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Ealing Council


									Ealing Council
Supporting skills and the local economy
Dec 2007
 Ealing Apprenticeships

• Manifesto Commitment
• Council as employer and broker
• Construction sector – increase in about
  80 places
 Council contractors for construction works are
 assessed on the following criteria:
• Financial stability - including evidence of insurance, tax, VAT
• Technical competence - references and membership of trade
  professional associations
• Health and safety - contractor health and safety assessment
  scheme (CHAS ) compliance including environmental issues
• Equal opportunities - diversity and talent in recruitment,
  training and company structure
• Environment and sustainability

• Ealing Council using from Sept 2007
• Constructionline is a public-private partnership
  between the Business, Enterprise and
  Regulatory Reform (formerly the DTI) and Capita
  Business Services and is the UK's register of
  pre-qualified local and national contractors in
  the construction industry.
 How it works

• Officers will be able to access the
  database, build their own shortlists for
  tendering, use a 'long list' of contractors
  seeking work in west london and a 'local
  list' of contractors based in the borough
  and provide essential feedback.
  Contractors policy documents and
  certificates can be viewed online.
 Local procurement
• The Council’s contract procedure rules now encourage
  use of local suppliers in two ways.
• Firstly, by stating that the council should develop
  contracts which seek to stimulate diversity and
  innovation, enhance choice for service users and attract
  new suppliers, in particular local suppliers' (CPR 12.1).
• Secondly, by recommending that when suppliers are
  selected to quote for contracts worth between£10,000
  and £49,999, one of them should, whenever possible, be
  based in the London Borough of Ealing (CPR16.3).
 West London Local govt contracts
• Construction line does not require contractors to be
  compliant with Contractors Health and Safety Assessment
  Scheme (CHAS), but the council will continue to insist on
  CHAS compliance.
• Only companies that are registered as members of both
  Constructionline and CHAS will be invited to tender for
  the council’s contracts.
• Constructionline – Hillingdon, Ealing Hounslow
Approved list of contractors
Contractors who have not already done so are
  encouraged to register with both organisations.
  Please note that registration is not a guarantee of
Visit Constructionline
  website to apply online
  or tel: (0870) 240 0152
For information about CHAS, please visit CHAS website
Contact: Claire Carter, approved list officer, tel:(020)
  8825 6225

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