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Web Hosting Services of NIC 2 Domain Name by sofiaie


									       National Informatics Centre                  Web Hosting Services of NIC

                 Ministry of Communications & Information Technology
                         Department of Information Technology
                             National Informatics Centre
             Web Services & Multimedia Applications Division (WSMAD)

                           Web Hosting Services of NIC

NIC is providing web hosting services to the various Indian Government Ministries /
Departments / Organisations / Institutions as well as State Government Departments and
District Administrations.

1. Web Hosting Infrastructure :

NIC has setup a huge web hosting infrastructure in its state of the art IDC(Internet Data
Centre) which includes a large number of performance tuned, hi-end and secured servers
connected to a state of art SAN(Storage Area Network). The Data Centre is connected
to Internet on a high speed/bandwidth (80 Mbps).

Network load balancing and clustering solutions are also implemented on the
infrastructure to effectively manage the heavy load on the websites / portals during peak-
hours and to ensure a high degree of availability and performance.

2. Domain Name :
There are around 4000 Domain Names already registered in NIC.IN Domain , used by
the Web Sites/Portals/Web Applications belonging to various Union/State Government
Ministries / Departments/organizations etc. As the domain name space under NIC.IN is
owned by National Informatics Centre (NIC), NIC offers Domain Name Registration
under .NIC.IN free of charge as a part of its hosting services.

The web hosting services are also extended on other domains like GOV.IN, ORG.IN,
.AC.IN, .COM, .EDU, .ORG etc... If the site has to be hosted on any of the above-
mentioned Domains, the User Department has to get the Domain Name registration /
renewal done through Domain Registrar. However the NIC officials will extend
necessary technical support for the above mentioned task. Once the registration process
is over, the site will be hosted on the desired Domain Name. In addition to that the
domain name registration for the site will also be done under NIC.IN domain, free of
charge as part of hosting services.

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        National Informatics Centre                      Web Hosting Services of NIC

3. Hosting Platform :

Web Hosting services are offered on Linux & Windows Platforms and the servers are
powered with the state-of-the-art web technologies such as CGI, Perl, PHP, ASP,
ASP.NET, MS Front Page, JSP, and Servlet etc.. All popular Databases like MS SQL,
Oracle, MySQL & PostgreSQL are also supported.

4. Security Audit of the hosted Web Contents :
All web sites hosted on NIC’s servers are audited for content security. As a part of this
security audit, the procedure /programs used inside the concerned website /application are
checked for any security vulnerability and appropriate remedial measures are suggested.

Note:- kindly note that to ensure utmost security, no website can be hosted on the NIC
web servers without undergoing the mandatory Security Audit.

5. Remote Publishing Facility :
This facility allows you to update and maintain your site at your own convenience
from the comfort of your office or any other remote location through VPN (Virtual
Private Network) or other secure channels.

6. Value Added Services :

Following value added services are also provided as a part of the NIC’s Hosting services,

        6.1 Email Accounts :

        Web based POP E-mail accounts are also offered with all Hosting Plans (refer
        point #6.) on the same domain as of your Web Site. The number of accounts are
        as per the hosting plans. For example 5 accounts with 25 MB, 10 accounts with
        200 MB and so on.

        6.2 Search Engine :

        It helps in facilitating a comprehensive and powerful search facility on your
        website to help the visitors locate the desired information quickly.

NIC-WSMAD-WHS-GEN-001                 Version 1.1     Release: 11/10/2004         Page 2 of 5
    National Informatics Centre                       Web Hosting Services of NIC

     This search facility not only allows the visitors to search HTML Documents, but
    also allows them to search wide variety of documents published on your website
    such as PDF, DOC, RTF, PPT, ASP , etc….

    6.3 WebStat :

    It provides access to on-line analysis of the traffic received at your web site. It
    not only gives daily / monthly / yearly hit analysis reports of the sites, but also
    provides information on most popular pages, most often downloaded documents,
    least popular pages, top referrers/search engines, geographical distribution of
    visitors etc… and many more reports which helps you in developing effective
    strategies for your Web Site.

