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Shasta Computer Consulting


									   Shasta Consulting
   & Web Design, Inc.

 “Your lighthouse on the point of technology”

      Affordable web sites
   Search engine optimization
     Onsite service & repair
     E-commerce solutions
Technical coaching & much more!
• In computing the term “Virtual” refers to the method
  of using logical attributes as if they were concrete
  assets. They are actually simulated by the operating

• For example, virtual memory is really disk storage
  made to behave like the computer’s primary memory.

Using the contract services of
a “Virtual IT Manager” means
you can take advantage of
expertise and experience
without the added cost of
direct employment.

Sometimes this is referred to
as “Power By The Hour”.
What we do…
• We are driven to provide great websites and quality
  customer service at a time when information
  management and Internet security is a critical factor
  for every business in America.

• Patriotism, loyalty, and service are more than cliche’
  concepts to us. We bring strength, character, and a
  steady hand to each and every project!

 Single Trusted
Our "Single Trusted Source"
system assures that your
project will be professionally
handled from inception to
final close-out.
Open your service ticket
online 24/7!
No Finger Pointing!
• When things go wrong, business owners do not want
  finger pointing. They do not want to be talked down
  to. They just want results.

• Our customers can make a single phone call and be
  assured of service that is consistent, competent, and

We have forged solid
relationships with some
of the most qualified
technicians and reliable
vendors in the area.
We Can Handle It!
• SCC offers an extended list of technical capabilities
  because of our relationships with proven technology
  providers and referral partners.

• Within our sphere of influence, there are numerous
  resources and organizations of all sizes.

• When it comes to business and technology, we offer
  our clients a powerful formula for success!

Our Services
Custom Web Design
Search Engine Optimization
PC Troubleshooting
Office Networking
Firewall Installation
Router Configuration
Database Administration
Broadband Internet Access
Technology Assessment
Domain Registration
Wireless Networks
Affordable Web Hosting
Economy websites
More Services
Data Backup Solutions
Spam Filtered Email
Opt-In Bulk Email
Online Newsletters
Group Announcements
Secure SSL Certificates
E-Commerce Accounts
Software Installation
Telecommunication Systems
IT Security Audits
Anti Virus Software
Spy ware removal
Credit Card Processing
Online Merchant Accounts
Avoid Hidden Costs.
• There is no need to rely on in-house personnel who
  may have other important responsibilities.

• You can also avoid other “volunteers” or “gurus” who
  may mean well, but who may not always be available
  when problems arise.

• Those options could result in lost productivity and
  may actually cost you more money!

As a preferred client you
are assured of ethical
handling and complete
confidentiality concerning
your important business
initiatives and trade
Professional Attitude!
• Simply put, that means that emails and phone calls
  are returned, project deadlines are met, and follow-
  ups are made.

• We show up on time, do what we say we will, and
  finish what we start.

• That is our promise and value added proposition to
  justify your confidence, and ultimately your referral to

Our mature project management
team draws on nearly a half century
of combined corporate experience in
information management and
business expertise.
We have grown up with computers.
We did not invent the Internet, but Al
Gore checked in with us! (just joking)

Quality Pays For Itself!
• If you need reliable IT service or web design, but your
  budget simply does not support a full time employee,
  this "Virtual " outsourced approach is just right for

• Our "Single Trusted Source" system assures that
  your project will be professionally handled from
  inception to final close-out.

• Our reputation speaks for itself. If your business
  demands top quality, one-stop customer service,
  simply contact us to discover what it takes to get the
  best people working for you today!

  Shasta Consulting
  & Web Design, Inc.

“Your lighthouse on the point of technology”

        Thank You!
   Call: (530) 223-3924

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