20090512 - City of Paris_ KY by fionan


									Paris Municipal Center
Commission Chambers
Paris, Kentucky
May 12, 2009

A regular meeting of the Paris Board of Commissioners was called to order at 6 PM by
Mayor Pro Tem Mike Thornton followed with the Pledge of Allegiance.

A moment of silence was observed in honor of Mayor Don Kiser.

Present were Mayor Pro Tem Thornton and Commissioners Wallis Brooks, Mike Fryman
ad Stan Galbraith.

Also present were City Manager Michael Nagy, Legal Counsel Bryan Beauman and City
Clerk Cheryl Dryden.

Approve Agenda

Motion was made by Galbraith and seconded by Fryman to approve the agenda as
presented. All ayes. Motion carried.

Approve Minutes

Brooks moved and Galbraith seconded to approve the meeting minutes of April 14, 2009
regular session as presented. All ayes. Motion carried.

Public Comment

Jim Long spoke of the upcoming DAV roadblock scheduled for Saturday, May 23 rd from
8 AM to 12:30 at East Main Shell and Ken’s New Market with a rain date of May 25 th at
same time. Mr. Long stated the DAV planned to fund a scholarship program this year.
Nagy asked Mr. Long to provide the request in writing.

Stella Moore asked for sidewalks on Clintonville and Bethlehem Roads, crosswalks on
Wings Nolk and Castle Boulevard in the school area and speed bumps on North
Meadowhill and Meadowview. She was advised of the Safe Routes to School Grant
submitted recently that would provide safe and accessible means for children to walk and
bike to school in the Bethlehem Road area.


The following written communications were received:

       a. Memo regarding pay stubs and line item deductions
       b. Memo regarding refuse pickup on Main Street
       c. Cable TV update letter dated April 30, 2009

Motion was made by Galbraith and seconded by Brooks to accept the communications
and place them on file. All ayes. Motion carried.

Consent Agenda

Fryman moved and Galbraith seconded to approve use of agenda format as presented
(template 5/2/09) with roll call by names. On call of vote, Brooks, Fryman, Galbraith
and Thornton voted yes. Motion carried.

Brooks moved and Fryman seconded to approve the re-appointment of Reverend William
Garr and Roy Johnson to the Board of Adjustments for a four year term ending April 30
2013; the re-appointment of James Lovell to the Ethics Board for a four year term ending
January 31, 2013; the appointment of City Manager Michael Nagy to the Paris Bourbon
County EDA for the unexpired term of R.L. Brunner ending December 31, 2011 and the
appointment of City Manager Michael Nagy to the Paris Bourbon County EMS and Paris
Bourbon County E911 boards. On call of vote, Brooks, Fryman, Galbraith and Thornton
voted yes. Motion carried.

Brooks moved, Fryman seconded and motion unanimously carried to approve request by
the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association to have a yard sale in conjunction with
the annual 400 Mile Yard Sale on June 6 th operating from 8 AM to 4 PM in front of the
city building at 525 High Street.

Galbraith moved and Brooks seconded to approve as presented the WEDCO lease
agreement for year ending June 30, 2010. On call of vote, Brooks, Fryman, Galbraith
and Thornton voted yes. Motion carried.

Motion was made by Galbraith and seconded by Brooks to approve as presented Request
for Volunteer Work on City Property form and volunteer request for Friends of Stoner
Creek. On call of vote, Brooks, Fryman, Galbraith and Thornton voted yes. Motion

Fryman moved and Brooks seconded to authorize execution of Memorandum of
Understanding between the City of Paris and Bourbon County as relates to JAG Program
Award. On call of vote, Brooks, Fryman, Galbraith and Thornton voted yes. Motion

Outstanding or Unfinished Business

Beauman presented Lexington’s ordinance on blighted properties for consideration.
Galbraith asked if PVA records could be utilized to determine rightful property owners to
which Beauman replied yes if the city was willing to assume the risk. Beauman suggested
talking with Lexington on whether their ordinance was addressing the problem.
Consensus was funding would have to be appropriated to fund a blighted properties

Current or New Business

An ordinance governing the use and operation of skateboards within the city was
introduced on first reading.

In consideration of budget workshop meetings to begin the week of 5/18, Fryman moved
and Brooks seconded to approve Tuesday 5/19 at 4 PM and Wednesday 5/20 at 8 AM.
On call of vote, Brooks, Fryman, Galbraith and Thornton voted yes. Motion carried.

