CHC 2DR                                                         Government Summit

The years from 1896 to 1914 were years of prosperity and growth for
Canada and for many individual Canadians. However, not everyone was happy
about what was going on in Canada. A number of groups of Canadians were
unhappy with their lot while Canada seemed to prosper.

The class will be divided into seven groups so that we can examine the
problems each of these groups had with their situation in early 20th century
Canada. Your group will be given a short summary of your group’s concerns
and some places to look for additional information. As well, a selection of
books from the Library will be available. You will have to prepare a speech
to share with the government what your concerns are and how you would like
the government to correct these problems. One group will be the
government and will attempt to respond to your complaints.

      On presentation day, the classroom will be set up so that the
       government group will be at the front, with other groups surrounding
       in a circular fashion
      Each group must also make a poster or name card identifying
       themselves to the other groups in the class
      You are encouraged to “get into role” (be sure you are appropriate)

You will have one class period to prepare your speech and poster.

The groups that will be launching complaints to the government are as
     French-Canadians

      Factory, mine and construction workers

      Farmers

      Aboriginal Nations

      Women

      Immigrants

      Government

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    CHC 2DR                                                                                                 Government Summit

Criteria/         Level 4                          Level 3                       Level 2                       Level 1
Categories        80-100%                          70-79%                        60-69%                        59% & below
Communication        expresses ideas,                  expresses ideas,           expresses ideas,              expresses ideas,
                      opinions, and feelings             opinions, and               opinions, and feelings         opinions, and feelings
                      clearly and in an                  feelings clearly            with partial clarity           with limited clarity
                      engaging manner when               when speaking to            when speaking to               when speaking to
                      speaking to others                 others                      others                         others
                     uses level of language            uses level of              uses level of                 uses level of
                      that is skillfully adapted         language                    language that is               language that lacks
                      to suit purpose and                appropriate for             somewhat                       appropriateness for
                      audience                           purpose and                 appropriate for                purpose and
                                                         audience                    purpose and                    audience
                     speaks clearly and in                                          audience
                       an engaging manner               speaks clearly and                                      speaks with limited
                       in                                 effectively in terms      speaks somewhat              clarity and
                       terms of:                   of:                               clearly and somewhat         effectiveness in terms
                            • fluency                        • fluency               effectively in terms of      of:
                            • volume                         • volume                    • fluency                        • fluency
                            • speed                          • speed                     • volume                         • volume
                            • intonation                     • intonation                • speed                          • speed
                            • inflection                     • inflection                • intonation                     • intonation
                                                                                         • inflection                     • inflection
                      maintains appropriate            maintains
                       eye contact                       appropriate eye            maintains eye                 has difficulty
                                                         contact                     contact some of the            maintaining
                      listens attentively and                                       time                           appropriate eye
                       actively when others             listens attentively                                        contact
                       are speaking (e.g.,               when others are            listens most of the
                       asks thoughtful                   speaking                    time when others are          has difficulty listening
                       questions)                                                    speaking                       when others are

Application          explains the purpose,             explains the               explains in a simple          has difficulty
                      intention &                        purpose, intention &        manner the purpose,            explaining the
                      consequence of                     consequence of              intention &                    purpose, intention &
                      concern very effectively           concern clearly             consequence of                 consequence of
                                                                                     concern                        concern
                     demonstrates an                   demonstrates a
                      excellent ability to               good ability to            demonstrates some             demonstrates a
                      formulate arguments                formulate arguments         ability to formulate           limited ability to
                      based on research                  based on research           arguments based on             formulate arguments
                                                                                     research                       based on
                     plays “role” to a great           plays “role” well                                          research
                      degree                                                        plays “role” to some
                                                                                     degree                        plays “role” to a
                                                                                                                    limited or no degree

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