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									The RiverGarden, Siem Reap
Terms & Conditions of entry

• Website content – TRG (The RiverGarden, Siem Reap) website content is as
accurated as possible at the time of publication. TRG publishes comments made by
guests directly from the source and their comments do not necessarily reflect the view
of TRG staff and management.
• Booking Security - To secure a booking we require current credit card details.
  Bookings are not guaranteed until this information has been received and processed.
  No deposit is required to secure a booking unless advised otherwise by TRG.
  Email or print out and fax the completed booking form to +855 63 965 844
• A 3% fee is payable for all credit card transactions on your final bill, these bank fees
  are passed on at cost. Other bank fees may apply.
• Room Rates - Prices are quoted at rate per room per night. Costs are subject change
  and confirmed at the time a booking is accepted.
• VAT – VAT or Value added tax is a government tax payable on all quoted rates and
• Payment - We will ask for payment for your booking on arrival which can be settled by
  cash or credit card. (VISA or Mastercard)
• Cancellations - Cancellations must be made within 48 hours of the booking
  reservation date. In the event of a no show or late cancellation you will be liable for
  the agreed amount for the rooms, tours or package/s you book. This will be at a rate
  no less than the agree rate (package or room rate) by the number of rooms booked.
• Early checkout – I/we authorise charge to be made to my/our credit card for early
  departure at the full rate booked, be it per room night or package rate.
• Refunds and substitution – TRG will not substitute or refund any part (or whole) of a
  service that is not used during the course of your stay.
• Limited Liability
TRG will not be liable for bookings made with/by, or the performance of external
agencies, agents or suppliers booked on your behalf.
TRG will not be liable for loss of services provided by external suppliers including but
not limited to electricity, telephone/WIFI/internet or fax, water, communication, pest
control, loss by accidental damage, vandalism or storm and other seasonal factors that
may cause disruption within The RiverGarden, Siem Reap
TRG will not be liable for loss or damage or theft of luggage, valuables, cash, jewellery,
equipment or personal effects within the TRG or whilst on a tour or package tour nor do
we offer any insurance coverage or compensation. Guests should ensure they have
adequate travel insurance coverage. TRG will co-operate with guests regarding claims
and assist in any practical way we can however this implies no liability whatsoever.

TRG provide all guests secure facilities within their room and within our reception area
for safe storage of valuables and urge guests to use these resources.

Management – The RiverGarden, Siem Reap

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