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									Common Core Values and Definitions                                                   Self evaluation of current practice

Core Values       Definition                                                      Examples of Possible Evidence

Applying the      Understanding and implementing the six areas of common          Show through evidence of training and practice experience already
Common Core       core skills and knowledge into practice                         gained, on the chart below, that you have the skills and knowledge, to
Values                                                                            demonstrate your ability in meeting each of the six areas below.

1. Effective      Skills such as listening and building empathy; summarising      Skills
communication     and explaining consultation and negotiation.
and engagement    Knowledge on how communication works; confidentiality
                  and ethics; sources of support and the importance of

2. Child and      Skills such as observation and judgement; empathy and           Skills
Young person      understanding
development       Knowledge on understanding context; understanding how
                  babies, children and young people develop, being clear
                  about your own job role and reflection and improvement.

3. Safeguarding   Skills such as developing respectful relationships, involving   Skills
and promoting     children in decision making and understanding the ways and
child welfare     signs in which children maybe harmed, making considered
                  Knowledge on legal and procedural frameworks, wider
                  context of services, and self – knowledge                       Knowledge
Core Values         Definition                                                     Examples of Evidence continued

4. Supporting       Skills such as identifying transitions and providing support   Skills
transitions         Knowledge on how children and young people respond to
                    change; when and how to intervene


5. Multi – agency   Skills such as communication, teamwork and assertiveness.      Skills
working             Knowledge such as ‘your’ role and remit; how to make
                    queries, procedures and working methods; the law, policies
                    and procedures.


6. Sharing          Skills such as information handling, clear communication       Skills
information         and engagement.
                    Knowledge on the importance of information sharing, roles
                    and responsibilities, awareness of complexities and
                    awareness of laws and legislation.

NB Just attendance at training is not evidence that core skills are met. You need to be able to demonstrate that you have implemented
your knowledge / aspects of training into practice … this directly links to the orange setting action plan completed at end of training and
signed by trainer which details what you will do post training….Your practice will then show how this has been actioned and may be
further evidenced by inclusion in your Ofsted SEF

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