General Meeting of Saskatoon Volleyball Enthusiasts

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General Meeting of Saskatoon Volleyball Enthusiasts

Date: February 13th, 2008 - 7:00PM - Henk Ruys Soccer Centre

Call to order

Welcome & Introduction of people. . .

John Riggs – President - Saskatoon Soccer Centre Inc.
           The Saskatoon Soccer Centre Inc. (SSCI) was first registered as a nonprofit
              corporation in 1993 when representatives of the Saskatoon & District Soccer
              Association (SDSA) and Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc. (SYSI) established a
              committee to raise funds to construct a building primarily for the sport of indoor
           With the help of the City of Saskatoon, and hundreds of organizations and
              individuals the Saskatoon Kinsmen Henk Ruys Soccer Centre was opened for its
              first game in November, 1998. Since then the SSCI has been home to more than
              10,000 soccer players and operates 2 outstanding facilities.
           Volleyball was first introduced to the Henk Ruys Soccer Centre by Myron Mehler &
              the RCVC Club around 2000. Since then, this unique facility has had numerous
              national, western and provincial tournaments. This is the best facility in Canada
              for hosting volleyball events. Volleyball has been very good for the centre and they
              wish for that to not only continue but to increase. A Saskatoon association would
              partner with SSCI to assist in the development of more volleyball events and usage
              for their facilities, including possible upgrades to the floor system and expanded

Saskatoon Sports Council:
      The S.S.C. is a non-profit, volunteer-directed organization incorporated under the non-
      profit act of the Government of Saskatchewan.
           They receive lottery funding through SaskSport Inc. as an affiliate member serving
              and representing the local Saskatoon sport community.
           The Mission of the Saskatoon Sports Council is to facilitate the community
              development in Saskatoon through Sport from the City of Saskatoon.
           To create an environment that delivers sustainable community sport development.
           To reduce or remove barriers to sustainable community sport participation
           To enhance the mainstream community competitive leagues and clubs.
           To facilitate and increase awareness of community sport.
           To administer the affairs of the council to ensure it is responsive to the needs of
              the membership.
           All recognized sport organizations with the city of Saskatoon are eligible for
      Volleyball Saskatoon would apply for membership with SSC. Membership will have
      numerous benefits, including the opportunity for involvement within the 64 community
      associations in Saskatoon.
           We then have an avenue to utilize Volleyball Canada’s Mini-volleyball and Atomic
              programs. Both programs are world class and are ideally suited for our youth here.
           As a member of SSC, youth rental charges (for approved facilities) are reduced
              through various City of Saskatoon sport grants, which a non-profit association is
              able to apply for.

                                 Meeting Agenda - Feb 13, 2008

             As a member of SSC, we would be included in all programs offered to the
              community associations. It would be up to us to ensure the longevity and
              importance of our sport within that community.
             There are many more benefits not listed.

Saskatoon volleyball situation for Youth
          Club system only, limited participation, volleyball is considered a best kept secret
          Limited facility times are available to clubs to expand,
          Not clubs responsibility to organize a city wide development program. To large of a
          Limited involvement in the community associations resulting in limited community
              programming for youth to play.
          There is a high demand for participation in the sport
          Parent involvement is limited in a club program

Saskatoon volleyball situation for Adult
          Many leagues already in existence utilizing limited facilities. Cannot expand.
          Final stage of LTAD, proof that Volleyball is indeed a sport for life.

Vision of volleyball in Saskatoon:
        For youth:
               o Grass roots: To work with the Saskatoon Sport Council to entrench volleyball
                   within the community associations and provide quality services, such as
                   running and coordinating youth leagues, training sessions for coaches, to be
                   used as a volleyball resource centre etc., develop jamboree events for the
                   various programs seasons end. To promote our sport.
        For adults:
               o Work to increase the amount of facility time available for adults in Saskatoon
               o To assist in enhancing the playing experience at SSCI facilities for adults
        For participation of the sport:
               o Beach – utilize the elementary schools with their beach courts. Organize a
                   rotating schedule for beach volleyball to be featured during the week.
               o Grass – introduce and organize grass volleyball days, including family days,
                   adult and kid days.
               o Indoor – organize youth leagues for the community associations, as well as
                   utilizing other facilities.

Volunteers needed:
           To create a Steering Committee to begin the process of establishing an association
           To become a Board member of the association
           To participate within a committee
           To become involved in coaching in the community
           To provide other services as needs are identified, and experience is realized.

Comments from the floor:

Call for a steering committee to begin the process of identifying the proper course of action to
become an association.

                                  Meeting Agenda - Feb 13, 2008