There was an woman by dfhercbml


									Click on the question mark to reveal a selection of words.
Choose the correct word to complete the rhyme.

There was an ? woman
       Who ? in a shoe
       She had ? many children
       She did not know ? to do

Jack ? Jill went up ? hill
To                fetch a ? of water
                  Jack ? down and broke his crown
                 And Jill ? running after

      Complete the story choosing the appropriate words.
One ? I was ? shopping with ? mum and ?
Dad ?, “let‟s go this way, are you
coming”? “Yes I ?”. After a while ? said
that ? could ? a dog. I asked if ? could ?
after ? dog. I could take it ? the park.
When it ? dry. We could ? and run ?
together. The next day ? parcel arrived ?
the floor. I picked it ? and looked ? it. It
was for ?. I opened ? box and there ?side
was a ? toy dog. ? was all black. „? I go
and ? in the park‟, I asked. „Yes‟ they
said. „Come and ? your coat on. So off I
?. Next time I ? like you to ? me a cat.

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