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									                      John Peter Crowley
             Contact Info:
             6025 Amos Smith Rd., Charlotte, NC 28214
             Phone: (704) 965-8006
             Web Site:

Profile:     Experienced IT professional with over 16 years of software development
             experience; excellent written/verbal communication skills; strong,
             cooperative mindset.

Experience: Bank of America, Charlotte, NC                          Nov 2004 - Present
            Structured Bond Analytics
            Vice President, Applications Program Manager

                   Bond Structuring Analytics, Oscar, Application
                    Manager/Developer. Manager of support team for mortgage backed
                    securities structuring analytics tool, primarily for RMBS, ABS and
                    CMBS sectors. Performs cash flow analytics of collateral and bond
                    performance for pricing and returns primarily for original issue of
                    Technologies: C++, Visual Studio 2005, MFC, and Roguewave
                   CDO Tracker, Lead Developer. Analytics and data warehousing
                    of CDO related bond and collateral information from multiple
                    market sources for trading desk support. Provided CDO trading
                    desk with deal information and asset holdings with cross-references
                    to related holdings for accurate pricing and risk information.
                    Technologies: C#, .Net, Windows Forms, Intex, Bloomberg, and

             Intercede, Inc, Charlotte, NC                       July 2003 - Nov 2004
             Conflict Management Solutions
             Director of Information Technology

                   Intercede ASP,, Lead Architect.
                    Lead Architect and Developer of Employee Complaint and
                    Management system. Product allows clients to provide employees
                    with a safe, anonymous complaint tool with management tools and
                    analytics for HR and Executive teams.
                    Technologies: ASP.NET, C#, Visual Studio 2003, .NET 1.1, MS
                    SQL Server 2000, MS SQL Report Services 2000, Windows Server
                    2003, and IIS 6.0.
      Infrastructure, Network Engineer. Responsible for all internal and
       external network, server and desktop infrastructure and support.
       Implemented Windows 2003 Server Active Directory domain and
       Exchange 2003 infrastructure with Windows XP and Office 2003
       Desktops for 2 offices with remote users.
       Technologies: Windows 2003 Server, Exchange 2003 Server,
       Active Directory, Windows XP Pro, and Office 2003 Pro.

Upper Echelon LLC, Charlotte, NC                   April 1999 - July 2003
Contracting Firm
Founding Partner

      Natural Foods Discount Marketplace,, Architect. Architected and
       implemented a secure brokerage system for the Natural Foods
       industry. Allows manufacturers and distributors to post bulk food
       product listings for Retailers to browse and purchase on-line.
       Technologies: ASP.NET, C#, Visual Studio 2003, .NET 1.1, MS
       SQL Server 2000, Windows Server 2000, and IIS 5.0.
      Compass Group, iVend, Developer. Built portions of intranet
       business application for capturing vending sales and inventory.
       Built integration between new system and SAP accounting system
       for capturing inventory and sales summaries. Built conversion
       system for converting legacy system data to new system.
       Technologies: Visual Basic 6.0, HTML/DHTML, Java Script,
       XML/XSLT, IIS 5.0, MS SQL Server 2000, DTS, and BizTalk
      Compass Group, National Accounts, Designer/Developer. Built
       sales/commissions reporting warehouse database and frontend
       which automatically processes data from SAP system into a
       reporting database for analysis purposes. System replaced several
       old Access databases into a single reporting warehouse with
       automated data imports improving the efficiency of the department.
       Technologies: Visual Basic 6.0, MS SQL Server 2000, and DTS.
      Broadview Networks, Network Application Monitor
       Framework, Designer/Developer. Designed and Built an
       extensible Network Application Monitor Framework designed to
       notify administrators when network applications are not functioning
       correctly. Reduces critical system down time and support calls by
       notifying system administrators of problems before end users are
       aware of any problems.
       Technologies: Java 2, Xerces XML Parser, Xalan XSLT Processor,
       and HTTP for built in web server.
      Broadview Networks, File Synchronizer, Designer/Developer.
       Designed and Built a File and Directory Synchronization Windows
       NT Service product used for keeping directory structures up to date
       across the network. Automatically syncrhonizes files across the
       enterprise easing deployment of new versions of business
       Technologies: Visual C++, STL, Win32 API, and NT Services.
      Broadview Networks, HTML to XML Converter,
       Designer/Developer. Built generic HTML to XML converter and
       XSLT conversion files used for web page parsing for business to
       business applications. Allowed the business to process automated e-
       commerce transactions with business partners that have only web
       based user interfaces into their systems.
       Technologies: Java 2, Xerces XML Parser, Xalan XSLT Processor,
       and Source Forge JTidy HTML parser.
      Access Coverage Corp, Designer/Developer. Designed and Built
       framework components for Microsoft BizTalk for secure B2B real-
       time insurance quotes with multiple insurance carriers. Allowed
       web site customers to get automated real-time insurance quotes
       from multiple carriers.
       Technologies: Using BizTalk (Beta Release), Visual Basic 6.0,
       COM+, XML, XSLT, IIS 5.0, and MS SQL Server 7.0.
      Renaissance Interactive, Designer/Developer. Designed and built
       customer administration and customization portion of Internet
       Medical Information Portal. Portal was used for automatic
       transmission of medical information between Doctors, Pharmacies,
       and Labs.
       Technologies: Internet Explorer 5.0, Visual Basic 6.0, IIS 4.0,
       Javascript, VBScript, XML, XSLT, MS SQL Server 7.0, and MTS

