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GVEC Annual Meeting Is Held Members Approve Consolidation


									  the GVEC Review
         Vol. 27, No. 7      Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc.                              July, 2001

      GVEC Annual Meeting Is Held
      Members Approve Consolidation
     GVEC members overwhelm-
 ingly approved the Consolidation
 Agreement between GVEC and
 the DeWitt Electric Cooperative
 at the 2001 GVEC Annual
 Meeting, held in Gonzales on
 June 22nd. With the positive
 vote by the membership, GVEC
 moves a step forward in the
 process of joining with the
 neighboring cooperative.
     In other business, three
 incumbent directors were re-
 elected to the Board. Robert J.
 Werner of Shiner (District 1),
 Robert A. Young, Jr., of
 Monthalia (District 4), and Melvin
 E. Strey of New Berlin (District
 7), who were selected as the
 director-nominees by the Nomi-
 nating Committee, were elected
 to another three-year term on the
 Board. August Etlinger of
 Moulton was nominated from the
 floor to run for election to the
 Board to represent District 1, but Guests at the 2001 GVEC Annual Meeting had lots of activities to participate in during
 was defeated.                        the registration portion of the evening. Free blood pressure screening was provided by
     GVEC members began               Memorial Hospital Home Health Agency.
 registering at 5:00 p.m. and then
 enjoyed free soft drinks and chili dogs which were              blood-pressure screening for the members.
 prepared by the Gonzales County Family Community                Gonzales County EMS personnel were also present
 Education Club. The registration portion of the                 throughout the meeting to provide emergency medi-
 meeting also featured an exhibit booth by GVEC                  cal attention if needed.
 Home Services, displaying various home appliances                   The business meeting was called to order by
 that the company sells and services.                            GVEC President Lewis Borgfeld, followed by the
     The Memorial Hospital Home Health Agency was                invocation given by GVEC Attorney Bob Burchard.
 on hand with their skilled nurses to provide free                                 (Continued on Page 4)

 12,674 Members Vote By Proxy - Page 2....Capital Credit Notices Mailed July 2nd - Page 5.....Maple Remschel Retires - Page 5
      TLU Receives GVEC Public Service Award - Page 6....“Louie” Coloring Contest Winners - Page 7....Recipes - Page 8
the GVEC Review
                                             12,674 GVEC Members
      Vol. 26, July, 2001, No. 7

the GVEC Review (USPS 055-650)
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is published monthly by the                     In an effort to increase                     $50 CASH
Guadalupe Valley Electric Coopera-           member participation at GVEC                 Jesse V. Saenz
tive, Inc., 825 E. Sarah DeWitt Dr.,         meetings, the GVEC Board of                 Freddie Stanush
Gonzales, Texas 78629. Periodicals           Directors recently approved                   Guy E. Scott
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POSTMASTER: Send address                        The 2001 GVEC Annual                       Sara Malatek
changes to:                                  Meeting is the first meeting at             Patricia T. Sykes
   the GVEC Review                           which members have been able                  John P. Grove
   P. O. Box 118                             to use this new privilege, and the            B. L. Bundick
   Gonzales, TX 78629                        response has been phenomenal.             David Ramirez, Sr.
                                             12,674 GVEC members regis-                      Alisha Hitt
    BOARD OF DIRECTORS                       tered to vote by proxy at the                Dawn M. Davis
Lewis Borgfeld - President                   Annual Meeting. A drawing for                Paul Collie, Inc.
           District 2 - - - - - - Cibolo     cash prizes was held, and the                 Philip Barbee
Melvin E. Strey - Vice-President             winners are:                                Bessie A. Kouba
           District 7 - - - - -La Vernia                $1,000 CASH                          David King
Robert A. Young, Jr. - Sec./Treas.                     Bonnie Dening                    Tommy L. Robison
           District 4 - - - -Gonzales                                                   Annie M. Penshorn
Robert J. Werner                                        $500 CASH                 RealCold Maintenance Systems
           District 1 - - - - - -Shiner              Linda M. McCray                       Michael Clark
Henry Schmidt, Jr.                                   Thomas N. Hime                       Justin Simpson
           District 3 - - - -Gonzales                  Glen A. Wigal                   Mickey Ray Williams
W. A. Lott                                             Kelly McNeill                     John Paul Jones
           District 5 - - - - - - - -Nixon                                                David L. Myers
James Hart Hastings                                     $100 CASH                        Thomas B. Tracy
           District 6 - - - - Stockdale             David M. Sissons                      David Leonard
David R. Dennis                                      Gerald McCune                      Albert A. Burgoon
           District 8 - - - - - - - Cibolo          Paul E. Mattke, Jr.                     John Kuborn
Henry Ewald                                            Cook Stanek                       M. O. Chamness
           District 9 - - - - - -Seguin                Sheryl Dunn                       Alfred Chumchal
     GENERAL MANAGER                                   E. A. Woehler                        Andrew Tolle
 Marcus W. Pridgeon - - Gonzales                      Junell O’Mary                    Wilfred Bartoskewitz
          ATTORNEY                                     Melissa High                     Joyce Klockgether
   Bob Burchard - - Gonzales                             Mike Neal                        Lester Luersen
                                                    Jeffery L. Koonce                    Robert W. Upper
                                                     Nancy McCauley                    Mrs. Regina Adams
              GVEC                                  Joseph E. Coburn                     Corina G. Maple
                                                      Joe A. McKee                        Chris M. Chinni
           1-800-223-GVEC                           Carlo H. Schaefer                     Maurice Smith
             830-857-1200                            Arthur T. Lindley                      C. Belleveau
                             Thomas T. Dozier                     Robert C. Renko
                          Jessie and Brenda Moreno                   Brenda Miles
             EDITOR                                Marilyn M. Johnson                    Dr. James Engle
   Barbara B. Kuck - - Gonzales                      Andrew C. Seiler                         Otis Hurt
                                                    Dean L. Schneider                      Rex Campbell

