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									                Label Dispensers And Label Applicators

Label is a piece of card or piece of other material or an item attached to an object to show
its contents, ownership, use, or destination. Label Dispenser is a machine which helps to
perform a task in an easy and efficient manner. Label Dispenser is an expedient way for
removing a label from its liner or backing tape. It adds values to production lines around
the world. They come in diverse widths to provide accommodation to different
applications and spaces. They are premeditated with different sizes and features which
are often specific to the type of label they can dispense.

Label Dispensers are applied either by manual application or automatic application.
Manual Label Dispensers are designed for light-duty use and are operated by hand. They
help in the process of removing labels from their liners manually. The operation is
performed by pulling the liner around a plate which causes the label to peel away from
the backing paper. Electric Semi-Automatic Label Dispensers are designed for multi-
row address labels. These dispensers also helps in removing labels but in place of
manually pulling on the liner, label progress occurs when a trigger on the dispenser
detects the nonappearance of a label, for instance when the operator removes the label.
They are often built to withstand industrial conditions.

Label Applicators are devices used to dispense, apply, or print and apply labels to
packages. These devices array from simple manual dispensing to fully automated print
and apply high production machines. They are not only designed for the application of
labels to single packages, but for the application of labels in high volume conveyor
systems where thousands of labels must be applied. Some interesting applications are
bottles, cartons, food packages, pallets, chemical drums, etc.
Label applicators are of four kinds: Automatic, Semi-automatic, Print and Apply and
RFID applicators.

Automatic Applicator: They are used when high volume labeling is needed. A photo
eye detects the product as it comes down the conveyor line and triggers the application of
the label at right time.

Semi-Automatic Applicator: These applicators are suitable when the operator places the
product and triggers the unit with a foot switch to apply the label. Once the product is
removed, the cycle is repeated.

Print and Apply Applicator: They are used for printing labels “on the fly” and then
applying them. These applicators are chosen when you have a large variety of products.

Dispenser Applicator: They are used when label placement is not an issue and volume is
low. The operator takes the partially peeled label from the webbing and applies it to the

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