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					                  Go up North and see the            Go and visit the fantastic

  Visit           ROMAN REMAINS of
                  HADRIAN’S WALL ! ! !
                  The most MARVELLOUS
                                                     Maiden Castle!!!

                                                     The fort covers an area the

 Roman            wall in all of history ! ! !
                  Hadrian’s Wall took an
                  amazing EIGHT YEARS to
                                                     size of 25 football pitches!!!

                                                     Maiden Castle also had maze
                  build ! ! !                        like gateways and barriers.

 Britain                                             Maiden Castle in Dorset was a
                                                     tribal centre, home of the local

 Today!                                              chief!

Come and see
the remains of                                       Come and visit the magical
   the great                                         once Roman city of Bath!!!

Hadrian's Wall,                                      Come and see the handmade
                                                     Roman baths, where Romans
                  The ROMANS wanted to
Maiden Castle     control movement and               used to come and relax.
                  trade between ENGLAND and
  and Bath!!!!    SCOTLAND, so the wall was
                  to be a frontier checkpoint that
                  soldiers could defend.