                                                    Page 2 - July, 2001
                                      from the
    Our part is complete. As you       electric demand in the area, but      who drive Highway 78 may notice
will read in this issue of the         for reliability reasons. Currently,   that we are starting to use some
Review, we have just completed         members in this area are sup-         concrete poles on our system.
our 62nd Annual Meeting. The           plied power from our Hallettsville    These poles have greater
major issue considered at this         substation. Some members are          strength which allows the pole to
year’s meeting was a proposed          as much as 30 circuit miles from      accommodate a slight angle in
consolidation with DeWitt Elec-        the station, which exposes them       the line without needing a guy
tric Cooperative. The vote taken       to significant risk of power          wire. This has allowed us to
was overwhelmingly in support          outages. The addition of this new     move the line out of some
of the consolidation.                  station should significantly          plowed fields.
    The next step in the process       improve the quality of service to        Although I do not write about it
is for the members of DeWitt to        our members in the Ezzell area.       much, we are constantly making
decide. The DeWitt members                 For the last year, GVEC has       improvements (both big and
vote by mail, and ballots were         made a number of significant          small) to the GVEC electric
mailed to each DeWitt member           system improvements for               system. GVEC’s mission is
on June 11th. Their ballots are        members served from our Nixon         quite simple – “reliable service at
due no later than July 11th. The       substation. These improvements        reasonable cost.” We always
result of the vote will be an-         have primarily been driven by a       remember that the first words
nounced at the DeWitt Annual           requirement for power to a new        are “reliable service.”
Meeting on July 17th. We’ll let        water-well field being developed.
you know how it comes out in the       However, the improvements will                  AS ALWAYS
next issue of the Review.              benefit all members in the area.
                                       The next big step in the process          As always, I’m interested in
   SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS                 is the upgrade of the substation      what’s on your mind. I return all
                                       transformer. Site work for the        telephone calls and respond to
    At this writing, crews are busy    installation of the new trans-        all letters. I’m easy to reach by
on three major system improve-         former should begin this month.       calling your local GVEC office or
ment projects on the GVEC                  The third major project we        1-800-223-GVEC. You can also
electric system. South of              have been working on for a            write me at P. O. Box 118,
Hallettsville, we are in the           number of months is the upgrade       Gonzales, Texas 78629 or e-mail
process of constructing new            and conversion of one of the          me at I
“feeder” lines which will take         oldest lines on our system – our      look forward to hearing from you.
power from a new substation            three-phase distribution line
near Sweet Home. The substa-           which runs along Highway 78                        Respectfully,
tion is scheduled to be complete       between McQueeney and Cibolo.
in late October of this year. This     We are currently working on the
substation is not being con-           third of five work orders associ-
structed because of increasing         ated with this project. Members

