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Tyneside Stop the War Coalition by dfhercbml


									         Tyneside Stop the War Coalition -

Afghanistan - Bring the Troops Home
A clear majority of the British people oppose continuing British involvement in a bloody and
unwinnable conflict. July 2009 was the worst month since the invasion in 2001 for deaths and
injuries of both the Afghan people and the troops of the invading armies. July's catalogue of
carnage includes:
   The worst level of civilian casualties revealed by the United Nations, with at least 1,013
    civilians killed in the first half of 2009, a 24% increase from the same period in 2008, and certainly
    a significant underestimate due to many deaths not being reported.
   The worst monthly level of US casualties, with 42 killed. A record level of US wounded is also
   The worst monthly level of British casualties, with 22 killed. These are the British military's
    worst casualty figures since the Falklands War in 1982. They were so high that for the first time
    army commanders insisted that immediate replacements were sent from Britain to replace the
   The worst monthly level of British soldiers wounded, with medical staff at the army's field
    hospital so overwhelmed that they had to draft in US surgical teams. An army medic treating
    these injuries said, "It is difficult to see young, fit guys who may have to have multiple
There is only one solution to this quagmire. The Afghan people must be allowed to deal with
the issues of security and stability for themselves, without intervention by an imperial power
which is only concerned with its strategic interests in the region.
Gordon Brown has called the worst month the British army has experienced so far in
Afghanistan a 'success'. It seems inevitable that, before he and Barack Obama realise the
game is up, the invading forces and the Afghan people will suffer many months even worse
than July 2009, with yet more futile loss of lives and limbs.
In the event of the British death toll reaching 200 we will call a vigil at Grey’s Monument in
26th and 27th September: Information Stall at Exhibition Park during the Mela.
23rd October: Protest at Peter Mandelson is giving a lecture in South Shields at the invitation of
David Miliband both implicated in the warmongering.
24th October: National Demonstration called to commemorate 8 years since the invasion of
Afghanistan in 2001.
7th November: Protests in Edinburgh at the G20 Finance Ministers Meeting
We are campaigning for the return of all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, against the threat
of war on Iran and for freedom for the Palestinian people. We are demanding nothing less
than a full open public inquiry into the disastrous war on Iraq. If you would like more
information about the Stop the War Coalition or publicity for our events contact:
0774 204 7500 or or South Tyneside Stop the War Coalition at

Tyneside Stop the War Coalition -

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