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      Topic                                                                               Action

      Apologies - noted.

      Attendance - Professor Les Johnson (Chair)
      Business School academic and administrative staff present - noted.

2     Minutes received from the following meetings
      (a) School Board held on 7 June 2005
      (b) Teaching and Learning - 6 June 2005
      (c) Research and Outreach Committee - no meetings held

      Minutes approved, available on the portal.

3     Matters arising

      No matters arising

4     Items from the chair

(a)   Welcome to new members of staff

      The Chair welcomed all staff to the first meeting of the 2005/06 academic year,     New
      particularly the new staff. The Chair asked new staff to email him with a short     Staff
      resume of their careers to date.

      The Chair reiterated the purpose of the Business School Board, to which all staff
      are invited to attend, and reminded staff that the operational business of the
      School is dealt with through the Committees above.

(b)   Review of School Structures and Operations

      The Chair reported that the School had recruited approaching 4,500 students for
      the coming Academic Year with a significant international presence and a
      growing reputation. The School now had office and administrative space in both
      Queen Anne and Queen Mary at Greenwich and was developing its presence at
      Medway through BITE. New appointments were to be made to match the                  Staff
      increased student numbers.
    The Vice Chancellor has asked the Business School to lead an initiative on
    China studies. The chair announced that a small working group of interested key
    staff from across the University was to be formed and invited comments from all
    staff to be forwarded to the Chair.

    In the light of the Olympics coming to London in 2012, the Vice Chancellor had
    requested the Business School to investigate the feasibility of running
    qualifications in Transport Management. This was also a strategic priority for the
    Thames Gateway.

    The Chair also reported on developments both at home and internationally on the
    MBA programmes and the proposed Masters in Public Administration,

    The School had gained EDAMBA membership for PhD students in the Business
    School and he thanked Profressors Sevic and McDonnell for their contribution
    towards this success.

5   Presentations

    Strategic Issues

    Web CT and the School Portal were discussed. It is hoped to get a "google" type
    search engine to assist staff around the the Portal.

    Departmental Reorganisation - proposal for confirmation

    As a result off the growth of the School over recent years two Departments were
    now very large. The proposal therefore was to take elements from each of these
    Departments and create a new Department of Systems, Management and
    Strategy The revised Departmental structure of the School would be:

    Accounting & Finance (to remain the same)
    Economics and International Business (to remain the same)
    Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour (new title)
    Marketing and Cultural Industries (new title)
    Systems, Management and Strategy (new title)
    Any comments on the proposed title changes should be forwarded to the Chair as       Staff
    soon as possible. The new structure will go forward for approval to the next
    Academic Council meeting in October.

    The Chair's presentation attached to the minutes.

    Diversity and Equality Policy

    Presentation postponed until the next School Board.                                  GH
Student Liaison

Dr Cronin and Dr Cullinane gave presentations on the changes to the Business
School's induction process for students, drawing specific attention to the new
Personal & Professional Development (PPD) Course for all first year
Undergraduate students, the smaller Foundations of Scholarship classes for PG
students, the role of Programme Administrators and the use of WebCT as a
classroom management tool and a mechanism for improving service to and
feedback from students.

Presentations attached to minutes.

Web CT Pedagogy and Scholarship

Good progress has been made with the development of WebCT for classroom
management through the summer. WebCT shells had been created fro ALL the
Courses in the Business School. 70% of the shells now contained the full
information required to, amongst other things, enable students to submit
coursework electronically. Heads and staff were reminded that the remaining
information needed to be provided to students at the start of their studies at the

This academic year all coursework will be submitted electronically through
WebCT, although it was noted there may the odd exception, such as portfolio
work, where physical product could not easily be converted to and electronic
file. All students have been issued with an instruction booklet outlining the new
procedure and support sessions will be held during induction weeks.

The system has been thoroughly tested and found to work well. However. in
answer to a question about the electronic system becoming overloaded and
"crashing", it was confirmed that a back up system is in place. However, all
students should be reminded, as was previously the case with paper submission,
of the requirement to keep a copy of their own work. A sample of all submitted
coursework will be routinely run through the JISC software by administrators
and the resulting output sent to academic staff for consideration. Academic staff
who suspect plagiarism should request that specific courseworks be run it
through the software to assist them in making a judgment as to whether or not
the work is plagiarized.

Web CT training is in place for all staff. Currently most staff will have Teaching
Assistant status with many seeking to achieve the next level of Designer status,
All training is open to visiting lecturer staff.

The Chair reiterated the School's policy of using Web CT as the preferred
Course Management Tool and that continued support would be given to staff to
     allow them to achieve the necessary level of expertise.

     Staffing Issues

     Paul Dennison referred to the forthcoming CPD workshops open to all staff.
     Details sent to all staff by email.

6.   Health & Safety

     Staff were reminded to alert the East Gate on Ext 7616 if they were going to be
     working late (after 6pm if you are working alone) . Any staff interested in         All
     becoming a First Aider or Fire Warden to inform the School Safety Officer,         Staff
     Olive Lee.

     The simple message is Health and Safety is the responsibility of everyone and is
     in everyones’ interest.

     Video available for staff to watch following the main meeting.

7    Meeting Closes
     The meeting closed at 16.30. The Chair thanked all members of staff for

8.   Date of Next Meeting

     Wednesday 14 December 2005.