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 1                                         PROOF OF SERVICE
 2 STATE OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF Click Here, type County
 3       I am employed in the County of Click Here, type County , State of California. I
   am over the age of 18 and not a party to the within action. My business address is Click
 4 Here, type Address .
 5       On February 25, 2010, I served the foregoing document described as Name of
 6 Document(s) on all interested parties in this action by placing a true copy thereof
   enclosed in sealed envelopes addressed as stated on the attached service list:
   [ ] BY MAIL - I deposited such envelope in the mail at Type City , California. The
 8       envelope was mailed with postage thereon fully prepaid. I am “readily familiar”
         with the firm's practice of collection and processing correspondence for mailing.
 9       Under that practice it would be deposited with the U.S. Postal Service on that same
         day with postage thereon fully prepaid at Type City , California in the ordinary
10       course of business. I am aware that on motion of the party served, service is
11       presumed invalid if postal cancellation date or postage meter date is more than one
         (1) day after date of deposit for mailing in affidavit.
   [ ] BY PERSONAL SERVICE - I caused such envelope to be delivered by a process
13       server employed by Name of process server .
14 [     ] VIA FACSIMILE- I faxed said document, to the office(s) of the addressee(s)
           shown above, and the transmission was reported as complete and without error.
     [   ] BY ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSION - I transmitted a PDF version of this
16         document by electronic mail to the party(s) identified on the attached service list
                                                                   Sample Proof of Service
           using the e-mail address(es) indicated.       Production Template can be purchased online at:
     [   ] BY OVERNIGHT DELIVERY - I deposited such envelope for collection and
18         delivery by Type Name of Overnight Delivery service, i.e. Federal Express with
           delivery fees paid or provided for in accordance with ordinary business practices. I
19         am “readily familiar” with the firm’s practice of collection and processing packages
           for overnight delivery by Type Name of Overnight Delivery service, i.e. Federal
20         Express . They are deposited with a facility regularly maintained by Type Name
21         of Overnight Delivery service, i.e. Federal Express for receipt on the same day in
           the ordinary course of business.
     [   ] (State)         I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of
23                         California that the above is true and correct.
24 [     ] (Federal) I declare that I am employed in the office of a member of the bar of this
                     Court at whose direction the service was made.
            Executed on February 25, 2010, at Type City , California.
26             Sample Proof of Service
              Production Template can be
27               purchased online at:
28                                                                 Type Name of Signer

30                                                     1
                                                Proof of Service
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 1                                                 SERVICE LIST                          Service List on next page.

 2      Type Name of Case
        Court Jurisdiction: Case Number
 4       Type Service List

 6                                                  Click on each field and type text.

     Date Fields will update
11   automatically to the
     current date each time the
     document is opened.
     If you prefer to type a
     different date, just delete
13   the date fields.

                                   Method of Service
                                   Click on the field for a method
                                   (such as By Mail) and type an X
27                                 character to select that method.

                                                      Proof of Service
                            FILL OUT THE SERVICE LIST
                                   Page 2 of the Proof of Service

      In each of the fields – as shown in the example below - type text as directed.

               Click on the field to select the field
               Type text that is required for that field (i.e. Name of Case)

example of completed Service List page:

                        To add rows for additional recipients in the Service List,
                        click in the Last Cell of the table and press the Tab key
                        on your keyboard.

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