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									                Baptism of the Lord
                                                                                        We Listen to The Family Story
                               1 After Epiphany
                                                                       Reading from the Psalms:
                                 January 10, 2010                               Psalm 29 paraphrased by Jim Taylor in Everyday Psalms
                                                                       A river in flood in an awesome sight. Don’t try to cross the river alone,
           is a request for those who are able to please stand.
              Please respond where the print is in Bold                my child.
                                                                       Let your father carry you.
                We Gather As God‘s Family at                           The waves are higher than your head; the torrent will sweep you away.
                                                                       It rolls the rocks in their beds; it bites earth from its banks; even
                   Wesley United Church                                mighty trees topple and fall. But you will be safe in your father‘s arms.
                                                                       He will hold your head above water;
Welcome and Announcements:                                             His feet will stand firm against the flood.
                                                                       Trust him. Wrap your arms around his neck, where he can murmur
Centering Music:
                                                                       comfort in your ear.
Call to Worship:                                                       Then you will know the torrent cannot touch you.
Come beloved, seekers of God’s wonders….                               Your father is much stronger than you are. Trust him to carry you to
We come to the river ― the sparkling river.                            safety.
Come beloved, seekers of God’s creative spirit….
We come to the river — the buoyant river.                              Reading from the Gospels:         Luke 3: 15 – 17, 21 - 22
Come beloved, seekers of God’s assurance….                             Hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church
We come to the river ― the cleansing river.                            Thanks be to God!
Come beloved, seekers of God’s nurture and care….
We come to the river ― the healing river.                              Sermon:       By Water And The Spirit     - Reverend Roz Vincent-Haven
Come beloved, seekers of God’s abiding presence….                                                                - Dawn Webb
We come to the river ― the refreshing river.
                                                                       *Hymn:          # 161 MV I Have Called You By Your Name
                                                                                                                         - Daniel Charles Damon
*Opening Hymn: # 144 MV Like A Healing Stream – Bruce Harding, 2003

Opening Prayer:                                                                             We Give Thanks to God
Creator God, you have fashioned and formed us in your image, calling
us by name: beloved, beloved, beloved…(silence). We stand on the       Invitation to Offering:
shoreline of faith waiting to wade into the waters of your love.       As members of the beloved family of God who has showered us with every
Encourage us into the ebb and flow of life in you. Amen.               good gift, let us respond with thanksgiving as we present our morning
                                                                       Presentation of Our Morning Offering:
The Sacrament of Holy Baptism:
Please turn to your Baptism insert                                     Offertory Music:
Sung Dedication:
―Praise God whose dawn transfigures night,
Whose Daystar shines for us on high,
Whose Spirit brings into our sight
The hope which to our world draws nigh.‖

Offertory Prayer:
Caring God, by baptism you have made us a church with a different
orientation toward others. Because Christ‘s love has been poured into
our hearts, we choose to share our spiritual and material resources
with those in need. Receive and bless these gifts in Jesus‘ name. Amen.

Prayers of the People:
Please respond after “gracious God hear our prayer”
And in your love answer.
Please feel free to pray to the Holy One as you need this day.                               About Us:  6 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, Ontario N1R 3R6
                                                                                                             Phone 519 621-6060 Fax 621-6061
*Closing Hymn:              # 380 VU She Comes Sailing On The Wind                                Website: wesleyunited.ca Email:information@wesleyunited.ca
                                                                            - Gordon Light
                                                                                                                  Sunday services @ 10:25 a.m.
Blessing and Sending Forth:
                                                                                                                Rev. Roz Vincent-Haven, Minister
Communal Response: #964 Go Now In Peace         - Natalie Sleeth                                               Richard McFadden, Music Ministry
Go now in peace, never be afraid,                                                                              Susan Kimpel, Office Administrator
God will go with you each hour of ev‘ry day.                                                          Jim Norris, Custodian - Jim Molson, Sunday Custodian
Go now in faith, steadfast, strong and true.
Know God will guide you in all you do.                                                        Children are Welcome Here! Sunday School, also Children’s Activity
Go now in love and show you believe,                                                             bags, colouring sheets, crayons located at the front and back of the
Reach out to others, so all the world can see.                                                                               Sanctuary.
God will be there, below, around, above,                                                       If you are a guest this morning and would like to know more about us
Go now in peace, in faith and in love. Amen, A―men, A―men.                                     please speak to a greeter or anyone with a name tag or call the church
      (Reproduced with permission under License # C14807 LicenSingOnline)                      office @ 519 621-6060

