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NR-07-001                                                                                                        27 April 2007

                                  Guess who’s turning 75?
CFB BORDEN, ONT. -Were you a member of 400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron when Spitfires and Mustangs donned its
crest? Or when the first CH-136 Kiowa hovered its way into the hearts of the “City of Toronto” Squadron?
Well then don’t miss 400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron’s – the oldest Squadron in the Canadian Forces – 75th Anniversary
Celebration Friday, Sept 28 until Sunday, Sept 30.
         There are numerous events scheduled throughout the weekend including a sports day, parade, formal dinner and
wrapping up with a farewell luncheon.
         400 Squadron was formed on October 5, 1932 as No. 10 City of Toronto Army Cooperation Squadron. It was
renamed 110 Squadron in 1937. In recognition of the fact that it was the first Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Squadron
overseas during the Second World War, it was designated 400 City of Toronto Squadron in March 1940.
         During the war, it flew Lysanders, Tomahawks, Mustangs, and Spitfires primarily in an armed and unarmed
reconnaissance role. Later during the war, the Squadron also conducted air interdiction. Immediately following the cessation
of hostilities, 400 Squadron was the first RCAF Squadron to resume active flying, operating Harvard Mk IIBs out of RCAF
Station Downsview.
         The Cold War saw the arming of the unit with the Vampire Mk IIIs and then F86 Mk Vs Aircraft. Throughout the
60s and 70s, 400 City of Toronto Squadron, as part of 2 Air Reserve Wing, first flew the Expeditors and then the
DeHavilland Otter.
         In 1981, the conversion to helicopters began with the CH-136 Kiowa. Fifteen years later the CH-146 Griffons were
phased in and are now the prime aircraft for the Squadron.
         For more information or to confirm your attendance please contact Master Corporal Cheryl Fisher at (705) 424-
1200, ext. 2050 or


EDITOR’S NOTE: For more information or future interviews please contact Captain Lyle Holbrook, 75th Anniversary
Chairperson, 400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron at (705) 424-1200 Ext. 1436 or or the 1 Wing
Public Affairs Officer Captain Rae Joseph, (613) 451-5010 Ext. 8264 or

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