Teaching and learning for better RE by dfhercbml


									         SANDWELL SACRE invites you to:
         Teaching and learning for better RE
            * creativity * spirituality * thoughtfulness *

        Teaching and learning for better RE
           * creativity * spirituality * thoughtfulness *
A Sandwell SACRE initiative, for teachers of RE in the west midlands.
£70 plus second or further delegates from the same school at £50.
Sandwell’s Training and Development Centre, Oldbury (M5 J2)
11th June 2007, 9.15am – 3.45pm
Keynote speaker: Julie Grove,
Other presenters: Lat Blaylock, of RE today, Butta Singh on Sikhism, Islamic Relief.
Workshops: there will be a full programme of workshops that provide inspirational,
practical and well resourced ideas on:
 Teaching and learning in RE                  Aims of the day:
 Spiritual development for all pupils          To energise good learning in your
 Teaching Islam, Sikhism and Christianity
                                                To help governors and teacher with their
 Inclusion and personalised learning in RE       responsibilities in RE
 Thinking skills in RE                         To take practical ideas away that enable
                                                       rigorous learning.
End of the day: Lat Blaylock
How to make your RE thoughtful, spiritual and creative.
Bookings: 0121 522 0520 / plc@sandwell.gov.uk
Mary Nichols, PLC, Owen House, Unity Walk, Tipton, West Midlands DY48QL

                                      The conference is also supported by Solihull LA, Dudley LA,
                                          and the Black Country School Improvement Partnership

Who is leading?     What is the workshop about?                     What     Number
                                                                    age      your top
                                                                    group?   4 choices

                    'Religiously educating the very young child'
1. Julie Grove                                                      3-7

                    Assessment for learning at 7, 11 and 14:
2. Lat Blaylock                                                     7-14
                    Examples that work

3. Dilwyn Hunt      Thinking Skills in Key Stage 3 RE               11-14

                    How to use an Islamic charity as a learning
4. Islamic Relief                                                   and
                    experience for pupils                           Sec

                    Teaching Sikhism well in the West Midlands:
5. Butta Singh                                                  7-14
                    practical ideas for Key Stages 2 and 3

6. Julie Grove      'Making the most of story in primary RE'        5-11

                    Creative ideas for teaching Christianity, for
7. Lat Blaylock                                                     6-12
                    ages 6-12

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