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									                                                                        Sonia Marie Newhouse
                                                                                  AC Teesside
                                                                               3 Ship Inn Yard
                                                                           Stockton -On -Tees
                                                                                    TS18 1BX
                                                                 TEL: Stockton: 01642 873571
                                                       PPI Forum North Tees Primary Care
                                                   Working in partnership with North Tees PCT

                                                                          9th February 2005

Vanessa Counter,
Dr LC Neoh & Ptrs,
Barwick Medical Centre,
Lowfields Avenue,
Ingleby Barwick,

Dear Vanessa,

The Patient and Public Involvement Forum North Tees Primary Care carried out an audit and
inspection visit of Barwick Medical Centre on the 21/01/05 at 10.00 am. The Forum spoke to
seven patients chosen at random and Section 2 was completed by the Practice Manager; who
handed out ready printed consent slips to patients explaining who we were and what we were

On the day of the visit we were very well received by the Practice Manager. The Forum found
the premises to be pleasant and clean. However, some small cracks in the plaster were noticed,
though nothing serious. Car parking was good with spaces for disabled. We left some PPI
leaflets to be put on display.

Suggested improvements:

      There was no play area and no toys available for young children, the forum recommends
       that this be rectified.

      Some patients who were working during the day said that they had problems with
       opening times of the surgery and suggested that perhaps as there are twelve doctors in
       practice a rota system could be worked to give longer opening hours.
        Most patients complained about difficulty hearing the tannoy when their turns were
         called. The supervisor assured us that changes were in line to cure this.

We look forward to your future reply.

Yours truly,

Sonia Marie Newhouse

Development Officer

cc       Christine Willis      Chief Executive                     North Tees PCT
         Elizabeth Hegarty     Director of Clinical Governance     North Tees PCT
         Mary Shepherd         PALS                                North Tees PCT
         Edna Chapman          Chair                               North Tees PPI

PPI Forums are independent statutory bodies with legal status and responsibilities. They have the
 right to enter and inspect premises where NHS Trusts and PCTs provide services and premises
                                 where primary care is provided.

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