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					                                University of Bristol

                Centre for Visual and Literary Cultures in France

                               12th BIRTHA Conference

                Friday 5 September to Sunday 7 September 2008

                 Burwalls Conference Centre, Leigh Woods, Bristol

                  Sublimely Visual: The Art of the Text

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Friday 5 September

11.00–12.30           Registration

12.30–1.30            LUNCH

1.30                  Welcome

1.30–3.00             The Abstraction of Art (chair: Katherine Shingler)

Emma Wagstaff (University of Birmingham)
„Des matières, non des images‟: Bernard Noël‟s creative art writing

Elizabeth Geary (Trinity College Dublin)
Ekphrasis and the Creative Process in Michaux‟s „En rêvant à partir de peintures

Clémence O‟Connor (University of St Andrews)
Translating Non-Figuration: Heather Dohollau‟s Poems on Pure Visuality
3.00                  TEA

3.30–4.30             Plenary (I) (chair: Susan Harrow)

Stephen Bann (University of Bristol)
Letters in Liberty: How colour entered the concrete poem

4.45–6.30             Textual-Visual Mediations (chair: Bradley Stephens)

Kate Griffiths (Swansea University)
Zola and the Art of Obstruction: L’Œuvre

Tim Unwin (University of Bristol)
“Regarde de tous tes yeux, regarde!”: Voracious Visuality in Jules Verne

Laura Rorato (Bangor University)
Speaking through Paintings: The Potential of Self-Reflection as a Mode of Reading and

Bill Prosser (University of Reading)
Beckett‟s Doodles

6.30                  DINNER
Saturday 6 September

9.15–11.00     The Intentional Image: Traversing Media (chair: Peter

Michael Williams (University of Southampton)
Stars, Sculpture and Ekphrasis: The Art of the 1920s Fan-Magazine Interview

Áine Larkin (Trinity College Dublin)
Fixing the Fleeting: Marcel‟s Elusive Girls in Proust‟s À la recherche du temps perdu

Leon Sachs (University of Kentucky)
A Visual Literacy Manual: Agnès Varda‟s Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse

Siobhán Shilton (University of Bristol)
Visualising Journeys between France and the Maghreb

11.00          COFFEE

11.30–12.30 Plenary (II) (chair: Claire O’Mahony)

Anne Freadman (University of Melbourne)
Colette: An Eye for Textiles

12.30          LUNCH

1.30-3.00   The Art of the Text: Collisions and Collusions (chair: Elizabeth

Karen Quandt (Princeton University)
Painting into Poetry: The Re-Conceptualization of Vision in Hugo‟s Orientales

Sonya Stephens (Indiana University, Bloomington)
On Illustration, the example of Les Fleurs du Mal

Anna Johnson (University of Leeds)
Inscription and rupture: generative analogies in the art-writing of Bracha L. Ettinger

3.00           TEA
3.30-4.45      Surface and Screen        (chair: Margaret Topping)

Jenny Devine (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Ideas into Images: Visualisations of Nietzschean Philosophy in de Chirico and Modiano

Jørgen Bruhn (University of Växjö)
Proust on Film

Claire O‟Mahony (University of Oxford)
Tactility and Textuality: Le Décor symbolique of Émile Gallé and Comte Robert De

5.00–6.30      Inter-art Inferences and Interferences (chair: Jean Duffy)

Linda Goddard (Courtauld Institute)
Aesthetic Hierarchies: Simultaneity in Word and Image in France, 1912-1920

Katherine Shingler (University of Nottingham)
Painting and Cinema in Aragon‟s Anicet

Ari Blatt (University of Virginia)
Reading the Readymade

Susan Harrow (University of Bristol)
Blistering (bullescent) creativity: the ateliers of Francis Ponge

Followed by vin d'honneur and conference dinner
Sunday 7 September

9.30–10.30     Plenary (III) (chair: Tim Unwin)

Jean Duffy (University of Edinburgh)
Looking Back to the Future: Memorial Culture in Pierre Bergounioux and Marie

10.30           COFFEE

11.00–12.30 parallel sessions

session 1:     Perceiving, Seizing and Colouring the World (chair: Susan

Greg Kerr (Trinity College Dublin)
Baudelaire and „le vertige senti dans les grandes villes‟

Peter Hawkins (University of Bristol)
„Donner à voir‟: poetic language and visual representation according to
Paul Eluard

Judit Varga (University of Bristol)
Life in „fancy‟s rear-vision mirror‟: Visualization as Deception in Nabokov‟s
Speak Memory


session 2:     Visual/Textual Migrations (chair: Siobhán Shilton)

Nina Parish (University of Bath)
From Bal to Barthes: Reading the Visual in Henri Michaux‟s „Voyage en Grande

Margaret Topping (University of Cardiff)
Travelling Images, Images of Travel in Nicolas Bouvier‟s L’Usage du monde

12.30          LUNCH

1.30–3.15      Form and Colour (chair: Anne Freadman)

Michelle Henning (University of the West of England)
Picture Language as Visual Writing: Otto Neurath’s Isotype

Liz Watkins (University of Bristol)
„Water‟ “waters”: Colour and the Visible of Film, Text and Film Text

Lia Nicole Brozgal (University of California at Los Angeles)
Written Between Black and Blue: Visualizing Truth and Fiction in Albert Memmi

3.15          TEA