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									                                                           TUITION FEES FOR STUDENTS                                                    FORM 2
                                                             FROM OUTSIDE QUÉBEC
                                                                                                                  SCHOOL YEAR _______________

                                                           FORM FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS

 Permanent code                                                             Date of birth                                        Sex
                                                                                             (Year)   (Month)         (Day)                  (M/F)
 Family name                                                                             Given name

 Signature                                                                                  Date
                                   (Person filling in the form)
 Reminder of the requirements of the Ministère de l'Immigration et des Communautés culturelles (MICC) and Citizenship and Immigration
 Canada (CIC) with regard to foreign students:
  Generally, a foreign student must hold a Québec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) issued by the MICC and a study permit issued by the CIC.
  Certain persons are exempted from the requirement to hold these documents, such as students enrolled in programs of less than six months'
   duration (for example, language courses), minor children applying for asylum, children already in Canada and accompanied by a parent holding a
   work permit or a study permit, or children of diplomats.
  It is the responsibility of the student or of the student's parent, when the student is a minor, to ensure that these requirements are respected.

SITUATION – C*                                                                                                     DOCUMENTS
      A person who is a member of a consular post, a diplomatic mission or an international organization.                                1
      The spouse or de facto spouse or dependent child of such a person.
  1                                                                                                                                    2 or 3
      A person who is staying in Québec legally as a temporary worker and holds an employment authorization issued
      under the Immigration Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. I-2) or who is exempted from the obligation to hold such an
      authorization under that Act.
  1                                                                                                                                      4
      A person holding a temporary resident permit issued under the Immigration Act in view of obtaining permanent
      resident status.
      The spouse and dependent child of one of the persons mentioned in the two preceding paragraphs.                            2 or 3 or 4 and 5
  1                                                                                                                                      6
      A person referred to in section 1 of the Education Act (R.S.Q., c. I-13.3) and who is the dependent of a person
      legally resident in Québec as a foreign student.
      A person who comes to Québec under a student exchange program of a maximum duration of one year and who                            7
      holds a Québec Certificate of Acceptance issued under the Act respecting immigration to Québec (R.S.Q., c.
  1                                                                                                                                      8
      A person who is from a country that has signed an agreement with the government of Québec exempting
      nationals of this country from paying an additional financial contribution and who is covered by this agreement.
  1                                                                                                                               9 or 10 or 11
      A person referred to in section 1 of the Education Act who is in one of the following situations:
      a) he or she is applying for refugee status under the Immigration Act;
      b) he or she has applied for refugee status but has not been granted this status, and his or her presence in the
         territory is permitted; or
      a person who is described in a) or b) above but covered by section 2 of the Education Act and who is enrolled
      only in francization services in adult education.
  1                                                                                                                                 12 and 13
      A person who is named in an application for permanent residence made in Canada under the Immigration Act in
      the category of spouse or de facto spouse or on humanitarian or public interest grounds, and who holds a
      Selection Certificate issued under section 3.1 of the Act respecting immigration to Québec.
      A person who has been granted refugee status as defined in the Act respecting immigration to Québec.

   1. Expiration date of the document provided ______             ______       ______
                                                  (Year)          (Month)        (Day)
   * Value to be declared - Field: Resident of Québec - Declaration of enrollments in the DCS, DCFP or SIFCA system

   If none of the above situations applies to you, you must pay the addtional financial contribution required from foreign students (D*).
                                                                                                                      FORM 2


 Note: The student must always provide an original document so that the school board or private school can make a true
       copy of it (with initials) and thus have a supporting document of high quality in the student's file.

   1   Attestation issued by the Service du protocole of the Ministère des Relations internationales (MRI) and valid for a

   2   Employment authorization (only an authorization with one of the following "case types" is accepted: 07, 08, 20, 22,
       23, 25, 26 or 98).

   3   Document issued by an authority with jurisdiction in immigration indicating that the person is exempted from
       holding an employment authorization.

   4   Temporary resident permit ("case types" accepted: 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94 and 95).

   5   Marriage certificate or birth certificate or legal adoption papers when information regarding the spouse or
       dependent child does not appear on the employment authorization or the temporary resident permit.

   6   Study permit of the student's parent ("case types" accepted: 07, 08, 30, 32, 34, 36 and 39) with proof of filiation.

   7   Québec Certificate of Acceptance that is valid for a year and indicates that it concerns an exchange program. If this
       is not indicated, validated reciprocity (name of the organization or student exchange program).

   8   Valid French passport with a study permit and Québec Certificate of Acceptance, when the latter two documents are
       required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Ministère de l'Immigration et des Communautés
       culturelles (MICC).

   9   Valid certificate of statutory situation (no longer issued since January 31, 2005).

  10   Valid Refugee Protection Claimant Document. This document is valid for three years, starting from the date on
       which it is issued.

  11   Interim Federal Health Certificate of Eligibility. Once documents 9 and 10 cease to be valid, the CIC issues the
       Interim Federal Health Certificate of Eligibility, which is valid for one year at a time. The certificate must
       accompany documents 9 and 10 once these documents are no longer valid.

  12   Letter from the CIC stating that an application for ministerial exemption has been approved or visitor record of
       "case type" 17 or employment authorization of "case type" 27 or study permit of "case type" 37.

  13   Québec Selection Certificate (QSC) or Attestation de délivrance d’un certificat de sélection du Québec.

  14   Québec Selection Certificate in category R8 or RA.

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