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									                                                                                       T:   +44 (0) 203 255 1027
             Michael Panter                                                            M:   +44 (0) 798 128 8832
                                                                                       E:   mike@panter.com
             Senior IT Consultant
                                                                                       W:   mike.panter.com

BACKGROUND   An information technology professional with many years of experience designing and developing
             custom software solutions. Maintains a strong background in object-oriented design and has the
             ability to leverage component reuse for scalability and software maintainability. Has a background
             in commercial systems and messaging infrastructures, and experience of the latest Microsoft
             technologies including BizTalk 2006, Visual Studio.NET, C#, Visual Basic.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET,
             COM+, XML, SQL Server and Microsoft Office. Has the experience to provide reliable software life-
             cycle management and familiarity with Rational products, UML and Microsoft recommended

SKILLS              Unified Process, UML and Object Oriented Analysis and Design
                    Messaging infrastructure technologies: Microsoft BizTalk 2006
                    Microsoft .Net Framework development technologies: Visual Studio 2005, ASP.NET, C#,
                     Visual Basic.NET
                    Database server technologies:Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Oracle, Sybase SQL ASA, and
                     Microsoft Access
                    Windows application development technologies: Windows.net, COM/COM+
                    Web Development and Web Services: XML, SOAP, XSD, XSLT, JavaScript, HTML
                    Database connectivity technologies: ADO, ADO.Net, ODBC
                    Excellent oral and written communication skills

EXPERIENCE   Travel Sabbatical                                                             April 2008 to April 2009

             Apr 08 – Apr 09   Fulfilled a lifelong ambition to travel around the world.

             Edenbrook Limited                                                              July 2005 to April 2008

             Nov 07 – Apr 08   Allen and Overy
                               Architected and designed a high performance, scalable and fault-tolerant
                               messaging infrastructure solution, for a leading international law firm, to
                               integrate the firm’s practice management software with multiple systems,
                               including their human resources system. The platform uses BizTalk 2006,
                               clustered SQL Servers, load-balanced IIS Servers the latest 64-bit technology.
                               Established a fully integrated development environment and infrastructure.
                               Provided project lifecycle planning, cost estimates, overall team leadership and
                               technical guidance for a new strategic Enterprise Service Bus infrastructure,
                               employing industry best practices.

             May 07 – Oct 07   Kingfield Heath Limited
                               Designed, architected and delivered a high performance, scalable and fault-
                               tolerant messaging infrastructure for a major office supply distributor. The
                               infrastructure provides a high volume, secure, B2B messaging framework
                               allowing request/response transactions for over 1500 customers. The platform
                               uses BizTalk 2006, clustered SQL Servers, load-balanced IIS Servers, and a
                               Storage Area Network (SAN), and uses the latest 64-bit technology.
                               Employed best practices to manage the project lifecycle from inception to
                               transition into production, in a rapid timescale, including full requirements
                               analysis/capture, technical design and risk management.
                               Provided infrastructure recommendations, cost estimates and overall team
                               leadership throughout the project.
Apr 06 – Apr 07   Dell, Inc.
                  Provided business analysis and technical support for the deployment of Dell’s
                  Premier procurement platform, across 20 EMEA countries, providing a web-
                  based automated e-commerce capability for large commercial and
                  governmental customers, and enhancing Dell’s automated online capability.
                  Enhanced and deployed an ecommerce application to charge environmental
                  fees, allowing Dell to successfully comply legally with the EU’s WEEE Directive
                  in various European countries.

Jul 05 – Apr 06   Bupa Limited
                  Lead a team of developers extending and enhancing a common architectural
                  framework for workflow event handling, security and reporting within a large-
                  scale enterprise application, using Microsoft .NET and “smart client”
                  Managed the build, deployment and configuration control infrastructure in an
                  Extreme Programming environment, providing a continuous build process using
                  Nant and Nunit, and configuration support for a team of more than 60

Dolphin Dynamics Limited                                             December 2003 to July 2005

Dec 03 – Jul 05   Architected a high performance, scalable airline search engine that is currently
                  used worldwide within the travel industry. Created an extensible, tiered
                  architecture, and a stateless, scalable application development framework.
                  Implemented the system using the Microsoft .Net Framework (C# and Visual
                  Basic.Net), and Sybase and SQL Server databases. Development included the
                  provision of complex web-browser interfaces and XML web services.
                  Provided recommendations for architectural changes to existing software to
                  provide significant improvements performance and scalability.
                  Delivered formal training in web development technologies and UML-based
                  development methodologies. Encouraged adherence to industry best practices.

