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									              Why can’t Jirapat sell enough shrimps?

                                                          3. Two of Jirapat’s
1. Shrimps are bred in     2. The tsunami of
                                                             workers were
   deep ponds in              December 26 th 2005
                                                             drowned by the
   flooded mangrove           killed approximately
                                                             tsunami. Now he has
   forests, close to the      275,000 people.
                                                             to do all the work
                           5. Some Asian
                              nationals still prefer      6. About 30% of
4. Jirapat’s family have
                              to stay temporarily            Thailand's shrimp
   been breeding
                              away from Phuket,              hatcheries (where
   shrimps in Phuket
                              fearing the ghosts             baby shrimps grow)
   for many
                              of dead people on              were destroyed in
                              the beach or in                the tsunami
                              hotels.                        disaster.

7. After the disaster,                                    9. Many tourists and
                           8. Phuket is Thailand's
   the Thai                                                  Thai people stopped
                              largest island and is
   Government                                                eating seafood for
                              one of the most
   promised it would                                         fear that some sea
                              popular tourist
   introduce a tsunami                                       creatures having
                              destinations in
   early warning                                             been feeding on
                              Southeast Asia.
   system.                                                   corpses.

10. Since the tsunami,     11. On 26 December
    there have been 77-        2005 the Indian            12. The tsunami waves
    per-cent fewer             tectonic plate                 tore off the roofs of
    arrivals at Phuket         suddenly plunged 20            Jirapat’s concrete
    airport and 300,000        meters under the               shrimp hatcheries and
    people lost their          Burmese tectonic               swept away all of his
    jobs.                      plate .                        breeding stock.

                           14. Seawater flooded
13. Thailand is not well
                               and washed away
    prepared for                                       15. The tsunami disaster
                               shrimp farms, and
    earthquakes and                                    has led to the closure of
                               everything else all
    does not have                                      over 400 hotels and
                               along its trail after
    tsunami warning                                    restaurants in Phuket.
                               the earthquake.
16. Jirapat has received        17. Jirapat left school
                                                             18. The Thai shrimp
$200 from the Thai                  at 14 and helped his
                                                                 farming industry
government. The damage to           father run the
                                                                 employs about 1
his farm will cost 3 times          family shrimp
                                                                 million people.
this amount.                        business.

                                                             21. The earthquake of
   19. Jirapat has had find
                                                                 December 26 had a
       an extra job as a
                                20. Jirapat has lived all        magnitude of 9.0 on
       taxi driver in order
                                    his life on the island       the Richter Scale--
       to earn enough
                                    of Phuket.                   the largest
       money to feed his
                                                                 recorded worldwide
                                                                 in 40 years.
   22. The damage to
                                                             24. The flooding of
       shrimp farms is
                                23. The earthquake in            sewage water into
       expected to mean a
                                    Indonesia on                 shrimp farms has
       large drop in
                                    December 26 th 2006          meant that farmers
       Thailand's shrimp
                                    caused a change in           will have had to
       exports by 75-
                                    sea levels in the            stop their farming
       80,000 tonnes in
                                    Indian Ocean.                for the first 4-5
                                                                 months in 2006.

                                                             28. Flooded mangrove
   25. Mangrove forest      27. Thailand is the world's
                                                             forests can be found
       trees are chopped    leading exporter of shrimp
                                                             along the coast of
       down and replaced by products.
       shrimp ponds.

      a. Sort the information under the following headings:
            Personal information about Jirapat,
            Shrimp farming,
            Phuket island,
            Causes of earthquakes and tsunamis,
            Effects of earthquakes and tsunamis

      b. Then answer the mystery question:
            “Why can’t Jirapat sell enough shrimps? ”

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