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									DISTRIBUTION LIST by Fax           Taltson Hydroelectric Expansion Project

Mayor McKay                    Deninoo Community Council                867-394-5415
Mayor Peter Martselos          Town of Fort Smith                       867-872-8401
Mayor Ehman                    Town of Hay River                        867-874-3237

Chief Schaefer         Salt River First Nations                         867-872-3550
Chief Paulette         Smith Landing First Nation                       867-872-5154
Chief Liske            Yellowknives Dene First Nation (Dettah)          873-5969
Chief Sangris          Yellowknives Dene First Nation (Ndilo)           873-8545
Chief Jonasson         Lukselk’e Dene First Nation                      867-370-3010
Chief Sayine           Deninu K’ue First Nation                         867-394-5122

Eddie Erasmus                  Tli Cho Lands Protection Environment     867-392-6862
Shirley Cook                   Dené Nation                              920-2254
Dora Enzoe                     Akaitcho Treaty #8 Tribal Corporation    867-370-3209
President Hudson               Fort Smith Métis Council                 867-872-5225
President Tordiff              Northwest Territories Métis Nation       867-872-2772
President Cardinal             Fort Resolution Métis Council            867-3943322
President Enge                 North Slave Métis Alliance               669-7442
Grand Chief Norwegian          Deh Cho First Nation                     867-695-2038
Chief Cayen                    West Point First Nation                  867-874-2486
Chief Sunrise                  Katlodeeche First Nation                 867-874-3229
President Jones                Hay River Métis Government Council       867-874-4472
Interim Measures Coordinator   Athabasca Denesuline                     306-763-2973
                               c/o Prince Albert Grand Council
Stephen Ellis                  NWT Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation          867-873-8728
President North Douglas        Bechoko Metis Local #64                  867-371-5406
Interim ED – Rob Marshall      Wek èezhii Renewable Resource Board      867-873-2402
Zabey Nevitt                   Wek èezhii Land and Water Board          867-713-2502


Jason McNeil                   GNWT - ENR                               873-4021
Josephine Simms                GNWT – WCB                               873-4596
Greg Brady                     GNWT – ITI                               873-0645
Tom Andrews                    GNWT - Prince of Wales Heritage Museum   873-0205
Duane Fleming                  GNWT - Health                            669-7517

Darnell McCurdy        South Mackenzie District Office          669-2720
Kathleen Racher        DIAND –Water Resouces                    669-2716
Julie Jackson          INAC – Policy & Planning Directorate     669-2736
Murray Somers          DFO                                      669-4944
Mike Fournier          Environment Canada                       873-8185

Boyd Warner            Barrenground Caribou Outfitters Assoc.   920-4263
Deborah Johnston       BQCMB                                    867-872-4250
Ray Griffith           World Wildlife Fund                      416-489-3611
David Gladders         Canadian Arctic Resources Committee      613-237-3845
Andrew Robinson        Arctic Energy Alliance                   873-0303
Jen Morin              CPAWS                                    873-9593

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