Postlude:                                                                                      We are delighted that you have chosen to worship with us this morning!
               The End of Worship, The Beginning of Service
                           Go In Peace! Amen.
                                                                                                         Please stay and join us for a Toonie Lunch
                                                                                                            in Ainslie Hall, below the Sanctuary.
                      Special Announcement:                                                      LECTOR:                                    Brad Kalbfleisch
             There will be a Congregational Meeting                                              GREETERS: (Ainslie)                  Colin & Bev Montague
             Following the worship service today in                                                        (Cambridge)                           Edna Hilts
                                                                                                           (Sanctuary)                          Gail Russell
                            Ainslie Hall
                                                                                                 ACOLYTE:                                            Jaylynn Kurg
              Our Vision                                   Our Core Values:
                                                                                                              This Week At
       Wesley is a Diverse, Daring,
          Christian Community:
                                                We value hospitality:
                                                     - opening our doors                                        Wesley
           spiritually searching,                    - welcoming the stranger
      seeking transformation in God,                 - sharing our table

  sharing our love for each other and the
                                                We acknowledge different paths to God:
           stranger in our midst,                    - accommodating
    and doing justice in God’s world.                - supporting
                                                     - learning from each other

                                                We value trusting relationships:
                                                     - accepting
                                                     - listening
                                                     - respecting

                                                We trust in the grace of God:
                                                     - which is mystery
              Our Mission                            - which is love and forgiveness for ourselves
                                                                                                     As a
                                                       and others                                       Christian
 We seek transformation, using our gifts to          - which makes the impossible, possible                 Inclusive
grow spiritually, care for each other and the                                                                   Transforming
                community.                       We share the responsibility to live                                Community
                                                        these, Our Values
         An Affirming Congregation
       of the United Church of Canada
                                                        Can’t make it to church??                        We welcome YOU to share
                                                      Check out the service info and                         the journey with us.
                                                    announcements @ wesleyunited.ca
                                                                                                                  519 621-6060
               This Week at Wesley                                              In Ministry Together                                                 Coming Events
Today: Congregational Meeting following Worship                   For those who have not filled out a gift card, they are        Friday, January 15th @ 7:30pm – Partner‘s club –Ainslie
             and stay for Toonie Lunch                           available at the back of the sanctuary. Please fill out and           - guest speaker Shelly Frank, Naturopathic Doctor
Mon: 6:30 pm –Beaver’s – Ballantyne Hall                          drop in the offering plate. The Wesley “Yellow Pages”
Tues: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm – New Hope Group – Ballantyne            professional directory and a list of talents and gifts are
Wed: 8:00 am – Apple Corps – Ainslie Hall                               also available at the back of the sanctuary.                   Sunday, February 21st – Annual General Meeting
       12:00 pm – Lunch Bunch – Ballantyne Hall                                                                                           ATTENTION: all Committee chairpersons
        6:00 pm – 8:00 pm – T.O.P.S. Group – Wo He Lo                If you are visiting Wesley and haven’t done so already,        - please have your 2009 yearly reports in to the church
Thurs: 6:00 – 7:00 pm – ‗Vision For You’ Group – Ballantyne        please complete the Welcome card (in the pews) and put               office (written or emailed) no later than Feb. 7th
        6:00 – 8:30pm – Great Big Theatre Company - Ainslie        it in the offering plate. We really appreciate you coming,
        7:30 pm - Senior Choir rehearsal                             even if it is just for one week…. and like to track where
Fri:   4:00 pm – 10:00 pm – New Hope Group – Ballantyne              folks come from and why they happen to be visiting….
                                                                                     if you don’t mind sharing this.
        7:30 pm – Partner’s Club – Ainslie Hall                                                                                  Sunday, January 31st, 2010 – 2010 Manulife Walk For
                                                                   Please join us for Coffee and Conversation after worship!
                 - Guest speaker Shelly Frank,Naturopathic Dr.                                                                   Memories to benefit the Cambridge Alzheimer
Sat:    8:00 am - Apple Corps Café and Market Sales -Ainslie                                                                     Society. Details: www.walkformemories.ca or call
Sun:    9:30 am – Prayer Shawl – Wo He Lo                                     The Worship Visuals Committee is                   1 800 879-4226
                                                                                   looking for items to beautify                 Your support will make a difference in your
                                                                            the Communion Table in the Sanctuary.                community.
 Sunday, January 17th 9:00am – Join UCM for Breakfast               If you have items or ideas please contact Maureen Grant
 Cost $3.50 per person. Try to let us know after church by                                                                       Princess Project of Cambridge
                                                                      519 740-1850 or email her @ mgran03@attglobal.net
           signing up at the Toonie lunch today.                                                                                 This project was created for young women who may not have
                                                                                                                                 the means to afford a beautiful dress for their graduation or
                                                                                                                                 prom. All dresses, accessories & shoes are FREE and the girls
            Please keep in your prayers this week:                   The next collection of non-perishable food for the          are encouraged to return the dresses for use by next years’
        Bethany U. C., Dunnville – Niagara Presbytery              Cambridge Self Help food Bank will be February 7, 2010        grads. If you have any donations towards this worthy cause, or
                                                                     Please place food donations in the baskets at the           perhaps one of the Wesley groups would be interested in
 Please remember these folks during your weekly prayers:                        entrances to the Sanctuary.                      helping.
                Our thoughts are with:                                                                                           Please call Wanda Agar 519 623-4600 Ext. 7116

