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									SyAM - FREE SW download TRIAL

SyAM Software and Intel® vPro™Technology

Enabling vPro™ Managed Solutions

Working with Intel®, SyAM Software has created a technology architecture that provides
tremendous value to SMBs and Enterprises alike.

SyAM Software System Area Manager and System Client enables users to quickly
and easily obtain the power and manageability enhancements that the Intel®
vPro™ technology brings.

SyAM Software is continually enhancing its software to take advantage of all of
the new Intel® vPro™ technology capabilities and developing materials that
explain how to configure and utilize your environment for maximum remote
systems management.

disclaimer on SyAM web site.

Each of the System Client products can be downloaded and used free of charge. The limited
capabilities of these products will probably not meet the requirements of most businesses
long-term. However, they are an excellent way to evaluate our solutions.

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