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                Commonwealth Education Calendar: March 2007 – December 2008
March 5 and 6       CEC. Spring Conference – ‘Looking to the Future’.
March 7             CCL. Members’ Open Forum
March 12            Commonwealth Day 2007. Theme: Respecting difference, promoting understanding.
March 21            ComSec. Second Commonwealth Teacher Research Symposium. Long Ditton
April 12            ACLALS (West Indian Branch – WIACLALS). The Inaugural Edward Baugh
                    Distinguished Lecture Series, named in honour of Professor Emeritus Edward Baugh, a
                    renowned scholar of West Indian and Postcolonial Literatures. Lecture delivered by
                    Professor Baugh on Frank Collymore and West Indian Literature.
April 16-18         ComSec. Teacher mobility, recruitment, retention and migration. Meeting for East
                    African officials to discuss implementation of CW Teacher Recruitment Protocol. Arusha
April 16-25         CCE. Research Consortium on Education Outcomes and Poverty (RECOUP) - Research
                    workshop at Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya
April 20            CCEAM. Executive Meeting. Lefkosia, Cyprus.
April 26            CEC. Governing Board
April - May         CAM. Triennial Programme Meeting (including Annual Meeting) Museums and
                    Cultural Diversity - date, location to be confirmed.
May 1               ComSec (Education Section, STPD). Consultation with civil society on 16CCEM and
                    follow-up. Marlborough House 2.30.
May 4-6             UKCSC. Seminar. Evaluation of Scholarships. Cumberland Lodge. By invitation
May 7-16            CCE. Research Consortium on Education Outcomes and Poverty (RECOUP).
                    Research workshop in Ghana
May 15-17           ESU. International Public Speaking Competition. London
May 18              Comsec/CF. CSO Consultation Meeting. Marlborough House, 0900.
May 20-23           ACS. Conference. Commonwealth studies: educating the Commonwealth about the
                    Commonwealth. Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park. By invitation
May 21-25           CAPA. Conference on TVET in post-conflict countries and Integrating ICT and e-
                    Learning into TVET. In collaboration with Commonwealth of Learning (COL).
                    Freetown, Sierra Leone.
May 26-28           ACLALS (Canadian Branch - CACLALS): Conference: Aboriginal Storytelling, Poetry,
                    and Performance Art Bridging Communities at the annual Congress of Humanities and
                    Social Sciences. University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.
June/July           ComSec/ Education International and ACP countries. Pre-conference teacher status
                    seminar at Global Forum on Migration and Development. Brussels.
June 4              CEC. The Sixteenth Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers. Address by
                    William (Bill) Rammell MP, Minister of State for Higher Education and Lifelong
                    Learning at DfES and leader of UK Delegation to 16CCEM. Palace of Westminster,
                    12 noon to 1245.
June 8-9           ACLALS (European Branch - EACLALS) and the Department of English Language and
                   Literature, Faculty of Humanities and Natural Sciences, University of Prešov, Slovakia.
                   Conference: Post-colonial Transformations in the New Literatures in English.
June 10            ComSec. Workshop on financing gender equality in education. A Partners’ Forum event
                   for 8th Commonwealth Women’s Affairs Ministers’ Meeting (8WAMM). Kampala.
June 15            CCEAM. Executive Meeting. Lefkosia, Cyprus.
June 26            CEC. Annual Conference Islam and the education of women and girls in the
                   Commonwealth, and AGM. At British Council, Spring Gardens, London
June 26-29         ComSec. Workshop to consider draft report on gender analysis of secondary school
                   processes. Seychelles.

July 2-4           CPSU. Summer Conference (for young people, including eg Masters' students
                   wanting to know more about the Commonwealth). Institute of Commonwealth
                   Studies, London WC1. 3-day fee £45. Contact:
July 3             RCS/UKCSC. Increasing the impact of scholarships. Joint meeting at RCS. 1830
July 8-12          ICASE (CASTME) World Conference on Science Education, Perth, Australia
July 8-11          ACLALS (South Africa branch - SAACLALS). Conference: Worlds, Texts, Critics. U.
                   of Kwazulu-Natal, Durban.
July 9             CCL. Annual General Meeting, House of Lords.
July 19            CEC. Governing Board.
July 20            ComSec/ Commonwealth Teachers’ Grouping. Pre-Conference session on eve of
                   Education International Conference in Berlin.
July 22-24         Commonwealth Teachers Grouping (CTG). Establishment of CTG to be formally
                   endorsed at EI Conference in Berlin.
August 17-18       ComSec (Education, Gender and Health Sections) /CF. Policy dialogue on HIV/AIDS in
                   South Asia (Part of 8th International Congress on AIDS in Asia & Pacific).
August 17-27       ACLALS. The University of British Columbia, Vancouver. 14th Triennial International
                   Conference: "Literature For Our Times". Early registration till July 14, 2007: late
                   registration till August 7, 2007. Reduced rates for accommodation on website.
                   Conference website:
August-September   CAM. Workshop for Group of Children in Caribbean Museums, Nassau. Date tbc
September 3-5      ACU, CASTME and Mbarara University, Uganda, with support from the Royal Society
                   of Chemistry, the Commonwealth Foundation and the British Council. Science,
                   Technology and Innovation Symposium at Mbarara University. CASTME will organise a
                   session on science, technology and mathematics education.
September 11-13    Oxford Conference on International Education & Development will include
                   CCE. Research Consortium on Education Outcomes and Poverty (RECOUP)
                   ComSec. Rnd. Table on gender analysis of schooling processes in secondary education.
September 14-21    CCE. Research Consortium on Education Outcomes and Poverty (RECOUP).
                   Research workshop at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambriedge.