Elizabeth Norris (mother of Jim Norris), Gail Zomer & Family,                                                                                           Journey 2010
Family & Friends of Marion Elliott (Marion passed Dec.22/09)                                                                               An opportunity awaits you on this journey
              Robert deVries, George Dunning,                                                                                    Details: February 7 – 14, 2010
        June Anderson, Rick Hogarth, Annette Hebert,                                                                             Dominican Republic (Casa Marina Resort, Sosua)
          Heather Snell, Joan Stetson, Sara McLaren              If you are not intending to take your bulletin home this        $1700.00 per person – charitable donation receipt will
              Reverend Bert McAvoy – address:                    week, please place it in any number of blue recycle                               be issued for the cost of your trip
           521 Wilson Rd.,Cobourg, Ont.K9A5P7                    boxes located throughout the church, at the entrances           Team size is limited – register early
                                                                 of Cambridge & Ainslie Street and also in Ainslie Hall.         Information: Julie Kinder 519 624-1323
Please remember to return your 2010 Estimate of Givings                                                                          Cathy Wilke 519 744-3044 www.dominicanjourneys.com
                                                                 Help Keep Wesley Beautiful !                                    Please consider joining us on a ONE WEEK humanitarian
 Form that was given out at the Congregational meeting.
                                                                                                                                 trip that will alter your life – it will change you.
They can be placed, in an envelope, on the offering plate or
              under the church office door.                              Please put me on your Fridge!!
            ORDER FOR THE CELEBRATION                                        nurtured in the waters of Mary=s womb,                              Source of Love, Love Incarnate, Love=s Power.
                        OF                                                   baptized by John in the River Jordan, giver of    People:           Amen.
            THE SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM                                         living water, wellspring of eternal life.
                                                                 People:     Blessed are you, O God.                           Minister:         Faith Brianna, child of God, with the sign of the
Presentation of the Candidates for Baptism:                                                                                                      cross from this day forward, you are claimed as
Words of Introduction:                                           Minister    Therefore, eternal and present God, we thank                        Christ=s forever.
Baptism Prayer:                                                              you for the water with which you bless us. We     People:           Amen.
Statement of Purpose:                                                        pray that those who are baptized, knowing the
                                                                             death and resurrection of Jesus, may live in      Lighting of the Baptismal Candle.
Congregation Pledge to the Candidates:                                       your grace.
The Congregation will please stand                                           Pour out, O God, your Holy Spirit upon us, and    Presentation of Baptismal Certificate.
                                                                             upon this water, that this font may become your
Minister:    Let us pledge to Eleena, Kaylie & Faith and to                  womb of new birth, our fount of blessing and      Minister:         Welcome to our Church Family, Eleena Anne,
             their family our support and care.                              source of grace.                                                    Kaylie Mae, and Faith Brianna Stubbs.
All:         As a baptized and baptizing church, we              People      Blessed are you, O God. All glory, praise and     People:           Into the household of faith, we welcome you
             commit ourselves to support and uphold you                      honour be to you, now and forever. Amen.                            with joy and thanksgiving.
             within the community of faith.
             May God grant us all the grace to live our                             The Sacrament                              All:      V.U # 452 (Sung) as we greet Eleena Anne, Kaylie
             baptism.                                                                                                                    Mae & Faith Brianna.
The Congregation may be seated                                   Minister:   Eleena Anne, I baptize you in the name of the
                                                                             Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,              You have put on Christ,
Prayers of Thanksgiving and the Pouring of Water:                            Source of Love, Love Incarnate, Love=s Power.               In Christ you have been Baptized.
                                                                 People:     Amen.                                                       Hall-le-lu-jah, Hall-le-lu-jah.
Minister:      The Lord be with you.                             Minister:   Eleena Anne, child of God, with the sign of the
People:        And also with you.                                            cross from this day forward, you are claimed as   Blessing:
Minister:      Lift up your hearts.                                          Christ=s forever.
People:        We lift them to the Lord.                         People:     Amen.                                             Minister:         The grace of Christ attend you, the love of God
Minister       Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.                                                                                           surround you, the Holy Spirit keep you.
People         It is good to give God thanks and praise.         Minister:   Kaylie Mae, I baptize you in the name of the      People:           Amen.
               (Water is poured into the font)                               Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
Minister:      Blessed are you, O God, Ruler of the universe,                Source of Love, Love Incarnate, Love=s Power.
               Maker of heaven and earth, Keeper of sky and      People:     Amen.                                                              All may return to their places.
               sea. At the beginning, your Spirit was at work,   Minister:   Kaylie Mae, child of God, with the sign of the                The children will leave for Church School
               brooding over the waters of creation=s birth.                 cross from this day forward, you are claimed as
               Again and again you have shown your grace to                  Christ=s forever.
               us through water: cleansing the earth at the      People:     Amen.
               flood, parting for the exodus at the Red Sea,
               flowing from the rock in the wilderness.
People:        Blessed are you, O God.

                                                                 Minister:   Faith Brianna, I baptize you in the name of the
Minister:      In the fullness of time you gave us Jesus;                    Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

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