Clifford Thames Limited                                                 April 2002 to August 2003

Apr 02 – Aug 03   Developed a secure and extensible web-based translation portal, on behalf of a
                  major automobile manufacturer. The system allows users to maintain
                  application data translations in 20 different European countries. The
                  architecture had a service-based design, and encompassed presentation,
                  process, entity, interface and data tiers. Application development was carried
                  out using Microsoft VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, XML and SQL Server 2000.
                  The project was performed using a Rational-based methodology, including the
                  construction of Use Cases and UML modelling.
                  Analysed, designed and developed an XML-based, multi-lingual, search engine,
                  catalogue, and pricing service, for a major automobile manufacturer, and the
                  European market. The system was developed using VB, XML, and SQL Server

Crosstier, Inc.                                                         May 2000 to January 2002
            May 00 – Jan 02   As a senior consultant at a company specializing in Microsoft-based e-
                              commerce application development, developed a B2B message processing and
                              rebate calculation system for a large wholesale food distributor in Richmond,
                              Architecting and development of a BizTalk messaging solution using VB, ADO,
                              SQL Server 2000, Visual Interdev, COM+, and XML, providing integration with
                              an accounting system, and the implementation of a complex rebate calculation
                              subsystem. This high profile application was part of a Microsoft case study.
                              Provided recommendations for the Company’s strategic and technical focus
                              with respect to the latest wireless technologies.

            CIBER, Inc.                                                           November 1997 to May 2000

            Nov 97 – May 00 Project management and technical supervision for a team of consultants
                            developing credit card processing software on behalf of a leading credit card
                            company. The software allows accounting departments to electronically
                            reconcile and categorize corporate expenditure. Developed using VB, Microsoft
                            Access and ADO components.
                              Analysed Federal systems and business processes, culminating in a proposal
                              for a web-based software application, including architectural design
                              alternatives. The project required close interaction with the client in the form
                              of regular meetings and communications, and project management activities.

            Preferred Health Systems, Llc.                                            July 1996 to August 1997

            Jul 96 – Aug 97   Designed and developed a client/server patient monitoring application for a
                              major health care company. Participated in onsite consultations with the
                              customer to gather requirements, negotiate acceptance criteria, coordinate the
                              technical aspects of the implementation, create technical and user
                              documentation, provide technical and user support during acceptance testing.
                              Development was in Visual Basic 4.0 under Windows NT 3.5.1, in combination
                              with SQL Server 6.0, Microsoft Access 7.0, and Crystal Reports.
                              Analysis and evaluation of web development technologies including: Java, Java
                              workshop, HTML, CGI, IDC, IIS and ASP.

            Rutherford Appleton Laboratory                                            August 1993 to July 1996

            Aug 93 – Jul 96   Developed an image data processing system, and performed the subsequent
                              installation and support of the software at academic institutions within Europe.
                              Software development was performed using the 'C' language.
                              Designed and developed scientific image analysis tools using the IDL
                              programming language, and developed a web server to deliver image data and
                              distribute software (HTML development).

            Open Solutions Limited                                                    July 1992 to August 1993

            Jul 92 – Aug 93   Provided technical support to system administrators for Unix hardware
                              platforms and software, under contract from NCR (UK) Limited. This involved
                              trouble-shooting, kernel reconfiguration, system administration, network
                              support, compiler support and software development.

            NCR Limited (Placement Year)                                              July 1990 to August 1991

            Jul 90 – Aug 91   Developed a Client-Server human resources system using the Progress 4GL.
                              The system allowed tracking of employee information and integrated with
                              corporate accounting systems. Performed system analysis for standardisation.

EDUCATION   University of Hertfordshire                                       September 1988 to August 1992

            Sep 88 - Jul 92   B.Sc. (Honours) Degree - Computer Science (received a 2(i) result)
University of Westminster                                             September 1987 – July 1988

Sep 87 – Jul 88   Foundations of Accounting (Certified with Credit)

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