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									                           Policy Review
                   No Request to Review Received


This Union Notes:
1. The Iraqi Body Count Organisation has already recorded evidence of
     over 20,000 civilian casualties since the start of the war in March 2003.
2.   That under the occupation, the death toll is mounting: as the US military
     offensive continues and that basic services including water, power and
     sanitation are still not restored to pre-war levels.
3.   A broad and representative conference attended by peace campaigners
     from Britain and USA, and a delegation of Iraqis drawn from all those
     sections of society rejecting the US and British occupation, is to meet in
     London on 10th December 2005. Students have been at the heart of the
     anti-war mobilisations and the Stop the War Coalition have specifically
     requested that student delegates from both Britain and around the world
     are represented at the conference.
4.   That this conference is organised by Stop the War Coalition and
     supported by Tony Benn; Jeremy Corbyn MP; Tony Woodley, General
     Secretary T&GWU; Alan Simpson MP; Caroline Lucas MEP; Hans von
     Sponeck, former UN Humanitarian Co-ordinator in Iraq; Tariq Ali;
     Lindsey German, Convenor of Stop the War Coalition; Kate Hudson,
     Chair of CND; Andrew Murray, Chair, Stop the War Coalition; John
     Rees, Vice President Europe, The Cairo Conference; Sami Ramadani,
     Iraqi Democrats Against the Occupation; Sabah Jawad, Iraqi Democrats
     Against the Occupation, and others.

This Union Believes:
1. That the reasons given for the war on Iraq have been shown to be totally
     flawed – the Iraq Survey Group concluded that there were no Weapons
     of Mass Destruction in Iraq.
2. There is a grave threat to international peace posed by the invasion and
     occupation of Iraq.
3. The continuing occupation of Iraq is destabilising the region, breeding
     violence and terrorism which is spreading across the world.
4. The majority of people in Iraq and the citizens of Britain and America
     have time and again insisted that they are opposed to war and
5. It is now time for representatives of the global anti-war movement to
     meet together face to face, to renew bonds of solidarity, to express joint
     opposition to war, and to plan future action and mobilisations to
     campaign for the troops to be withdrawn.
6. The Iraqi people, deserve the right to lead a life free from fear, insecurity,
     unemployment and occupation.
7. That there will not be peace in Iraq while there are 150,000 foreign
     soldiers occupying the country.
This Union Resolves:
1. Call for an early date to be set for the withdrawal of British Troops from
2. To send 10 delegates from the central Students’ Union and 5 from
     affiliated societies to the International Peace Conference in London on
     10th December 2005.
3. To call on all peace campaigners, trade unionists, the congregations of
     all faiths, non-governmental organisations, progressive campaigns,
     community organisations and political parties to also send delegates to
     this conference, in order to issue a call for peace and the withdrawal of
     troops that will echo around the world.
4. To support and publicise future anti-war conferences and demonstrations
     organised by the Stop the War coalition.
5. To lapse policy 588.
6. To forward a copy of this motion to the National Union of Students
     Conference 2006, and to send the proposer of this motion to NUS
     compositing. (except Resolves 2,3,4 and 5)
7. To oppose the government’s attempts to attack civil liberties in the name
     of the “war on terror”.

Policy Review Date: Academic Year 2007/08, Term 1, Week 6

Policy History
Passed at Union Council 03/11.05

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