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Corporate Credit Rating Analysis by lonyoo


                                                                                                                                    3 days
Corporate Credit Rating Analysis                                                                                                    £2.195

This seminar provides delegates with an in depth understanding of the rating practices employed by Moody's Investors Service
for assessing corporate credit risk - from rating methodologies and financial ratios to a rating committee simulation. Designed
as an intermediate level course, the underlying goal is to improve delegates' use and interpretation of ratings in their day-to-
day work.

Learning Objectives                                                                  Why Moody’s Analytics?
Upon completion of this seminar, delegates will be able to:
                                                                                     Consultative Approach
»   gain insight into the credit rating process of Moody's Investors Service         Our courses are built and updated based on extensive
»   apply a structured approach to corporate credit assessment                       research, experience, and the dynamic changes in the
»   calculate and interpret key financial ratios used in the credit rating process   financial markets. For in-house training, we work with
»   understand the concepts behind alternative measures of risk, such as market      you to understand the distinct needs of your
    implied signals, and their use in credit analysis                                organization and design, implement, and track the
                                                                                     performance of your learning programs from end-to-
Who Should Attend                                                                    end, including skills assessment, program design,
                                                                                     implementation, evaluation, and enhancement.
»   Credit analysts
»   Ratings advisors                                                                 Comprehensive Coverage
»   Investment and commercial bankers                                                We offer a broad set of technical and soft skills
»   Fixed income professionals (both buy and sell sides)                             programs that can be combined and adapted to the
                                                                                     needs of your staff. Our areas of expertise include:
»   Portfolio/asset/fund managers
»   Equity analysts                                                                       »   Banking & Credit
»   M&A professionals                                                                     »   Financial Markets & Investments
»   Banking supervisors                                                                   »   Risk & Capital Management
»   Credit risk professionals                                                             »   Corporate Finance
                                                                                          »   Derivatives & Structured Products
»   Basel II project managers
                                                                                          »   Professional & Personal Development

Program Level                                                                        Unparalleled Expertise
                                                                                     Our training solutions leverage over a century of
Program Level: Overview                                                              experience in risk assessment and the comprehensive
Prerequisites: Two years experience in a credit-related function or attendance       tools, data, and analysis of Moody’s Analytics to deliver
                                                                                     timely, in-depth, and comprehensive knowledge. In
at the Fundamentals of Corporate Credit seminar
                                                                                     delivery, our people make the difference –they combine
Advanced Preparation: Research documents relating to the case study will be          deep experience as financial practitioners, intellectual
distributed before the course                                                        passion for the content, and superior academic
                                                                                     credentials with a commitment to delivering
Delivery Method: Group-Live                                                          outstanding quality.

Moody's Analytics is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing
professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance
of individual courses for CPE Credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be addressed to the National Registry of CPE
Sponsors, 150 Fourth Avenue North, Suite 700, Nashville, TN 37219-2417. Website:
Moody’s Analytics is accredited with the CFA Institute and the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority.

                                                                                 REGISTER ONLINE AT MOODYSTRAINING.COM
Corporate Credit Rating Analysis
                                                                  Related Courses
Session 1: Understanding & Using Credit Ratings
    Concepts of probability of default, loss given default, and   Corporate Credit
    expected loss                                                 » Credit Masterclass
    Default and recovery statistics                               » Fundamentals of Corporate Credit
    Group exercises/discussions                                   » Corporate Credit Rating Analysis
Session 2: Industry Analysis & the Credit Rating Process          » Advanced Financial Risk Analysis
    Introduction to Moody's rating methodology for selected       » Credit Analysis for RiskAnalyst Users
    industries                                                    Troubled Credits
    The credit rating process                                     » Problem Credits
    Group exercise/discussion                                     » Covenants & Documentation
Session 3: Cash Flow & Financial Ratio Analysis                   » Liquidity Analysis & Refinancing Risk for Corporates
    Financial statement adjustments                               » Corporate Debt Restructuring
    Key cash flow concepts explained
    Key financial ratios used in the ratings process
    Treatment of off-balance sheet items
    Group exercise/corporate examples                             Tailor Any Course for Your Organization
DAY TWO                                                           Moody’s Analytics also offers in-house, custom training and
Session 4: Comprehensive Industry Case Study                      eLearning solutions to help you get the most from your training
                                                                  investment. Our hands-on approach benefits companies of all sizes
    Identification of industry and credit drivers; SWOT
                                                                  and requirements – from those with just a few local employees to
    analysis                                                      those with staff dispersed around the globe. Contact us to learn more
    Financial ratios calculation and interpretation               and to work with one of our training consultants to design the right
Session 5: Analyzing Corporate Groups                             program for your organization.
    Consolidated statements and their pitfalls                    Multiple Bookings
    Group structures and support mechanisms
                                                                  Special rates may be available for multiple course or group bookings.
    Principles of Moody's Joint Default Analysis
                                                                  Please contact us for details.
    Group exercises
                                                                  Fees & Cancellations
                                                                  The fee listed is per participant and includes refreshments, lunches
Session 6: Assessing Liquidity & Alternate Liquidity              and seminar materials. Course fees do not include tax, transportation
    Liquidity risk and alternate liquidity                        or hotel accommodations. Payment must be received in full prior to
    Rating triggers                                               the start of the seminar. Registrations may be cancelled in writing via
    Group exercise/corporate examples                             letter or email at least 30 days before the first date of the training for
Session 7: Introduction to Moody's Notching Principles            a full refund. Cancellations received less than 30 days in advance are
for Corporates                                                    eligible for substitution with another course, but fees will not be
                                                                  refunded. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule seminars at
    Moody's Expected Loss Framework explained
                                                                  any time.
    Notching Principles for investment grade rated
    corporates                                                    Refund Policy: For further information on our refund and complaint
    Overview of Moody's new methodology for deriving LGD          policy, please contact us at + 44 20 7772 1569 or +1 212-553-1401.
    Assessments and instrument ratings
    Introduction to Moody's Expected Loss Framework
    Discussion/corporate examples
Session 8: Analyzing Hybrid Financial Instruments
    Moody's tool kit for assessing and rating hybrid financial
    Group exercise
Session 9: Moody's Ratings and Other Credit Risk
Assessment Tools
    Overview of Moody’s Market Implied Ratings
    Overview of structural versus statistical models
    Discussion/corporate examples
                                                                                      CONTACT US
                                                                                      Register online at or email us at

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