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									About Handicap International :
                                                  How to support us:
Handicap International is an international non-
governmental organization specialized in the      For further information about the HI
field of disability.                              Rehabilitation Project in Mianzhu County or to
                                                  support our action in Sichuan, do not hesitate
The organization was created in France in         to contact our local office at:
1982 and is currently active in more than 60
countries.                                        9-4-1 Zijin Garden, Mengshan Street, Deyang
                                                  City, Sichuan Province, China,
Handicap International has been working in        Postcode : 618000                                Post-emergency humanitarian support after the
China for more than 10 years and works            Tel : 0838-2371150                                           Sichuan earthquake
alongside both Government and civil society                                                         Support in the rehabilitation of people with disabilities in Mianzhu
partners to promote the social inclusion of       Susanne Nielsen
persons with disabilities, especially in rural    Project Manager
areas.                                            Mobile : 15196353209
                                                  Email : chengdu.pm@handicap-int.org.cn
Projects are currently ongoing in Guangxi,
Sichuan and Tibet.                                Xie Pu
                                                  Project Officer
For further information, do not hesitate to       Mobile :13688089273
contact Jean Van Wetter, country director of HI   Email : chengdu.po@handicap-int.org.cn
in China, at the following address:

Handicap International, Millennium Place,
A1201 - No. 18 Jianwai Street
100022 Beijing - People’s Republic of China
Tel: +86 10 6515 7455,
Fax: +8610 6515 5497
Mobile: +86 137 01381815
Email : director@handicap-int.org.cn                                                                               © Handicap International
www.handicapinternational.be                                                                                                          2009-2010

                                                  © Handicap International
                                                              communities, HI started a second phase of
On May 12           2008, one of the worst
earthquakes in the world’s recent history                                                                            The project aims to:
affected the province of Sichuan in China.
More than 69,226 died and 17,923 are still                                                                           -   Provide        high   quality      physical
counted as missing (total 87,149). At least                                                                              rehabilitation services to the severely
374.643 people were injured and more than 5                                                                              injured people (1000) with regular home
million were displaced . Among them, 50,000                                                                              follow-up visits, accessibility adaptations,
are estimated to be physically impaired and                   Map of the earthquake zone with main areas of damage       appropriate assistive devices and training
20,000 will suffer from life-long disabilities.               and project location                                       to their family members
                                                              Mianzhu County (500,000 inhabitants - 80 km            -   Provide training to the medical and
Less than 36 hours after the earthquake,
                                                              north of Chengdu) was selected for this second             rehabilitation staff of the 3 main hospitals
Handicap International collaborated with two of
                     3                                        phase. It is indeed one of the highest affected            in Mianzhu County in order to deliver long
the major hospitals of Chengdu, in providing
                                                              County of the region with 37,000 people injured            term qualitative rehabilitation services and
rehabilitation treatments and training as well as
                                                              and 2,000 needing long term physical                       ensure home follow-up.
equipment and assistive devices to the
earthquake survivors.
                                                                                                                     -   Increase awareness of the main
                                                                                                                         community actors (local authorities,
                                                                                                                         service providers, civil society) on disability
                                                                                                                         and support them in mainstreaming
                                                                                                                         disability in their existing activities.

                                                                                                                     -   Support persons with disabilities in
                                                                                                                         their   long term   socio-economic
                       A survivor of Hamwang School

Following this first emergency phase, and
following requests by local hospitals for more
training in medical rehabilitation and home-
based rehabilitation services in the                          © Handicap International

                                                              Partners :
 Statistics from 7th May 2009 on Sichuan Provincial
People’s government website and Chinese government            Mian Zhu County Health Bureau
official website
  HI’s estimations based on interviews with representatives
                                                              Mian Zhu County Disabled Persons Federation
of the Ministry of Health, the Sichuan Disabled Persons       Mian Zhu County People’s Hospital
Federation and the HK society for Rehabilitation
                                                              Zun Dao Township Hospital
  West China (Huaxi) Hospital and Chengdu Municipal           Hanwang Township Hospital                              © Handicap International
Number 3 Hospital

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