Financial Business

Motion was made by Galbraith and seconded by Fryman to approve the March 2009
financial statements for Combined Utilities and General Fund. On call of vote, Brooks,
Fryman, Galbraith and Thornton voted yes. Motion carried.

Galbraith moved, Brooks seconded and motion unanimously carried to approve the
following bills:

BILLS FOR APPROVAL                12-May-09      GENERAL FUND

Amazon                          $    474.74      Cleaning tape (Police), monitor stands (E911)
Kentucky Uniforms Inc           $     88.45      Rain jacket - Police
Standard Business Machines      $    100.00      Copier maintenance - Office
Combined Utilities              $ 9,236.75       Service
Galls                           $    208.40      Holster, 25 patches - Police
Kentucky Uniforms Inc           $    482.55      Pants, shirts, 1 pr boots - Fire
Benner Mechanical               $ 7,334.41       HVAC - PMC
CCP Industries                  $    101.87      Cleaning supplies - PMC
Partsmaster                     $     21.79      Machines screws, cut off wheel - PMC
Simplex Grinnell                $     80.00      Annual inspection extinguishers - Sta 1
Paris Bo Co Tourism             $    856.21      Transient room tax
Doug French                     $    895.00      Park mowings 4/8-4/12
Office Depot                    $    326.29      Printer cartridges - Office
Rodney Roe                      $ 10,500.00      April
John O. Smits                   $    513.39      Sand & haul fee - Garrard Park
Wayne West                      $ 2,030.00       Street curb reimbursement rec'd KY Transportation
Payroll Account                 $ 152,480.76     Payroll due 4/17/09
Hopewell Company                $ 21,448.64      Commercial package - qtrly
Bluegrass Fire Equipment        $    520.00      Roof & drywall hooks, pike pole - Fire
Custom Metalworks Inc           $ 1,285.00       Fab deflector plate for street sweeper plus repairs
Equipment Sales & Rentals       $    213.54      5 Scoop shovels, rock drill bit - Street
Doug French                     $    820.00      Park mowings 4/15-4/18
Grainger                        $      20.16     Floor cable cover - PMC
J&P Cooke Co                    $    150.99      Stamp dater, ink pads - Office
Sprint                          $    788.57      Cellular service
Sprint                          $    160.83      Cellular service - Narcotics
Officemax                       $    307.08      ID machine printer ribbons
Radio Communications            $     50.00      Repair MDT - Police
VISA                            $    109.15      Lodging for training - WWTP
Leonard Wilson                  $     32.97      2008 Tax refund - HEX
Wornall's Locksmith             $    148.68      Install deadbolts - Office
Humana                          $ 54,994.95      Health insurance
Apollo Oil                      $ 1,322.75       Shell tellus - 200 gals
AT&T                            $ 3,315.64       ESSX
Central KY Mechanical Svc.      $    480.52      Brake hose assembly - #116 - Street
CCP Industries                  $     97.99      Weed killer - PMC
Chamber of Commerce             $      28.00     Annual breakfast
CMRS                            $ 1,000.00       Postage
Dotson Bros. Quick Lube         $     98.98      Mount/balance tires, oil change - Police
Dotson Bros. Quick Lube         $     33.98      Oil change - Battalion 1 - Fire
Billy Doyle                     $    283.80      Travel expense - Bldg inspector training
Doug French                     $    700.00      Park mowings 4/22-4/23
Hopewell Company                $     55.83      Notary bond - Puckett
KEMI                            $ 47,198.54      Workers comp premium - qtrly
KY State Treasurer              $     50.00      Bldg inspector license renewal - B. Doyle
Partsmaster                     $    136.90      O-rings, cryobits - PMC
Roberts Heavy Towing            $    185.00      Towing dump truck to Central KY Mechanical
Threadworks                     $    429.88      12 Job shirts - Fire
Walmart                         $    591.51      Cleaning supplies, ink cartridges - All Depts.
Garnett Harney                  $     32.97      2008 Tax refund - HEX
AT&T                            $     89.15      Service - Police