                                                 Page 3 - July, 2001
Annual Meeting . . .                              (Continued from Page 1)

    The first order of business       statewide safety program. Baker       meeting, details the process of
during the meeting was drawing        presented GVEC’s Safety               combining the two cooperatives.
the winner of the Welcome Prize.      Accreditation Certificate to          If the DeWitt EC membership
The laptop computer was won by        President Lewis Borgfeld and          approves the Agreement at their
Terry Campion of Gonzales.            Operations Manager Bobby              Annual Meeting in July, the
    The reading of annual reports,    Christmas. Baker commended            consolidation will take place on
given by President Lewis
Borgfeld, Secretary-Treasurer
                                                                                        Guests at the GVEC
Robert A. Young, Jr., and General                                                       Annual Meeting en-
Manager Marcus W. Pridgeon,                                                             joyed soft drinks, chips,
was next on the agenda.                                                                 and chili dogs, served by
    Secretary-Treasurer Young’s                                                         the members of the
talk centered around the financial                                                      Gonzales County Family
position of the Cooperative. Mr.                                                        Community Education
Young commented on the ex-                                                              Club.
treme rise in the price of natural
gas and its impact on the electric
industry. He also shared some
good “fuel” news. With increased
rainfall averages in the hill
country, hydroelectric production
has increased. This allows
GVEC to reduce its reliance on
fossil-fuel generation and pur-       Chris Rybak, of Hallettsville,
chase more hydroelectric power.       provided great musical en-
                                      tertainment for the crowd
Young concluded his report by
                                      with his accordian and key-
confirming GVEC’s strong              boards.
financial position with $23 million
in gross revenue and a margin of
$5.7 million.
    General Manager Marcus W.
Pridgeon spoke next regarding
deregulation. He updated the
membership on the
Cooperative’s position to not “opt
                                                                                       GVEC President Lewis
in” immediately when deregula-
                                                                                       Borgfeld and Operations
tion begins in 2002. The Electric                                                      Manager Bobby Christ-
Reliability Council of Texas                                                           mas accepted a safety
(ERCOT) has attempted a                                                                award from Larry Baker
number of “mock” market tests of                                                       of Texas Electric Coop-
a deregulated environment, and                                                         eratives.
all were unsuccessful. The
GVEC Board and Staff feel that
waiting until some of the initial
problems caused by deregulating
the electric market are ad-           GVEC on its superb accreditation      December 31, 2001. If the
dressed and solved is a prudent       score and consistently high           consolidation takes place, the
choice. At that point, the Board      standards of safety.                  DeWitt EC office will become the
will take a formal position on           President Lewis Borgfeld’s         DeWitt Division of GVEC, and all
deregulation and address the          report detailed the Consolidation     DeWitt employees will become
issue.                                Agreement between GVEC and            GVEC employees. All 7,000-plus
    During Pridgeon’s report, he      DeWitt Electric Cooperative. The      accounts served by DeWitt
introduced Larry Baker, head of       Agreement, which was approved         Electric Cooperative will be
the Texas Electric Cooperative’s      by the GVEC membership at the             (Continued on next page)