Approach Inc, Valhalla, NY                        June 1995 - March 1999
Microsoft Solution Provider
Senior Consultant

      Comcast Cellular, Phone-in-a-Box, Lead Designer/Developer.
       Designed and developed a Secure Internet application for Inventory
       queries by Telemarketing group. Integrated cellular phone
       activation and inventory systems for new telephone activation
       Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, IIS 4.0, ASP VBScript, Visual
       Basic 5.0, MTS 2.0, MS SQL Server 6.5, and Verisign Certificates.
      Comcast Cellular, Central Sales Data System, Project
       Manager/Lead Designer/Developer. Managed a small team for an
       N-Tier Inventory Integration system. Integrated stand-alone Point-
       of-sale systems with central data warehouse and inventory systems
       with automatic data synchronization.
    Technologies: Visual Basic 5.0, MTS 1.0, and MS SQL Server 6.5.
   Cendant, Formal Development Process, Process Engineer.
    Authored White Papers on building N-Tier applications with
    Microsoft Tools to integrate with a formal software development
    process. Educated development team on building N-Tier
    applications which will scale and perform using microsoft tools.
    Technologies: Visual Basic 5.0, MTS 1.0, and MS SQL Server 6.5.
   Approach, N-Tier Intranet Demonstration, Developer. Built
    Web Delivered N-Tier Recruiting system to demonstrate use of
    framework components and Microsoft N-Tier toolset. Educated
    both the consultants at Approach and several clients on N-Tier
    Technologies: Internet Explorer 3.0, Visual Basic 5.0, MTS 1.0, IIS
    2.0, ASP VBScript, and MS SQL Server 6.5.
   Approach, N-Tier Development Framework, Lead
    Design/Developer. Designed and Implemented COM based generic
    Error Handling framework, Data Access Objects, and Exporer style
    interface framework. Framework was used for several N-Tier
    applications for consistent error handling, logging, data access, and
    explorer style interface.
    Technologies: Visual C++ 4.0, MFC, Visual Basic 4.0, and MS
    SQL Server 6.5.
   Kislak, Betesh & Associates, Visual Lease, Co-Lead
    Designer/Developer. Designed and built Customization featurs and
    Financial calculation portions of a shrink-wrap Lease Management
    system. Application was used internally by client to manage their
    client's real-estate leases, and sold as a shrink wrap lease
    management solution.
    Technologies: Visual Basic 4.0 16-bit, MS SQL Server 6.0, and
   Approach, Time Recording System, DBA/Data Modeler.
    Redesigned Table Structures and Migrated a Time Card and
    Accounting system from SQL Server 4.23 to SQL Server 6.0.
    Retrofitted VB 3.0 front end with generic ODBC error handling
    scheme and made migration fixes. Migration allowed for much
    higher performance of time card, accounting and billing systems.
    Technologies: Visual Basic 3.0, MS SQL Server 4.23, MS SQL
    Server 6.0, and ODBC.
   Approach, ODBC Framework, Designer/Developer. Designed
    and Implemented generic ODBC access methods and error
    handling scheme. Functional library reduced the amount of time
    and effort building client/server applications.
    Technologies: Visual Basic 3.0, MS SQL Server 4.23, and ODBC.
   Approach, Excel Reporting Add-In, Designer/Developer.
    Designed and Implemented a reusable data access and reporting
    add-in for Excel. Add-in allowed for batch asynchronous data
       access and reporting for client/server applications with Excel
       reports, allowing the user to keep working while reports executed.
       Technologies: Visual C++ 2.0, Microsoft Excel 5.0 VBA, MS SQL
       Server 4.23, and ODBC.
      Kraft Foods, Claims/Nutrition System, Developer. Implemented
       analytical claims reports for food nutritional information system.
       Client/server front end and reporting application replaced existing
       mainframe based application with improved feature set, speed and
       Technologies: Visual C++ 2.0, Microsoft Excel 5.0 VBA, MS SQL
       Server 4.23, and ODBC.
      HCHP, Health Care Reporting System, Developer/Tester.
       Implemented portions of health care reporting system, and
       performed automated integration testing. Health Care client/server
       data warehouse and reporting system allowed for analytical
       analysis and customized reports of customer care and sales data.
       Technologies: Visual Basic 3.0, Microsoft Excel 5.0 VBA, MS
       SQL Server 4.23, and SQL Robot.