Bevins of Paris                $       8.40       Mower parts - PMC
Bluegrass ADD                  $   1,600.00       Assistance to P&Z - March & April
Bluegrass Kesco                $     200.00       Water treatment products - PMC
Carquest                       $      64.93       Parts - Police, Street
Bourbon County Citizen         $     203.00       Ads
Chapman Printing               $     535.09       Envelopes, copy paper
Consolidated Electric
Distributors                   $     82.50        Light bulbs - Sta 2
Eads Hardware                  $    177.79        UPS, mortar mix, keys - PMC, Police, Street
Fields Auto                    $    833.20        Paint #113 & repair #121 - Police
Fleetone                       $ 5,751.69         Fuel
Doug French                    $    730.00        Park mowings 4/25-4/28
JP Cooke Co                    $     52.98        Stamp, pads - Police
Kentucky Motors of Paris       $    678.74        Parts - Police, Fire, Street
Martin's Sanitation            $    950.00        Portable toilet rentals
Kentucky Uniforms Inc          $    179.09        Pants, accessories - Fire
Mastin's Auto                  $    822.50        Repairs - Police, Fire, Sanitation
Office Depot                   $     29.11        Hanging folders - Office
Officemax                      $    211.83        Office supplies - Police
Omnisource Integrated Supply   $ 2,019.92         Refund of payroll tax for 2008
Paris Bo Co Tourism            $    894.97        Transient room tax
Ray Foley Hensley & Co         $    375.00        Preparation of UFIR for 2008
Roe Brothers Lawn Service      $    375.00        Claysville Park mowing - April
Southern Communications        $      25.00       Antenna kit - Fire
Sprint                         $    163.96        Connection card plan - Fire
Sprint                         $    481.44        Connection card plan - Police
South Main BP                  $     81.13        Fuel - Street, Electric, Sanitation
Payroll Account                $ 136,653.54       Payroll due 5/1/09
Paris Bo Co EMS                $ 16,000.00        May contribution
Paris Bo Co E911               $ 10,000.00        May contribution
Don Beheler                    $    125.00        Rent - May
Columbia Gas                   $ 2,671.06         Service
Doug French                    $    625.00        Park mowings 5/4-5/5
Great America Leasing          $    192.51        Lease of mail machine April-June
Radio Communications           $    108.00        Service plan billing for May
UMB Processing                 $ 2,100.00         Employer contribution
D-C Elevator                   $    505.00        Maintenance - May
Kanawha Insurance              $    702.66        Life insurance premium
Traditional Bank               $ 50,000.00        Loan payment
Bluegrass Uniforms             $    690.25        Uniforms - Police
Combined Utilities             $ 9,042.00         Service
Dan Cummins                    $    250.00        Two used vehicles - Police
Kleem Inc                      $ 1,457.84         Sign material - Street
Hamilton Hinkle                $    935.60        Surface material - Street
Lowe's                         $ 1,000.06         Lumber ( Parks), shelving (PMC)
Officeware                     $    311.69        Copier lease plus maintenance - Fire
Spill 911                      $    186.78        Oil absorbing pads, booms - Fire

Bills for Approval             12-May-09              Combined Utilities

Central KY Mech Svcs           $    686.50            Parts and Labor Sanitation Dept
First Federal Credit Control   $     18.20            Collection of Delq. Bills
Fouser Environmental           $   3,717.00           Testing
Adgraphics                     $    195.00            Receipts for Utility
AT&T Mobility                  $     30.25            Phone bill 859-707-5051
Bourbon Equip Rental           $    147.96            Hose/Hammer Supplies J. Henson
Brimer                         $    571.10            Custom Sign Electric Dept.
Brownstown Electric Supply     $     56.00            Heavy Duty Adapter
Cabela's                       $    140.93            Chest Waders Electric Dept. R. Lyons
Car Quest                      $     27.99            Lawn Tractor Battery K. Crump
City Of Paris Utilities        $   5,531.95           Utility Account

