management next few months.
Training conducted at the Mountain Valley Family and Child
Dev. Ctr. , and other allied agency sites.
Mini grant assisted with licensing, insurance, and business
start up costs for providers once selected.
Grant set up security deposit revolving loan fund for Family
Child Care Providers.
Front Elevation
              Floor Plans
                    Upper Floor
Lower Floor
   Monterey County Housing, Inc.
• MCHI is a non profit community housing development
• MCHI exists is to develop, maintain and promote quality
  housing that is affordable for all residents of Monterey
  County and to strengthen families by supporting stable
  and economically diverse neighborhoods.
• MCHI also owns several other housing developments
  throughout the County providing affordable housing to
  seniors, families and single persons (approx. 440 units).
          MCHI’s Properties
• Casa Del Sol - Salinas (Migrant Farmworker
• Casanova - Monterey (Senior Housing)
• King City Elderly – King City
• Jardines Del Monte - Salinas (Family)
• Parkside Manor - Salinas (Senior Housing)
• Parkside Large Family Apartments – Salinas
• Plaza House – Salinas (Single Persons)