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									                                                                                                12 May 2009
Dear xxx

The Committee has just completed its Spring Audit of the site for 2009. This objective is to spot
problems and to try to resolve them before they become serious, so that all members and the site as a
whole benefit from the security of the agreed rules of our association.

We noted Plot No xxx showed very little or no work done so far this season.

We understand that members have busy lives and there may be exceptional circumstances, but as you
know, neglected plots affect others, particularly your neighbouring plots. Also, there is a growing
demand for plots now, and it is unfair to would-be members to keep them on the waiting list when there
are uncultivated plots on the site. So we would be grateful if you would contact me, Gabrielle Topliss, to
discuss your plans for bringing your plot into an acceptable state of cultivation, as required by the rules
of membership.

Our records show that we have written to you after previous audits of the site to formally warn you that
a continued failure to cultivate your plot might lead us to consider whether your membership might not
be renewed in the future, as provided for in the rules of the Association. Our inspection earlier month
showed, sadly, that there has been no significant improvement in the situation.

This letter, therefore, is a formal final warning that if your plot is not cultivated to a significant extent
by the time of the annual audit in September of this year your plot will be reallocated. If you
have already decided to give up your plot and have not let us know, we’d be grateful if you could
contact me at the address below, so that we can reallocate your plot this summer.

If you want to ask us for advice, or discuss your plot please write to me Gaby Topliiss, Flat 2, 82
Banbury Rd, Oxford, OX2 6JT, or email me at gabrielle.tpc@community.co.uk . Please include a contact
number and suggest a good time to ring if you need to talk through the problem.

We trust we can all work together to further THE OBJECTIVES OF THE ASSOCIATION which are:

      To promote the interests of the Members with regard to proper cultivation, good management and
      enjoyment of the allotments. To maintain and improve the facilities and the condition of the site
      and to encourage and educate others to do the same. To ensure that as many plots as possible
      are tended. To manage the allotment site responsibly; respecting the environment and the terms
      of the Lease with Oxford City Council. To work with Oxford City Council and the Oxford & District
      Federation of Allotment Associations and other organisations and individuals in furtherance of our

Yours sincerely,

Gaby Topliss
On behalf of the Audit Committee
Cripley Meadow Allotment Association Committee


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