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					Customer:                        Countrywide Freight Group 
Industry:                        Courier / Express Delivery 
Vehicles in fleet:               207 
Service areas:                   UK, Republic of Ireland 
Return on investment:            £685 savings per month, per vehicle 
Payback:                         Less than one month 

The Company                                   The Bottom Line

Established in 1976, Countrywide Freight      Today Countrywide Freight has greater
is a privately owned distribution company     control over its vehicle fleet. The Simply‐
with a turnover in excess of £28 million      Trak system has improved vehicle utilisation,
and is the market leader in Anglo‐Irish       reduced vehicle costs, decreased
groupage It handles more than 10,000          overtime pay, improved staff productivity
consignments every day.                       and enhanced customer service levels.

The Challenge

In 2005, Countrywide identified that it
needed to implement greater security
measures for high value consignments
and to provide its customers with more
accurate ETAs. Operations staff were
to provide accurate delivery times or
locate consignments without making a
series of costly phone calls.

The Strategy

Countrywide decided to deploy a vehicle
                                              Return on Investment
tracking system that would:
                                              Countrywide calculated the costs of its
• Locate vehicles in real‐time
                                              investment in software, hardware and
                                              personnel over a 1 year period to quantify
• Provide accurate customer arrival times
                                              its return from the SimplyTrak deployment.
                                              It identified the following benefit
• Allow for vehicles to be re‐routed at
short notice
                                              • Significant reduction in fuel costs
• Eliminate the requirement for co‐drivers
for high‐value consignments                   • Increased utilization through identification
                                              of nearest vehicle and job rerouting
• Provide historic and real‐time reporting
                                              • Decrease in driver overtime
• Be delivered from a single platform
In order to find a solution that would     • Decrease in driver downtime
this strategy, Countrywide evaluated       • Reduced maintenance costs through
five vehicle tracking firms.               improved driver behaviour

The Decision                               • Decreased administration costs through
                                           automation of e.g. timesheets
SimplyTrak was chosen after a 3 month,
extended trial. It was chosen based on     • Improved security over goods in transit
system cost, ease of use, reliability,
exceptional                                • Removal of two driver requirement for
customer service, and SimplyTrak’s         high value consignments
willingness and ability to support
Countrywide’s                              • Improved customer service and more
special requests.                          accurate delivery times

                                           • Increase in customer satisfaction due to
                                           greater responsiveness

                                           • Redeployment of office staff to other
                                           value generating activities

                                           • Reduced communication costs

                                           • Support for Policy Compliance (Working
                                           Time Directive, Health & Safety) and
                                           Employee Duty of Care

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