Unit 7F Simple Chemical Reactions Topic by dfhercbml


									Key Stage 3 @ Painsley

                         Unit 7J Electricity Topic

In this unit you will learn about:
      Electrical safety and basic circuits;
      Series and parallel circuits;
      Measuring current in circuits using ammeters;
      How to model circuits to show that current is not used up around a
       circuit and that electricity is a means of transferring energy;
      The idea of resistance;
      The heating effects of current;
      Electricity and the body.

Learning outcomes for this topic:                                       Level
You can construct simple circuits using appropriate symbols.             3
You can recognise simple faults in circuits that will stop them          3
You can say that cell/battery provides the energy to make the            4
circuit work.
You recognise that increasing the number of cells in a series circuit    4
will increase the brightness of the bulbs.
You can describe the effect of connecting two or more bulbs in           4
series on the brightness of each bulb.
You can use an ammeter to measure current in a circuit.                  5
You can say that increasing the current in a circuit would increase      5
the brightness of the bulb.
You can describe what happens to the current reading when                5
measured at different points in a series circuit.
You can describe the current as dividing between the branches of a       5
parallel circuit.
You know the advantages of series and parallel circuits in different     6
You can describe current flow in both series and parallel circuits       6
and explain that the total current remains the same, that none is
used up or lost.
You can use a simple model of current being the carrier for energy       6
to explain how energy is transferred from the cell to other
components in the circuit.
You can relate voltage to energy transfer by saying that higher the      7
voltage, the greater the current and therefore the greater the
energy transfer.
You can apply the idea that nerves are electrical conductors to          7
explain the dangers of electricity.
Key Stage 3 @ Painsley

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