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Cleaning Musical Instruments with Microfiber


									Cleaning Musical Instruments with Microfiber
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Most of my friends are serious guitar addicts. These are people who wouldn’t dream of spending money on
say, shoes; spend thousands on guitar maintenance and upkeep. Their most prized possession is often
accompanied by special guitar wax and polish, kept in a custom case and cared for like a child. Place a
sticker on a cherry-red ’79 Gibson? Blasphemy!

One thing I’ve noticed is that they all have microfiber cleaning cloths somewhere in their guitar cases.
Sometimes more than one, to match the guitar’s finish. Sometimes they have a good cloth for the back and
a microfiber glass towel for the instrument itself.

This is because microfiber especially useful for cleaning any sort of instrument, not just guitars. A piece of
microfiber cloth lasts years and is a great investment for any type of musician: amateur, budding or
professional. It won’t damage the beautiful brass sheen of your saxophone or mar the wood varnish of a
good guitar body. It can clean even the hard to reach areas: between keys, under strings, around fret boards
and knobs. Keeping an instrument clean is one of the ways to prevent it from future damage or warping and
microfiber is easy to use for easy maintenance. The great thing about it is that it can help keep your
instrument in tip top shape without the expensive wax or polish. It keeps the instrument so clean you don’t
even need them anymore.

Microfiber is not only great for maintaining guitars. You can use them to maintain other string instruments
like violins and cellos, as well as percussion instruments like pianos and drums. In fact, its good for whatever
instrument you prefer to play. They’re great for polishing cymbals without heavy waxes that can clump into
the grooves and affect the clarity of sound. It can easily remove sticky residue from smooth piano keys. You
don’t even have to worry about using special instrument cleaning products. For example, the sound of a
violin is determined by the quality of the wood that is used in making it, so using sprays of any kind can
damage the wood and therefore the sound. Microfiber solves this problem! You don’t need to use any kind
of liquid when cleaning wooden instruments, so you can be sure that when played the sound comes out

Microfiber can be used not only for the instrument itself, but the gear that accompanies it. Keep your bows
and replacement strings in good condition. Dirt and dampness can cause them to crack.

For the electric addicts, it can be the perfect way to keep your pedals, ZOOMs and chaos boxes dust-free
and clean. You don’t have to worry about getting accidentally shocked because dry microfiber gives the
same type of clean that you would get from a damp ordinary cloth soaked in cleaning liquid. You can even
use it to clean amplifiers and music stands.

All in all, microfiber cloth is a great investment for the music aficionado. It can help you maintain different
types of instruments and keep your investment in these expensive instruments a worthwhile one. Ask my
guitar addict friends.

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