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Why select this database?
 To find UK education journal articles, book chapters, reports and conference papers.
 To get to more full text links than in other databases, such as ERIC, due to UK focus.
 To search effectively, using index terms, using the BEI online thesaurus.

Subject                            Education, Educational research, policy and practice.
Content                            Primarily UK material
                                   Small selection of non-English Language material
Links to full-text                 Each reference displays the                [Find it at
(online and print)                 Oxford] button, which links to electronic journal if
                                   available and the Library catalogue.
Sources                            Over 300 UK education and training journals, plus book
                                   chapters, reports, series and conference papers. List of
                                   journals indexed can be found at:
Dates covered                      Index 1950 -
Updates                            Monthly
Key search tips                    Keyword searching:
                                    Search in title, abstract, author, journal name etc
                                    Author search – familyname-initial$ (e.g. Bell-A$)
                                    Main Boolean connectors are AND, OR and NOT
                                    Wildcard to truncate words is $ (e.g. evaluat$ for
                                        evaluate, evaluation etc)
                                    Leave out punctuation Thesaurus searching for
                                        index terms Use advanced search to combine and
                                        develop searches Limit by Publication date or
                                        Update date
Current awareness                  Can create email alerts using “alerts” feature
Exporting references               Mark, print, email or save records. Export to reference
                                   management software, e.g. RefWorks (save as tagged
                                   file and import) and Endnote (save in Endnote format
                                   and import).
Access                             see, Education subject
                                   list. Access via university computer, or remotely via
                                   VPN or Athens password.
Help                               Context sensitive online help available. For further help,
                                   consult staff in the Education Library or contact the
                                   Education Subject Librarian: Kate Williams
                                   (, tel: (2)74028)
                                   Details of courses can be found at:
Producer and platform              British Education Index, Leeds University. Access via
                                   Dialog Datastar platform.
Related databases                  ERIC, Australian Education Index, EducatiOn-line,
                                   PsycINFO see

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