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E-commerce Planning Worksheet

If you are planning an online store, please also complete this worksheet in
addition to our regular Web Site Planning Worksheet.

This worksheet is designed to enhance communications between Crystal Valley Media,
Inc., and our clients. We suggest that you fill it out as completely as possible and have
it handy if you call us. Don’t worry if you can’t fill it out completely on your own. Do try
to figure out the number of products, products with options, and categories before we
talk. After we’ve filled in the blanks as we talk on the phone, please make a copy for
your records, and then fax a copy to us at 269-978-8169, or mail us a copy to Crystal
Valley Media, Inc., 505 W. Burr Oak St., Centreville, MI 49032-9781. You can also use
it to complete our Web Site Design Estimate Request Form.

We realize that this will require some time and effort, but it’s crucial to the estimating
process and to ensure your completed web site is the best possible for your needs.
Thank you!

Store Name: ______________________________________________________

Contact Name: ______________________________________________________

Store-Building Software:

• Smaller stores (5 to 50 products).
• Medium stores (50 to 300+ products).
• Larger database-driven stores (custom needs).

                               Visit our pages on the Internet:
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Type of Sales:
• Retail (sales to end-user).

• Wholesale, business-to-business (sales to resellers or distributors).

• Desire to do both.


Type of products: _______________________________________________________

How many products (separate SKU numbers) do you plan for your store? ___________

Do these SKU numbers represent
different colors and sizes for the same product?   • Yes • No

•   Options. (color, size etc., offered in a drop-down menu)

This number of products __________ has an average of __________ options each.

Did you count each of the options as a different product above?   • Yes • No

Product Photos/Illustrations:
A substantial part of the cost of developing a store is in preparing the product photos.
But, of course, they are very often what motivates people to purchase.

Number of product photos? __________


• Prints

•   Transparencies
•   Digitized (scanned or digital camers)

•   Web ready (digitized sized, optional borders, JPEG or GIF format).

Product Information Format:
Typical product information needed (depending on the complexity of your site): SKU,
Product Name, Product Description, Weight, Size, Price, Picture File Name, Category,
Subcategory, Related product SKUs for cross-selling, color/size option of SKU, type of
construction/material, other descriptive fields (such as ISBN for books), etc. These will
usually be fields in a spreadsheet or database.
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Database Format:

• Excel                          • FileMaker Pro

• Access                         • Foxpro

• Sybase                         • Oracle

• Alpha 5                        • Other _____________________________________

• Not currently in database or spreadsheet

• Would like help is setting up a database system

Categories of Products:
The larger the store, the more categories you’ll need, Site menus and search engines
use these categories to group products so shoppers can find them quickly. We’ll need a
list of these from you. You’ll also need to put the categories (and subcategories) in
fields in your database.

Number of Main Categories or “Department”: __________

Total number of Subcategories in all “Departments”: __________

Preferred Product Page Layout(s):
If you have a preferred product page layout in mind, please sketch it on the back of this
page. Show preferred placement of: (1) product photo, (2) product name, (3) product
SKU, (4) product description, (5) price, and (6) order button. If you have seen a
product layout you like at another online store, please provide their URL. If you’re not
sure exactly what you want, don’t worry. We will work with you to achieve an attractive
and effective page layout


Shipping Options Offered:

•   Ground       • 2nd Day         • Overnight


•   UPS       • FedEx         • DHL          •   Postal Service

• Other ______________________________
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Shipping Calculation Method:

• Disable shipping calculations

• Link to UPS or other shipper shipping calculator

• Flat Rate for all items (e.g., up to three books for $8.00)

• Price Threshold (e.g., $8.00 for orders between $25 and $50)

• Weight Threshold (e.g., $8.00 for orders weighing between 10 an 12 pounds)

• Shipping price specified for each item (useful for items with special packing or

• Other

Shipping Areas or Zones: (6 included at no extra charge.) Many merchants start with
UPS zones and then average them so there are 3 or 4 zone for the continental U.S. or
other major market area. Remember your store is on the WorldWide Web. It is possible
for you to receive product orders from anywhere in the world. Generally it is a good
idea to include zones for Canada and Mexico. For other parts of the world you can
state: “We will calculate the exact cost of shipping and charge it to your card prior to

Sales Tax:
One state table at no extra charge

States or counties where collection is required:          % Sales Tax

__________________________________________                ____________
__________________________________________                ____________
__________________________________________                ____________
__________________________________________                ____________

Payment Transactions:

Payment Methods Allowed:
• Visa                • MasterCard
• American Express            • Discover
• PayPal                      • COD
• Purchase Order              • Reseller Account Number
• Other: ________________________________________
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Credit Card Authorization:
• Real-time on-line credit card authorization (recommended if you are setting up your
  e-commerce site from scratch).