September 28-30    British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society (a member
                   of CCEAM) International Conference. Wokefield Park, Mortimer, Reading, Berks.
September 30       CASTME. Closing date for entries for CASTME Awards
October/November   ACLALS. (Indian Branch - IACLALS). Conference: details on IACLALS website.
October 8-9        ComSec. South Asian Workshop on Rights of the Girl Child. India.
October 20         CCL. Foods and Crafts of the Commonwealth (formerly the CW Fair). Organised by
                   CCL and wives of High Commissioners in support of CCL Education Fund. New venue
                   in Victoria Lawrence Hall, RHS Horticultural Halls, Greycoat St, SW1. 10.30-5.00.
November           ACLALS (Malaysian Branch - MACLALS). One-day teachers' workshop on the theme
                   Bridging the Gap: Literature and Language in the Classroom
November 8         CHEC. Annual General Meeting
November 12        UKCSC. Welcome Day for new Commonwealth Scholars in UK.
November 19-Dec 7 UNESCO General Conference Paris
November 19-22     Commonwealth Foundation. Commonwealth People’s Forum. Kampala, Uganda.
                   Three education sector workshops arranged by ComSec, CCfE and BUILD, with their
                   partners, on education for disadvantaged, holistic approaches to education for
                   transformation, and school linking in the Commonwealth, respectively.

November 23-25     CHOGM. Kampala, Uganda
November 26-29     ACLALS. (South Pacific Branch - SPACLALS): Triennial conference. Images,
                   Ideologies and Realities in Oceania.
December 3-7       CAPA. Workshop on TVET in the era of Globalisation: Challenges and Opportunities.
                   Lerotholi Polytechnic, Lesotho.
December 14-16     UKCSC. Role of science in development. Weekend seminar to include launch of new
                   Science Network for Alumni of CSFP. Cumberland Lodge, Windsor. By invitation

January 2-5        ACLALS (European Branch – EACLALS, and Indian Branch - IACLALS). Conference.
                   CHOTRO: Indigenous Peoples in the “Post”-Colonial World; Language – Literature –
                   Culture – History at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, Delhi, India.
January 3-5        CASTME workshops and discussion sessions on science education in the
                   Commonwealth at Annual Meeting of the Association for Science Education in the UK.
March 10           Commonwealth Day 2008.
March 24-29        ACLALS. EACLALS (European Branch). EACLALS Triennial conference. Ca’
                   Foscari University of Venice and the University of Padua . TRY FREEDOM: Rethinking
                   Rights in/through Postcolonial Cultures. Island of San Servolo, Venice Lagoon.
May                ACLALS. CACLALS (Canadian Branch) Annual Meeting. University of British
                   Columbia, Vancouver, under aegis of Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences
May                CAPA. Conference on Financing TVET in Africa: Funding Sources and Strategies. Dar-
                   es-Salaam, Tanzania.

May 26-28             ACU. 3rd Conference of the ACU Human Resource Management Network. Trinidad and
                      Tobago. (to be confirmed)
July 13-18            COL. Pan Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning (PC5). London
*    *       *        *      *      *      *      *       *     *      *       *      *      *
Key to acronyms and contact details of sponsoring organisations (*= CCfE members, += Associates)
ACS*     -       Association of Commonwealth Studies email:
ACEAB*   -       Association of Commonwealth Examination and Accreditation Bodies
ACLALS* -        Association of Commonwealth Literature & Language Studies
ACU*     -       Association of Commonwealth Universities
BECM*    -       British Empire and Commonwealth Museum    
CAM*     -       Commonwealth Association of Museums
CAPA*   -        Commonwealth Association of Polytechnics in Africa
CASTME* -        Commonwealth Association of Science, Mathematics & Technology Teachers
CBC+     -       Commonwealth Business Council
CCEAM* -         Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management
CCEM     -       Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers and
CCE      -       Centre for Commonwealth Education (U.Cambridge)
CCfE     -       Commonwealth Consortium for Education
CCL*      -       Commonwealth Countries’ League
CEC*      -       Council for Education in the Commonwealth
CF       -       Commonwealth Foundation    
CHOGM    -       Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
CI+      -       Commonwealth Institute
CLEA*    -       Commonwealth Legal Education Association
COL      -       Commonwealth of Learning
ComSec   -       Commonwealth Secretariat
CPSU*    -       Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit
CRT+     -       Commonwealth Relations Trust (of the Nuffield Foundation)
CTG      -       Commonwealth Teachers’ Grouping
CYEC+    -       Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council
ESU*     -       The English-Speaking Union of the Commonwealth    
FOCODLA* -       Federation of Commonwealth Open and Distance Learning Associations
ICS*     -       Institute of Commonwealth Studies
LCD*     -       Link Community Development 
LECT*    -       League for the Exchange of Commonwealth Teachers
RCS+     -       Royal Commonwealth Society 
ROSL+    -       Royal Over-Seas League
UKCSC    -       UK Commonwealth Scholarship Commission
*    *       *        *      *      *      *      *       *     *      *       *      *      *
This Calendar is compiled on behalf of the Commonwealth Consortium for Education by
Peter R. C. Williams Hon. Sec., Commonwealth Consortium for Education
Personal contacts: Telephone +44 (0)1306 501788



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