British Red Cross Quiz Answers

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					                                       British Red Cross Quiz Answers

1)   The Red Cross was started by a person from:
a)   France
b)   Germany
c)   Switzerland
d)   Belgium

2) The Red Cross is a Christian symbol True/False

3) The Red Cross is over 100 years old True/False

4)   Which of these services do the British Red Cross NOT run in the UK:
a)   Fire victim support
b)   Blood donation
c)   Patient transport and escort
d)   First Aid

5) Rearrange these anagrams to the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross:
NEDENICDPE - independence
YIAMPATLTRII -impartiality
UHAMYTIN - humanity
REAYNTTILU - neutrality
YINTU - unity
UNATROYVL ESIVCRE – voluntary service
ENRUVISLIAYT - universality

6)   The Geneva Conventions protect the rights of:
a)   Children who are suffering
b)   Animals
c)   People lost at sea
d)   All civilians and injured soldiers involved in conflict

7)   Following the 2005 Tsunami the Red Cross distributed what value of aid:
a)   20 million
b)   40 million
c)   60 million

8) What service could someone who has lost confidence because of facial scaring from a car
   accident use?
Skin camouflage