• Desktop credit card processing after order is received (begin here if you have an
  existing Merchant Credit Card Account).

Secure Order Reception:
Store software e-mails when an order arrives, but it won’t e-mail sensitive credit card
information. You will need to get that in a secure manner:

• View completed orders in web browser and print out orders on printer (for low
  volume stores).

• Download order file for transfer to accounting system (for higher volume stores).
  You may need to have a programmer write a macro to import information into your
  fulfillment program.

Accounting Program Used:
• QuickBooks       • Peachtree

• Mail Order Manager          • MicroSoft Money

• Other ________________________________

Do you want to integrate web orders with accounting program? (Some special
programming may be required.)

• Yes                • Maybe later                • No

Do you want to integrate web orders with an inventory program? (We may be able
to help you with this, or refer you to a programmer who can.)

• Yes                • Maybe later                • No

Special Order Form Instructions:
• Gift wrapping     • Gift card inscriptions

• Shipping instructions       • Other ______________________________________

Names of “Regular” Pages:
Product pages are usually designed on the basis of templates. “Regular” pages must be
hand-designed using HTML or Perl, with custom photo insertion, etc. As such, they can
be more expensive, but are often quite necessary to create a complete web site. Typical
“regular” pages are your “home” page, FAQ, about the company, privacy statement,
articles, features, newsletters, and (sometimes) ordering instructions.
Web site planning worksheet                                                 Page 6 of 7

• Welcome/menu                • About the Company
• FAQ                         • Newsletter
• Other: ________________________________________________

Response Forms (besides the order form):
You may have a form where shoppers can ask questions, subscribe to a marketing
newsletter, sign up to get notification of new products, get customer support, etc. We
do not include your ordering system here. You may not need a structured feedback
form; an e-mail response link may be all that is necessary.

Number of response forms (up to 20 fields each) ____________

Purpose of response form(s): ______________________________________________

Web Hosting:
Due to the complexity of installing store-building software and relational databases, it is
important that you accept our recommendations for web hosting services. We charge
for the additional time expended installing and configuring stores on web hosting
services other than those we recommend. On the other hand, we have shopped for the
best cost/performance/reliability in web hosting services. Please allow us to arrange
your web hosting.

• Arrange web hosting

• Have our own hosting service. Name: ____________________________________

Our prices include free maintenance and minor updating for a three-month period
following completion of your web site. This includes minor price changes, product
changes, etc. It does not include major changes, such as changing newsletter content
(which essentially involves constructing a new webpage), which is billed in .1 hourly
increments at our hourly rate.

Digital Certificate of Site Security:
SSL Secure Servers use a Digital Certificate signed by a recognized authority (currently
VeriSign or Thawte) that tells the shopper’s web browser that the store is what it
purports to be. The configuration of some web hosting services requires each store to
have its own Digital Certificate (at a cost that can run several hundred dollars a year).
Others allow storeowners to use the server’s digital certificate. If you need a separate
Digital Certificate, for an additional fee, we can contract with VeriSign for you, saving
you considerable hassle and expense.
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Again, once your e-commerce site appears on the web you will have a global business.
You will get orders from other countries, since shoppers in many countries are not able
to purchase these items locally. How will you make your site more comfortable for
international customers?

• Include or link to currency exchange calculator (Your credit card company handles
exact exchange rates).

• Provide multiple languages for product names, product descriptions, order form
details, and shipping instructions.

• Provide instructions about international shipping options.

• Provide international shipments with “International Air Waybill,” “Commercial
Invoice,” or “Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED)” as required. (You may obtain more
information about requirements from your post office or courier shipping service.)



On behalf of my organization I approve the above plan which I have developed with
Crystal Valley Media, Inc., to construct a web site to be made available to all CVM
employees and/or subcontractors that may work on this project, and I authorize Crystal
Valley Media, Inc., to use this E-commerce Planning Worksheet as the basis of this

Signature _________________________________

Date _____________________________________

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