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					I just got


Fired, laid off, downsized…
Such ugly, scary words

Reduction in force, terminated, streamlined…
Whatever you call it, I’m now looking for another job.

Will you please join me?
In my job search?

At least during this slide show.
Then you can go back to your “safe” job…

So here you go, you’ll need this to get started…
What are you waiting for? Click to the next slide!

Pink Slip
You may have been employee of the month… but we don’t need you anymore. Bye!

Just so you know, I really was downsized.
It happened over the phone.

The next week, about ½ the company was let go.
None of us were prepared for a job search.

I started my job search somewhat excited…
I knew my next job was going to be way better than what I had just left.

After all, I had all the right things on my resume!
Big job titles. Quantifiable results. MBA. Bilingual. Leadership galore.

The hardest part of my job search would be…
Turning down great job offers, as I was sure to have many great offers!

But my job search went on for weeks. Months.
It really sucked.

I hated being a third-class citizen.
Even dogs get more respect than job seekers.

Recruiters and HR… they had it all!
Software! Power (to hire me)! Paychecks!

I just wanted some respect, like I had before.
I was General Manager! People laughed at my jokes! People returned my calls!

One day a recruiter called to make an appointment.

I opened my Excel spreadsheet to make a note.
So I wouldn’t forget the appointment, even though it didn’t sound very good.

And it hit me… like a ton of bricks…

What if….?

What if the job seeker, rd class citizen, had … the 3
(the suspense is killing me!)

A real tool… not an Excel spreadsheet.
Not a spiral notebook. Definitely not 3x5 cards!

I used to have real tools… when I had a job.
Back when I was a

1st class citizen.

What if I could have my old CRM functionality
CRM = Customer Relationship Management

But without all the sales jargon?
And sans sales reports (!!)

Relationship management for my job search!


It would be a website, so I could access the info from

Instead of sales jargon, it would have career stuff…

Advice from career coaches, resume writers,
“nurture network relationships” “keep track of where you apply” “make sure you follow-up!”

Networking experts,… all the stuff they say to do…
“do this!” “do that!” :: lots to do – hard to manage ::

I would be able to DO IT ALL in this website!
How cool would that be?

And it would live forever, so I could ignore it for a while…
You know, if I got wrapped-up while I was in-between job searches ;)

But come back to it when I really needed it.
Like, in the next job search?

But wait… my next job won’t be my last??
The gov’t says I’ll be in transition every 3 to 5 years. YUCK!

And I hear about 80% of jobs are found through networking.
Maybe between 25% and 80%, depending on (a lot of things).

What if my job search tool was really a career tool?
A long term tool, not a band aid solution.

What if this tool helped me even when I had a job?
Even… if I was happily employed?


What if I could be way more prepared for the next search?
This means nurturing my relationships. All the time…

That’s it. I decided to move forward. I could figure it out.
It’s just a simple web-based CRM suite that is optimized for professionals to manage their careers, right?

As I continued my job search, I started what would become
At least, I thought it would become…

A passive revenue stream.
Good = Multiple streams of income

I didn’t want an employer to have 100% control over…

My income. Anymore.
That would be like putting all my eggs in one basket!

Once I got started, I was hooked.
I was in my comfort zone – doing web stuff again like a 1st class citizen!

It didn’t help that I got such great feedback.
College career centers. Job search coaches. Resume writers. THEY LOVED IT!

We came up with a catchy name. It wasn’t cliché.
In fact, it broke the rules of good domain names (it’s too long).

Instead of calling it …
Or JobSearchTool or CareerWolf or CareerTiger or any of those other easy-to-think of names.

We named it
(thanks Tige ;))

We launched on May of 2006.
That’s like 200 years ago, in Internet Years! So, we’re 200 years old (?).

And we’ve been called a lot of things.
Our favorite is “The Gold Standard in Career Management Systems.” Or, Career Management 2.0.

We’re not a social network.
Nope. There are enough of those in this world.

We are a tool for you. Unless HR is managing your career.
(we don’t recommend

that strategy)

So come on over… get a free account, and get started.
Free = free for life With an optional upgrade ($9.95/month is inexpensive!)

Just go to
And click on the red button to sign up for your account.

And start managing your own career.
Because no one else really cares. Except your spouse. And maybe your parents ;)

Seriously. Head on over. Start managing your career!

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