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									           Swansea Learning Festival Adult Learning Grants

Swansea Learning Partnership/NIACE want to offer small grants to local
community/voluntary groups to highlight learning taking place among
members as part of their group’s activities.

A group can apply for a grant from £50 – up to £100 in order to fund a
specific activity during Adult Learners Week.

Examples – could be to:
   Provide refreshments for visitors;
   Mount and display examples of learned techniques;
   Produce leaflets/publicity materials about regular meetings/learning
   Pay the expenses of a speaker at a session open to the public.

Swansea Learning Partnership/NIACE will undertake to provide additional
publicity and enter the event, location, date and time in the Learning Festival


    The group applying should be a properly constituted club, society or
     organisation based in Swansea and serving Swansea adults;
    The group should already have their own bank account, into which the
     grant will be paid after the event, on submission of receipts for all
     expenses claimed;
    The group must apply to the Lifelong Learning Service, Dan-y-
     Coed House, Huntington Close, Swansea SA3 5AL by 31 March
     2005 using the form attached. Judging will be by a broad panel of
     Swansea-based judges, whose decision will be final.
    No expenditure should be undertaken before written approval of the
     application has been made.
    The primary purpose of the group’s regular activities does not need to
     be educational. However, adult education or learning in its widest
     sense form the focus of Adult Learners’ Week and all those applying
     will be expected to show that the members of the group promote or
     engage in learning as part of their participation in the group or
    The grant will be given to organisations for an activity taking place
     during in the period 19 – 27 May (Adult Learners Week), but in
     exceptional circumstances could be undertaken another week either
     side of Adult Learners Week;
    The activity for which the grant is given must be free and open to the
     public. The group itself may gain additional members as a result: also
     members of the public will be more aware of the group’s activities as
     a result of this publicity.
    The applicant group must be willing to talk to the media about their
     learning experiences. The groups themselves will arrange for a
     photographic record of the Learning Festival activity
    All those applying will be entitled to free publicity in the Adult
     Learners’ Week “Swansea Learning Festival” brochure

Swansea Learning Partnership wants to include as many small groups as
possible in their Festival of Learning.

If you want more information, or have difficulty answering any of these
questions, please contact one of the people named below who will do their
best to help you complete the form and ensure that your group can be

Sarah Bower              544016             Swansea Council for Voluntary
                                            Service Communities First

Mike Burridge            648081             City & County of Swansea
                                            Lifelong Learning Service

Amanda Carr              543633             Swansea Council for Voluntary
                                            Service Training

Rob Humphreys            295786             Department of Adult
                                            Continuing Education
                                            Swansea University

Hazel Hunter             295786             Department of Adult
                                            Continuing Education
                                            Swansea University

Mark Hughes              636329             County Library Service
                    Swansea Adult Learning Grants

Name of Group: ______________________________________

Contact Name (Chair):__________________ Telephone: _____________

Address: _____________________________________________________

_____________________________________Postcode: SA___________

(Treasurer:) ____________________Telephone: _______________

Address: ____________________________________________________

_____________________________________Postcode: SA_____________

1. What is the main focus and interest of your group?

2. How often does your Group meet?

3. Tell us about the membership of your group (male/female, age range
    – should be over 16 years) and any special features (e.g., disabilities,
    ethnic backgrounds) of the group.

4. What sort of learning do your members undertake? (Remember this
    may be informal or indirectly connected with your main purpose in
5. How do your members pass on what they have learnt to others in
    the group/in the community?_________________________________

6. Can you give examples of your group’s impact upon the wider
   community in Swansea?

7. Please give name and contact details of someone outside your group
    who would support your application:
   ___________________________________ Telephone:______________

   Your request for funding

8. What do you plan to do during Adult Learners’ Week?

9. How will this show the public the sorts of learning your group
    members undertake?

10. What costs do you want to ask for?

Item                                               Cost

Total                                              £

Signed: ________________________ on behalf of the applicant group
Send the completed form to Lifelong Learning Service, Dan-y-Coed House,
Huntington Close, Swansea SA3 5AL
(or email to lifelonglearning@swansea.gov.uk ) by 31 March 2005

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