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					Alex Kwan
Game and Media Tools
Unreal 2K4 / 3 Far Cry 3DS Max Maya ZBrush Photoshop Illustrator Flash Dreamweaver

(570)764-4041 1600 W. La Jolla Dr. Apt 1015 Tempe, AZ 85282 To obtain a position as a level designer or environmental artist

Computer skills/knowledge
Other Tools
- Word - PowerPoint - Excel - Lua

Professional Skills
- Exceptional customer service skills - Able to work with various types of people - fast learner, able to adapt to new programs - Hard worker, imaginative, and goal oriented

2007-present Lead Level Designer


Developed levels for this 2D side-scroller that takes place inside of a computer Did concept art as well as making parts in Illustrator and Photoshop Managed a small group of 3-4 level designers and artist

Fall 2008-present Programmer

Project Champion

Crysis mod where I am learning to program in Lua Some level design


University of Advancing Technology

Tempe, AZ

Bachelor of Multimedia w/ concentration in game design GPA- 3.57 Expected graduation date: Spring 2009

Work Experience
2002-2007 Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort Golf staff and customer service
Worked as a bag boy greeting people, setting up golf carts, and cleaning their golf clubs Driving range attendant selling golf balls and customer service as well as instructing on golf

Shawnee on the Delaware, PA

2002 Food Court Staff

Shawnee Mountain and Ski Resort

Shawnee on the Delaware, PA

Cashier at the food court. Dealt with money and unsatisfied customers.

2006-2007 Maintenance and cashier

Frontier Falls Miniature Golf

Shawnee on the Delaware, PA

Performed daily maintenance on golf course Cashier and customer service for night shift

2005-2007 Mobile teacher

Freelance computer instructor

East Stroudsburg, PA

Travel to teach elderly how to use computers for everyday use and maintenance Totally volunteer and free, people pay me whatever they like for services

Extracurricular Activities
Volunteer Work
Walk for Breast Cancer Day volunteer for homeless shelter Stairway to Hope volunteer Grand Canyon Games essay judge volunteer -

School Clubs
LAN committee Student Activities committee

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