                                               Page 4 - July, 2001
Annual Meeting . . .
          (Continued from Page 4)
                                      Capital Credit Notices
served by GVEC, and the GVEC
                                      Mailed On July 2nd
service area will increase by             Capital credit notices will be   portion of that amount when the
about 50 percent. Two of the          mailed on July 2, 2001. The          Cooperative is in a position to do
current seven DeWitt Board            mailout will consist of 36,071       so.
members will become GVEC              cards which will be mailed to            The total credit represents
Board members.                        each member of the Cooperative       margins for the year 2000. This
    Borgfeld added that the           who received electric service        is based on a cost-of-service
Consolidation Agreement calls         during 2000.                         study, the rate on which the
for the new cooperative to have           The notices should not be        member is billed, and the amount
uniform, system-wide rates            confused with a Capital Credit       paid by the member.
within 24 months. He assured          refund. These are only notices           This year, the Capital Credit
the crowd that GVEC members           informing each member of the         notices represent a total credit of
will see no effect as a result of     portion of Capital Credits that      $5,749,914.
the rate unification. He added        has been applied to their Capital        When you receive your
that cost savings associated with     Credit account. These accounts       Capital Credit notice in the mail
the consolidation will more than      are completely separate from the     in a couple of weeks, please
offset the initial reduction of the   member’s electric billing ac-        don’t consider it a bill or refund.
DeWitt rates.                         counts and show only the amount      It is simply a notice sent for your
    Borgfeld concluded his            of capital that has been credited.   records and your information.
speech by saying that the                 GVEC credits each member’s       For questions, call us at
consolidation would be a positive     Capital Credit account on a          1-800-223-GVEC.
change for several reasons. As        yearly basis and then refunds a
deregulation occurs around us,

                                      Maple Remschel Retires
GVEC looks forward to associat-
ing itself with another strong
utility such as DeWitt EC. The
GVEC Board also believes that
cost savings will occur by joining
                                      After 41 Years
with DeWitt through increased
purchasing volume and by                 Maple Remschel will retire
eliminating some fixed costs like     from GVEC on July 6, 2001, after
operating one billing system          41 years of service to the
instead of two.                       Cooperative. Maple has held the
    The winners of the Louie the      position of Special Accounts
Lightning Bug Coloring Contest        Manager for the past three years.
were recognized at the meeting.          She began her employment in
(See story on Page 7.)                September, 1959, as Clerk Steno.
    The highlight of the Annual       Since then, she has held the
Meeting was the presentation of       position of Secretary, Cashier,
the GVEC Public Service Award         Office Supervisor, and Office                 Maple Remschel
which was given to Texas              Manager.
Lutheran University of Seguin.           Maple holds the distinction of        At a retirement reception held
(See story on Page 6.)                being the first woman to com-        in her honor, GVEC presented
    In addition to the Welcome        plete 40 years with GVEC. She        Maple with a gold and amethyst
Prize, twenty other attendance        has had the opportunity to work      necklace in appreciation of her
prizes were awarded to regis-         under three General Managers         many years of dedicated service.
tered members. The winner of          (the late O. W. Davis, Doyle         Maple will be missed by her co-
the first prize of $1,000 was won     Hines, and current General           workers and also by the many
by Carolyn Billings of Nixon.         Manager Marcus W. Pridgeon).         GVEC members who came into
Second-prize winner, Frank               In 1999, fellow GVEC employ-      contact with her through the
Pekar of Cost, won $500. Will-        ees selected Maple as the            years.
iam Zimmerman of Gillett won          recipient of the Monroe Schauer          Maple and her husband, Joe,
the third prize of $300.              Employee of the Year Award.          live near Gonzales.