Custom Metalworks              $    73.00        Repair Start Switch Handle @Power Plant
Eads Hardware                  $   423.88        Supplies
Electrical Sales Eng           $ 2,390.25        Supplies/parts Electric Dept
Eye Tonics                     $ 1,245.38        Motor Transmission C, McDonald
Hach                           $    85.75        Lamp Replacement Assy.
Kentucky Motors                $   467.24        Supplies
Kentucky Utilities             $ 6,388.07        Utility Account
Nextel Partners                $   118.04        Phone Charges
Nextel Communications          $   163.96        Phone Charges
PartsMaster                    $   134.54        Supplies Electric Dept.
Premier Products               $ 3,188.48        Chemicals and Cleaning Supplies WWP
Remel                          $   328.45        Chemicals and Supplies for Water Lab
Republic Diesel                $   350.39        Clutch Assy.
Scott Gross Co Inc.            $    51.04        Compressed Oxygen
Southern States                $    28.40        LP Gas Cylinder
Spiegel & McDiarmid            $   479.33        Professional Services Thru January 2009
TLC Machining                  $    55.00        Machine Parts
US Dept Of Energy              $ 8,348.18        Power Purchase
Shannon Williams               $   860.00        Dumpster Tipper Repair
Wesco                          $   110.00        Bolts and Supplies
Woodford Spears & Sons         $    43.00        Supplies Water K.,Crump
City Of Paris Advances         $ 29,067.26       Reimb. General Fund for Expenses paid
Encore Enterprises             $ 1,312.69        Repair of Air Compressor Water Dist.
Ferrell & Allison PSC          $   120.00        Bohanan & Dale
Global Enviromental Svcs.      $   313.00        Recycling Fees
Kentucky Utilities             $206,777.25       Power Purchase
Milton B Lovell                $ 1,055.25        Parts/Supplies
Tractor Supply Credit          $    54.96        Hanger Kits, Spring Bushings
American Messaging             $    54.24        WWTP Pager
Dell Mktg.                     $ 1,125.51        Computer Water Plant
American Messaging             $    89.45        Pager
City Of Paris Payroll          $ 72,346.42       Payroll 05/01/09
Eddie Earlywine                $    30.00        CDL Renewal
City Of Paris Payroll          $ 75,662.63       Payroll 04/17/2009
Paradise Café                  $    30.00        Safety Incentive
Perico's                       $    30.00        Safety Incentive
Kentucky State Treas           $   100.00        Exam & Training D. Cox
Customer Deposits              $ 3,072.09        Deposit Applied and Refunded
Customer Deposits              $ 4,008.58        Deposit Applied and Refunded
Bluegrass Medical Clinic       $   185.00        Testing T. Snapp
Thomas Brierly                 $ 1,350.00        Backhoe work at the compactor
Bulk Plants Inc.               $ 11,661.10       Fuel Oil for Power Plant
CNh Capital                    $ 1,290.29        Backhoe lease
Ky Employers Mutual Ins.       $ 36,538.72       Workers Comp 4th Qtr 08/09
Ray King                       $   350.00        Safety Training April 09
The Rock Group                 $    82.98        Gravel
Shannon Williams               $ 1,325.00        Repair to Bailer @Recycling Center
Wally Hunsinger                $   275.00        Travel Advance
Brian Finley                   $   200.00        Travel Advance
Adgraphics                     $   175.00        Tickets
Brenntag Mid South Inc.        $ 4,372.00        Chemicals
Central Ky Landfill            $ 30,839.36       Monthly Haul Trash/sludge
First Federal Credit Control   $    46.43        Collection Service
Fleet One                      $ 3,628.45        Gas and Diesel
Fouser Enviromental Svcs       $ 1,727.00        Lab Testing
Laboratory Products            $ 1,120.69        Lab Supplies
UMB HAS Processing             $ 1,500.00        Employer Contribution
Ray King                       $   250.00        Electrical Safety Training
Rick McMahon                   $   200.00        Travel Advance

Other Business


Reports of Staff

City Manager Nagy presented a sample spreadsheet of budget for General Fund and
reported moving forward with insurance quotes and meetings scheduled to discuss the
utility bills collection process and plumbing issues at the trash compactor.

Assistant City Manager Matthew Belcher advised he had attended the wholesale power
meeting with Kentucky Utilities and the good news was no rate increase scheduled for
the city on 5/1 nor 7/1 this year. However he advised looking at the city’s rate structure
because a rate increase will likely occur in July 2010 and every year thereafter.

Police Chief Tim Gray reported receiving a $3000 grant from Wal-Mart to purchase
digital cameras.

Fire Chief James Fomas reported having received approval through the KY Board of
Emergency Medical Services for the first paramedic class to be taught in Paris scheduled
for June 9th.

Beauman advised the pit bull ordinance did not include penalty provisions but placement
in Section 51 of the code addressed this issue. He stated an amendment was needed only
if the commission wished to up the penalty. He advised the commission to make a
decision regarding vacancy in the office of the mayor and schedule a special meeting to
make the appointment next week. He advised KLC offered free orientation training on
the drug and alcohol free workplace policy and the city must be certified with the state
before July 1 to receive a discount on the workers compensation policy.

Mayor Pro Tem Thornton thanked the many Central Kentucky Fire Departments,
Explorers, Honor Guards and local businesses that provided assistance during the funeral
of Mayor Don Kiser.

Motion was made by Galbraith, seconded by Fryman and unanimously carried to adjourn
at 7:30 PM.



City Clerk


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