Application for a Competitive Event Special Use Permit by sdfsb346f


									                         Application for a Competitive Event
                   on a Recreation Site, Trail or Interpretive Forest

Name of Applicant
Address: Business                                    Home:

Ph. number: Business: ____________ Home: ___________ e-mail
Associated Organization:

Title of proposed event:
Type of proposed event:
Recreation Area Name and Proposed location(s) (ie. trails, roads) :

Have you, or your organization, ever obtained authorization from the BC Forest Service
or MTCA for the same or similar event?
If so, when

Please attach the following to your application:

   a map (topographic map preferred) showing the specific event boundaries
   a statement detailing the nature and objectives of the proposed event
   the date and times when participants will be involved in organised events on site
   detailed schedule of all activities planned
   a statement of the number of participants in the event and the number of expected
    onlookers who might be attracted to the site because of the event
   letter of support from the organisation associated with the event
   whether or not the organisation has designated NGO status
   any advertisements prepared for the event
   whether there will be liquor associated with the event and if so, in what capacity?
   the approximate value of the prizes awarded and details, if any, regarding the
    commercial nature of the event.

Organization Authorized Representative

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