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Activating Nike + iPod
When activated in Settings, the Nike + iPod application appears on the Home screen
(not available on the first generation iPod touch). With a Nike + iPod Sensor (sold
separately), the Nike + iPod application provides audible feedback on your speed,
distance, time elapsed, and calories burned during a running or walking workout.
When iPod touch is connected to iTunes on your computer, you can send your
workout information to, where you can track your progress, set goals,
and participate in challenges.

See the Nike + iPod documentation for information about activating and using
Nike + iPod.
Turn Nike + iPod on or off: In Settings, choose Nike + iPod and turn Nike + iPod on
or off. When Nike + iPod is turned on, its icon appears on the Home screen.
Additional Nike + iPod Settings
In Settings, choose Nike + iPod to activate and adjust settings for the Nike + iPod
Choose a PowerSong: Choose PowerSong and select a song from your music library.
Turn spoken feedback on or off: Choose Spoken Feedback and select a male or
female voice to accompany your workout, or Off to turn off spoken feedback.
Set a distance preference: Choose Distance, then select Miles or Kilometers to
measure your workout distance.
Set your weight: Choose Weight, then flick to enter your weight.
Set the screen orientation: Choose Lock Screen, then select a screen orientation
Set up the Nike + iPod Sensor: Choose Sensor, then follow the onscreen instructions
to set up your sensor (sold separately).
You can use a Nike+ compatible remote (sold separately) to control Nike + iPod
wirelesly. Before using a remote for the first time, you must set it up on iPod touch.
Set up the Nike + iPod remote: Choose Remote, then follow the onscreen instructions
to set up your remote (third-party product sold separately).

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