                                               Page 5 - July, 2001
Texas Lutheran University Receives
Public Service Award                                                                   faculty members get to know
                                                                                       their students well on an indi-
                                                                                       vidual basis which allows them to
                                                                                       challenge and mentor as well as
                                                                                       to recommend students for later
                                                                                           The University has been
                                                                                       recognized 12 times in U. S.
                                                                                       News & World Report’s survey of
                                                                                       America’s 10 best colleges and
                                                                                       universities. Texas Lutheran
                                                                                       University prepares students
                                                                                       academically, spiritually, and
                                                                                       socially in a residential commu-
                                                                                       nity of faith and learning for
                                                                                       service and leadership, which
                                                                                       makes it a perfect choice as the
                                                                                       recipient of the 2001 GVEC
                                                                                       Public Service Award.
                                                                                           Dr. Jon Moline, President of
                                                                                       the University, attended the
Dr. Jon Moline (second from left), President of Texas Lutheran University, accepted    Annual Meeting and accepted the
the GVEC Public Service Award on behalf of the college. The award was presented        award on behalf of TLU. In
by GVEC President Lewis Borgfeld (far right), General Manager Marcus W. Pridgeon       making the presentation, GVEC
(second from right), and Vice-President Melvin Strey (far left), TLU alumnus, at the   General Manager Marcus W.
GVEC Annual Meeting, held June 22rd in Gonzales.
                                                                                       Pridgeon said, “Texas Lutheran
   The 2001 GVEC Public                     231 from Shiner, Dr. and Mrs.              University has been an asset to
Service Award was presented to              John A. Mueller, the Seven                 all the citizens in this area. It
Texas Lutheran University at the            Timmermann Sisters of                      has been a good friend to GVEC
Cooperative’s recent Annual                 Geronimo, the monks of St.                 and to the many students who
Meeting.                                    Benedict’s Farm in Waelder, Fritz          have furthered their education
    The GVEC Public Service                 Schlather of Cibolo, and most              there. I’d like to express our
Award was created in 1986 as a              recently, the Ladies Auxiliary of          thanks for the educational
means of recognizing outstand-              Memorial Hospital in Gonzales.             excellence that the Texas
ing individuals, businesses, and                This year, these former                Lutheran University has provided
organizations that have put forth           recipients are joined by an                the people of our area.”
unusual, unselfish, and consis-             institution within our service area            Upon accepting the award, Dr.
tent service to the public.                 that has made a positive impact            Moline thanked GVEC and its
   The first recipient of the               in the world for over 100 years --         Board for presenting this award
award was the late Honorable                Texas Lutheran University.                 to the University. He said, “We’re
State Senator John A. Traeger of                Texas Lutheran University is           really happy to be members of
Seguin. Since that time, the                an undergraduate private liberal           GVEC and to partner with you in
GVEC Public Service Award has               arts university located in Seguin.         serving the fine people of this
been presented to SMI in Seguin,            The University is affiliated with          area. You provide electric power
the Monthalia Methodist Church,             the Evangelical Lutheran Church            to a lot of people who would have
Charter Director and Mrs.                   in America and offers high quality         a hard time getting it otherwise.
Theodore Siepmann, Mr. and                  programs in the arts, sciences,            We try to provide high quality
Mrs. Frank Migl, the Schertz                and pre-professional studies.              Christian education to a lot of
Area Facility for Emergency                     TLU’s culturally and geo-              people who would have a hard
Service (SAFES), the Gonzales               graphically diverse student body           time getting it otherwise. I
Volunteer Emergency Medical                 of over 1,200 full-time students is        accept this on behalf of our hard-
Service, Dr. and Mrs. Bryan                 taught by a highly-qualified               working employees who try to
Denman, the New Berlin Com-                 faculty in classes averaging               make it happen, just like yours
munity Center, Boy Scout Troop              fewer than 20 students. The                do.”
                                                     Page 6 - July, 2001
Louie The Lightning Bug Coloring
Contest Winners Receive Fun Prizes
    Each year, GVEC sponsors        Louie the Lightning
the Louie the Lightning Bug         Bug posed at the re-
Coloring Contest in every           cent GVEC Annual
second-grade classroom within       Meeting with one of
its service territory. This year,   the winners of the
GVEC personnel visited 23           safety coloring contest
schools and spoke to over 1,700     that the Cooperative
students.                           sponsors each year in
                                    area schools. Twenty-
     The presentation includes a
                                    nine second graders
10-minute video in which “Louie”    won glow-in-the-dark
sings and dances his way            Louie T-shirts and
through electrical safety mes-      GVEC caps and wrist-
sages. The students receive a       watches. The contest
coloring book that they must        is designed to teach
complete to enter the contest.      children about electri-
One boy and one girl winner is      cal safety in a fun and
then chosen from each school.       effective way.
    The winners of the contest
received a GVEC wristwatch, a
GVEC cap, and a Louie the
Lightning Bug T-shirt.
    The winners of this year’s
contest are:

         Kelly Scott
      Styler Honeycutt
                                       GONZALES ELEMENTARY           NAVARRO ELEMENTARY
 WIEDERSTEIN ELEMENTARY                   Sandra Mendoza                 Ronnie Carter
      Casie Alvarado                       Jorge Ramirez
     Daylin Ray Walker                                               ST. LUDMILA ACADEMY
                                         SHINER ELEMENTARY                 Delani Filip
   WAELDER ELEMENTARY                         Joey Perez                   Luke Brown
       Serena Ribera
      Michael Zamora                  STOCKDALE ELEMENTARY            EZZELL ELEMENTARY
                                          Kaylynn Wilkins              Courtney Hartmann
  SACRED HEART SCHOOL                                                    Lucas De Forest
         Ariel Fojt                     SCHERTZ ELEMENTARY
     Roger De La Rosa                      Matthew Campa             MOULTON ELEMENTARY
                                                                         Mary Kubicek
   LA VERNIA ELEMENTARY             HALLETTSVILLE ELEMENTARY            Jared Morrison
         Kasi Johns                         Hillary Foeh
        Preston Stuart                       Keith Loth              VYSEHRAD ELEMENTARY
                                                                         Shelly Rainosek
ROSE GARDEN ELEMENTARY                JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY                 Kyle Rother
       E. J. Avery                        Stefanie Banegas
                                           Israel Ornelas

 Louie says, “Play It Safe Around Electricity!”
                                               Page 7 - July, 2001
 Now We're Cookin'                                              FRUIT PIZZA
                                                                1/2 c. soft margarine    3/4 c. sugar      1 egg
   Try these delicious recipes for your next reunion or            Cream together the above ingredients and add:
outdoor picnic. Then send your favorite recipes to:             1 1/2 c. flour                    1 t. baking powder
        GVEC                                                    1/4 t. salt                       1/4 t. vanilla
        P. O. Box 118                                              Mix and press into a greased and floured 12- or
        Gonzales, Texas 78629                                   14-inch pizza pan. Bake at 375 degrees for about 12
   Or simply e-mail them to us at                minutes, or until browned. Cool. (Recipe makes one
                                                                pizza cookie crust.)
PUMPKIN POUND CAKE                                                 Cream cheese mixture consists of:
    Elaine DeMunbrun of Cibolo                                  1 8-oz. pkg. cream cheese (softened)
1 c. salad oil                     2 t. baking powder           1/2 c. sugar                      1/2 t. vanilla
3 c. sugar                         1/2 t. baking soda              Mix the above ingredients together and spread
3 eggs                             2 t. cinnamon                over cooled cookie crust.
2 c. cooked or canned pumpkin 1 t. allspice                        Use any assortment of fruit and arrange over
3 c. flour                         1/2 t. salt                  cream cheese. Some suggestions are fresh bananas,
    Blend oil and sugar, mixing well. Add eggs, one at          kiwi, strawberries, and blueberries. Grapes, if
a time. Add pumpkin and mix well.                               needed, should be seedless and cut in half or fourths.
    Sift together dry ingredients and add to mixture.           Canned pineapple tidbits and mandarin oranges
    Bake 1 hour at 350 degrees in greased and floured           should be drained well.
tube or Bundt pan.                                                 Glaze consists of:
    Serve with whipped topping or ice cream.                    1 T. cornstarch                   1/ 4 c. water
    (Mrs. DeMunbrun says that this is one of her                3/4 c. orange juice
favorites for the holidays, when you can find fresh                Cook over medium heat until thickened. Add 1 T.
pumpkin. However, we thought it would be great for a            lemon juice, cool and dribble over fruit. Glaze will
family reunion or outdoor get-together, since canned            clear up. Refrigerate at least 2 to 3 hours before
pumpkin can be used.)                                           serving. EXCELLENT!

                                 Have a Safe & Happy 4th of July!
                                It’s the all-time favorite, flag-waving        - Appoint an “expert” to handle the
                            holiday of the year that has something for     fireworks displays.
                            everyone...parades, games, picnics, and            - Ask responsible adults or teenagers
                            lots of fun.                                   to supervise sports and swimming for the
                                It’s also a holiday when everyone needs    kids.
                            to use a little “celebration common sense.”        - Use sunscreen if you’ll be outdoors.
                                - Make sure there’s always a respon-           Have a l of fun this 4th of July with
                            sible adult in charge of barbecue grills and   your family and friends, but do it with safety
                            campfires.                                     in mind!

the GVEC Review                                                                           Periodicals Postage
Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc.
825 E. Sarah DeWitt Dr.                       GVEC
P. O. Box 118
Gonzales, Texas 78629

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