IBM Corporation, Yorktown Heights, NY               June 1992 - June 1995
Senior Associate Programmer

      IBM Network Door/2, Design/Developer. Redesigned and
       implemented CORE tools for IBM Network Door/2 product. New
       design allowed network tools to run on Windows 3.1 and OS/2 2.0
       with the same code base, which was sold as a shrink wrap product.
       Technologies: OS/2 2.0, Windows 3.1, Presentation Manager, IBM
       Lan Server, C/C++, and Starview multi-platform GUI library.
      CORE, Developer. Developed internal OS/2 application and
       network management tools. Used internally by over 60,000 users
       within IBM at multiple sites.
       Technologies: OS/2 1.3/2.0, Presentation Manager, IBM Lan
       Server, and C/C++.

IBM Corporation, Milford, CT                     May 1991 - August 1991
Supplemental Programmer

      Smart Network Cards, Developer. Implemented smart-card
       manager for pluggable multi-protocol network. System allows card-
       to-card network routing allowing 10 fold improvement in routing
       performance, with configurable network protocol support.
       Technologies: C, UNIX (AIX 3.2), RISC/6000, TCP/IP, and XNS.
Education:    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
              Graduated: Bachelor of Science May 1992
              Major:     Computer Science
              Minors: Electrical Engineering Economics
              GPA:       3.0

              Microsoft Certification
              Certificate:Solution Developer      December 1995
                          Windows System          SQL Server
                          Architecture            Implementation
              Certificate:Product Specialist      October 1995
                          Visual Basic 3.0

Skills:       Languages:         C# - 4 years    C - 10 years         C++ - 10 years
                                 Java - 3 years  Visual Basic (VB)    HTML - 7 years
                                                 - 7 years
                                 DHTML - 4 years ASP/VB Script - 5    Java Script - 4
                                                 years                years
                                 XML/XSL - 5     Office VBA - 5       Access VBA - 5
                                 years           years                years

              Tools:             Visual              Visual C++ - 5    Visual Basic
                                 Studio .NET - 5 years                 (VB) - 6 years
                                 Visual Interdev - 6 MS Biztalk - 1    Java JDK - 3
                                 years               year              years
                                 Rational Rose - 2 MTS/COM+ - 4 IIS - 6 years
                                 years               years
                                 MS SQL Server - MS SQL Report Sybase - 1 year
                                 9 years             Server - 3 months
                                 Microsoft Office - Microsoft Access -
                                 7 years             6 years

              Libraries &        .NET Framework - STL/ATL - 2 years AWT/Swing - 1
              Frameworks:        2 years                            year
                                 DCOM/COM+ - 4 XML/HTML             MFC - 4 years
                                 years            DOM - 3 years

              Systems:           Windows 2003 - 1 Exchange 2003 - 6 Windows 2000 -
                                 year             months            3 years
                                 Windows NT - 5 Windows XP - 1 Windows Vista -
                                 years            year              1 month
                                 OS/2 - 3 years   Macintosh - 5     UNIX - 3 years

Activities:   Alpha Chi     Ice Hockey     Golf             Skiing      Long Distance
Rho Fraternity   Bicycling

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