    6.4 WebCast :

    Streaming Media Services facilitates you to live webcast of the important Events,
    Conferences, Seminars etc… and it also allows you to stream pre recorded
    audio/video clips as a part of your website.

    6.5 Publicity/ Enhancing the visibility of the Website :

    To increase the popularity and enhance the visibility of your website, it will be
    announced in the following popular web portals / directories under suitable
    sections by providing links and by placing banners (for a specific period)

           India Image ( ) :
            A gateway to the Indian Government information on the Web which  ,
            is extremely popular among netizens and it, also receives 15 million hits
            every month.

           GOI Directory ( ) :
            A comprehensive directory providing information about websites of
            India Government including all its entities such as Ministries,
            Departments, States/Union, Territories, District Administrations
            Organisations, Institutions etc…

NIC-WSMAD-WHS-GEN-001             Version 1.1      Release: 11/10/2004         Page 3 of 5
        National Informatics Centre                      Web Hosting Services of NIC

7. Hosting Charges:

NIC’s Web Hosting charges, are announced in the blocks of 5 MB, 10 MB, 15 MB, 25
MB etc. with certain assumption of traffic (amount of data transferred) generated by the
site. The various Hosting Plans and their charges along with the number of Email
accounts provided are as listed below.

        7.1 Hosting Plans & Charges :

Hosting        Disk Space                               Email           Hosting Charges
Plan                                                    accounts        (yearly)
I              5 MB                                     1               Rs.4,500

II             10 MB                                    2               Rs.6,500

III            15 MB                                    3               Rs.8,000

IV             25 MB                                    5               Rs.12,000

               More than 25 MB up to 100 MB             5               Rs.12,000 +
               (Additional space in the units of 5                      Rs.1,100 (for Additional 5
               MB)                                                      MB)
V              200 MB                                   10              Rs.43,000

               More than 200 MB up to 500 MB            10              Rs.43,000 +
               (Additional space in the units of                        Rs.2,600 (for Additional 100
               100 MB)                                                  MB)
VI             600 MB                                   10              Rs.70,000

               More than 600 MB up to 1000 MB           10              Rs.70,000 +
               (i.e 1 GB)                                               Rs.2,600 (for Additional 100
               (Additional space in the units of                        MB)
               100 MB)
VII            2 GB                                     20              Rs.1,43,000

               More than 2 GB up to 1000 GB             20              Rs.1,43,000 + Rs.10,000 (for
               (Additional space in the units of 1                      Additional 1 GB)

NIC-WSMAD-WHS-GEN-001                 Version 1.1     Release: 11/10/2004          Page 4 of 5
      National Informatics Centre                      Web Hosting Services of NIC

      7.2 Terms & Conditions :

      The following terms & conditions are applicable to all the Shared Hosting Plans

       o User Department owns, updates & maintains the Content

       o The User Department has to update the relevant files/ folders and transfer the
         updated contents to the server using the given Remote Updation Facility

       o Regular Backup facility will be provided

       o The E-mail accounts offered with Hosting Plans will be under the same
         domain of Web Site and they are Web based POP accounts

       o The user department can report the errors/problems related to the hosted Web
         Site in Web Based Support center available at

      7.3 Billing Cycle :

      All the rates are applicable for one financial year. New users will be charged
      pro-rata on monthly basis from the month of commencement of service till the
      end of that financial year for the first year. Second year onwards the billing cycle
      shall be from financial year to financial year.

8. Contact Details :

          Users are advised to forward his/ her request for Web Site Hosting as well as
          associated services through their NIC Coordinator or the Concerned officer
          from NIC.

        o If the User Department comes under some State/UT, please visit
 to get the contact details
          of NIC Coordinator for the respective State/UT.

        o If the User Department comes under some Union Government Ministry /
          Department / Institute etc…, please send a mail to to
          get the contact details of the Concerned officer from NIC.

              For more details, Please visit

NIC-WSMAD-WHS-GEN-001               Version 1.1      Release: 11/10/2004         Page 5 of 5

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