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Trust-wide Infection Control Committee


									                             ICNET PROJECT TEAM MEETING
                              12-13:00, Friday 5th October 2007
                          Charles Hastings Education Centre WRH


Gail Preece, Claire Waring, Susan Pitts, Peter Lowe, Nilam Bola, Mike Davies,
Dave Griffiths, Vernie Francis-Flores

Diane Thomlinson, Jill Brindley, Liz Taylor, Peter Meadowcroft

Action Points from meeting:-

2.       Minutes from 29/08/07 accepted as accurate record.
        Item 5 – Peter Lowe – permanent server to be set up – that is on schedule. Vertical
         server – only need to purchase licenses.
         Minimum server requirements need to be met. PL to liaise with ICNet as baseline
         needs to be agreed so it functions well. DG to liaise with PL.
        Peter Lowe stated that a license is required for a permanent server – around
         £1500:00 one-off payment. VFF/DG to DW Ian McGregor.
        Peter Lowe to be ‘informed’ if any extra licenses are required (Purchased in blocks
         of 5)
        Details required from GM re: plan for interfacing. CW will have time for LIMS
         beginning of November.

3.       Update from meeting 12/09/07 – feedback from DG.
        AH from ICNet provided full specification for IT department.
        Next step: lab codes for ICNet required: action by CK and senior users and
         Claire Constantine. CK to send final list to MD.
        MD stated that they will be able to filter negative results after a positive result on a

4.       Laboratory codes – see section 3.
        Server – action PL
        N3 connectivity – PL to action. To liaise with BT, takes 10 days for IP no.

5.       Workstreams -
        Procedures:- to be developed by NB, CK and senior users.
                     - need to include a plan for any downtime problems.

6.       Communications -
        Access to shared drive – being developed by DG.
        CONNECT – article for spring issue once system live.
        Storyboard – to be developed and circulated to ICT.
7.       AOB
        PL needs to have a set slot for once a month maintenance for a couple of hours.
         CK to clarify with Claire Constantine.
        Keeping ICNet updated is still an issue i.e. can it automatically updated, or do items
         like GPs/Consultants have to be manually updated?
        DG to e-mail plan to CK to circulate.

8.       Date and time of next meeting to be arranged.

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