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Because of Winn Dixie - DOC


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									                                Because of Winn-Dixie

                                      Chapter nine

Vocabulary : find the meaning of the following words, write them in your Canada Book
and use them to understand your novel.

p. 60
summer, for instance, never, introduced, riding, bike, running, beside, following, would,
wouldn’t, behind, whispered.

p. 61
could, couldn’t, hear, neither, shaved, fleas, bald-headed, twins, race, ahead, better, watch
out, hollered, headed, witch, faster, hopped, gate, overgrown, jungle, yard.

p. 62
shouted, by then, deep, growing, everywhere, flowers, vegetables, trees, vines, moss,
peanut butter, trust, crinkly, floppy hat.

p. 64
teeth, nice, tell, garden, sorry, enjoy, company, thumped, tail, ground

p. 65
prize, lawn chair, busted, bread, false teeth

rely, heart

Reading Comprehension: answer the following questions in your Canada Book.

    1. Were Dunlap and Stevie twins? Explain.
    2. What did the boys say the witch would do to Winn-Dixie?
    3. Why is Gloria Dump looking at Opal with her heart?

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