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					     Fall Quarter Class Schedule – Strategies for Financial
Week 1 (September 13th) Role Confusion – Understanding God’s Part and Our Party in
our finances
Much of the frustration we experience in handling money in today's world stems from confusion
about our role and God's role in our finances. Scripture makes it clear that God has a part, and
we have a part. This class will delve into what Scripture tells us our financial responsibilities are
and how we can faithfully execute those responsibilities that have been delegated to us, while
allowing God to play His part in our financial lives.
Week 2 (September 20th) Debt #1 - Enemy of Financial Freedom
This class will explore why most people get into excessive debt and how to avoid these pitfalls.
We'll discuss the financial, spiritual and physical cost of carrying too much debt, explain when
it's okay to borrow money and briefly discuss co-signing and bankruptcy. We'll end by
summarizing an 8 step strategy for debt freedom

Week 3 (September 27th) Debt #2 - Strategies for Debt Freedom
Class will lay out an 8 step game plan for debt freedom. Well talk about the importance of an
emergency fund in becoming debt free, the difference between revolving and installment debt,
the pros and cons of bi-weekly mortgage payments and how to avoid the credit card trap. Learn
about the ONLY time a debt consolidation makes sense, and how to create a debt snowball to
eliminate debt in a fraction of its normal time
Week 4 (October 4th) Estate Planning - Putting your house in order
Learn why almost everybody should have a basic estate plan. Class will debunk some of the
myths associated with estate planning, explain who needs one and who doesn't and delve into the
main reasons people put off developing a plan. Will discuss the probate process, touch on estate
and gift taxes and explore estate planning tools that are available. We'll finish with an overview
of how to begin developing your family’s estate plan.

Week 5 (October 11th) Investing and Saving 101
Discussion will include the different types of savings goals, various types of savings vehicles
such as CD's, money market accounts and bonds, and the difference between saving and
investing. We'll talk about the importance of time and consistency in a long term investment
program and explore savings tools and strategies such as the Rule of 72, the Savers Tax Credit
and the difference between after-tax, pre-tax and tax free dollars

Week 6 (October 18th) Insurance - Protecting your Income
Class will address who does and does not need life insurance and how to determine how much
insurance to carry. The difference between cash value and term insurance will be discussed, and
we will explore whether cash value life insurance is a good savings vehicle. Short term
disability and long term disability coverage will be also be addressed.)
Week 7 (October 25th) Insurance - Protection your Assets
Discussion will include an explanation of the different coverage’s that make up the typical auto
and homeowners policy. We’ll talk about how to determine how much coverage to carry and
ways to reduce your premium. We will also explore when it might be beneficial to carry
umbrella liability insurance.)

Week 8 (November 1st) Retirement Planning Basics
The class will include an overview of typical company pension plans and the Social Security
program. Tax deferred retirement planning will be discussed, to include an overview of 401(k)'s,
IRA's, SEP's and 403(b)'s. The difference between traditional IRA’s and after-tax Roth IRA’s
will be explained. Various investment strategies will be discussed with the intention of helping
you make the most of your retirement savings.

Week 9 (November 8th) Elective Class – To be Announced

Week 10 (November 15th) Elective Class – Investing in Real Estate

Week 11 (November 22nd) Elective Class – Raising Money Savvy Kids

Week 12 (November 29th) Elective Class – A Parents Guide to College Planning

Week 13 (December 6th) Elective Class – The Power of Mutual Funds

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