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									         WORKING ALONE POLICY

A   Working alone

This may be when:

   you are the first in school in the morning
   you are the last one in the school. The Cleaner-in-Charge, Joan Goodwin,
    is usually here at 8am in the morning and until 5.45pm in the evening.
   you come in during the weekend or holiday time
   any other time when you may be in school alone.

Of course you must take all necessary steps to ensure your own safety such

   locking main doors behind you
   not standing on unsuitable surfaces – always use a good pair of steps –
    preferably do not put up displays of any height whilst on your own
   anything else which would aid your safety whilst working alone.

B Measures to take when working alone in school

1    If possible, please let someone else know:

        where you are working
        at what time you will be leaving
        what to do in case you have not returned by a given time
        if you have to phone emergency services and are unable to get to the
         door, give them the code number

2    If there is no-one who you can tell you are working alone, then please try
     the following in this order:

     Hilary Moore        01242 260393
     Joan Goodwin        01242 262719
3   A mobile phone will be held in school for your use (you will be informed
    where this will be kept). Please keep it by you when working alone.
    Please make sure you know how to use the phone.

4   Put the mobile phone back.

5   Always contact the person whom you have told in 2 above as soon as
    you return home so that they know if you are safe.

6    Make sure you reset the alarm on leaving.

Safety during school time

1   Please make sure your outer door is closed at all times during the school

2   Please ensure that your emergency buzzer is close at hand. Please
    leave a note for any supply teacher as to where it is.

3   At the end of the day once the children have gone please:

       close your door and bolt it (if they have bolts)
       close all windows
       turn off all lights as you leave your room

4   There are phones located in:
    Head’s office
    Deputy Head’s office and classroom
    Administrator’s office
    Secretary’s office
    Staff room
    Special needs room

    An outside line can be gained on all the phones by pressing 9.

    Going out on duty or to games – please make sure you have:
     walkie talkie
     whistle

Going out on school trips

Please make sure you read the school policy on educational visits – at the
moment we have adopted the county one. This is to be found in the
Secretary’s office. The Head is in the process of devising our own policy
based upon the county one.
A few pointers:

   clear the visit with the Head
   take a mobile phone
   leave a list in school of all pupils and adults you have taken with you
   check you have at least the suggested ratio of children to adults
   tell the children and helpers what is expected of them
   if you have any concerns about taking certain pupils because of their
    behaviour patterns, please come and discuss this with the Head.

Health and Safety

Remember: All members of staff have a responsibility to ensure the safety
of themselves, their pupils and other staff with whom they work.

All members of staff have the responsibility of assessing the risk elements in
any activity which they undertake and ensuring therefore, that the activity is as
safe as it can be.

If any member of staff has any concerns over a particular activity, please
discuss it with the Health and Safety Officer, Jon Batt, the Curriculum Co-
ordinator and the Headteacher.

Remember to report any dangerous or potentially dangerous hazards to your
Health and Safety Office Jon Batt.

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