WALK ON by dfhrf555fcg


									                                        WALK ON
                             48 Count, 2 Wall, Improver Dance
                             Choreographer – Maria Hennings Hunt
                             Music – Walk On by Reba McEntire

Walks Forward, Kick Forward & Side, Sailor Shuffles Back
1-2 Walk forward right, left
3-4 Kick right forward, kick right to side
5&6 Cross right behind left, rock left to side, recover on right
7&8 Cross left behind right, rock right to side, recover with on left
Touch Behind, Reverse ½ Turn, Step ½ Turn, Jazz Box, Scuff
9-10 Touch right toe behind, turn ½ right stepping onto right (6:00)
11-12 Step left forward, turn ½ right, stepping onto right (12:00)
13-16 Cross left over right, step right back, step left to side, scuff right across left
Restart Dance Here Wall 3
Cross Rock, Chasse To Right, Weave To Right
17-18 Rock right over left, recover left back
19&20 Step right to side, close left to right, step right to side
21-24 Cross left over right, step right to side, cross left behind right, step right to side
Cross Rock, Chasse To Left, Cross, Side, Behind ¼ Turn Left
25-26 Rock left across right, recover back onto right
27&28 Step left to side, close right to left, step left to side
29-32 Cross right over left, step left to side, cross right behind left, step left ¼ to left
On Wall 6, Add Jazz Box ¼ Turn Right (Same As Counts 45-48) Here Then Restart
Dance. You Will Be Facing 12:00
Step ½ Turn, Shuffle Forward, Step, Lock & Step, Lock & (Dorothy Steps)
33-34 Step right forward, pivot turn ½ to left stepping onto left (3:00)
35&36 Step forward right, close left to right, step forward right
37-38& Step left forward to left diagonal, lock right behind left, step left forward
39-40& Step right forward towards right diagonal, lock left behind, step right forward
Forward Rock, Coaster Step, ¼ Turning Jazz Box Cross To Right
41-42 Rock left forward, recover right back
43&44 Step left back, step right together, step left forward
45-48 Cross right over left, step left back, turn ¼ to right stepping onto right, cross left
over right (6:00)

Restart AFTER Count 16 On Wall 3

On wall 6, ADD jazz box ¼ turn right (same as counts 45-48) AFTER count 32, then
restart dance. You will be facing 12:00e, Behind ¼ Turn Left

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