To send an e-mail message by dfhrf555fcg


									                          To send an e-mail message

    1. On the toolbar, click the ‘Create Mail’ button.

    2 In the ‘To’ box, type the e-mail name of the recipient.

    3 In the ‘Subject’ box, type an appropriate subject title to identify the

    4 Enter about 15 words in the message area using appropriate language,
      punctuation and grammar. Enter your name at the end of the message.

    5 Proof read your message and check for spelling errors and

    6 Type your message, and then click ‘Send’ once on the toolbar.

    7 Print the email from the ‘Sent Items’ folder by clicking on the ‘Sent
      Items’ folder and click on the e-mail you require. Click the ‘Print’ icon
      on the toolbar once


                            To read your messages

1      Click the Send/Receive button on the toolbar to read messages.

2      Click the Inbox icon on either the Outlook bar or the Folders list.

3      Open the message by clicking on it twice with the left hand side
       of your Mouse.

                               To Reply to Messages

1      Click on the ‘Reply’ button on the toolbar.

2      Compose a Reply of about 15 words using correct grammar,
       punctuation and language. Enter your name at the end of the e-mail
       and click on ‘Send’ button once.

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