The minutes of the Governing Body meeting held on Thursday 30 by dfhrf555fcg


									 The minutes of the Governing Body meeting held on 10 July 2008 at Roby

        Present:                Les Hill (Chair), Sylvia Blain, Eddie Connor,
                                Mark Flinn, Pam Jervis, John Oakes (Vice Principal),
                                Stuart Stokes, Tim Stratford, Marion Thomas,

        In Attendance:          Lyn Eaton (Director – CMIS), Mike Benson (Director
                                of Finance), Clare Ashley (Clerk to Governors)

The Chair congratulated Pam Jervis on the receipt of her

Apologies                                                                          ACTION
     Apologies were received from Seamus Brady, Marge
     Carey, Andy Evans, Frank Gill, Terry Holmes, Paula                           Noted
     Murawski, Jane Raven

1.      Feasibility Study – Kirkby Building Project

After fully considering the risks and opportunities offered by this Feasibility   Agreed
Study for the renewal of the Kirkby Campus, the Governors and Managers of
Knowsley Community College now give their informed consent to the proposal
    • To seek the views of the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) about this
          Feasibility Study                                                       Noted
    • To further develop this project to an Application in Principle to the LSC
          with associated fees of approximately £775,000
    • At present this proposal involves: Improving the facilities for further
          education and training through the construction of 13,880 m2 and the
          refurbishment of 2,240 m2 of appropriate state of the art college       Noted
          facilities on the Kirkby Campus                                         Noted
    • All at a cost of no more than £49,807,000, financed by:                     Noted
             - An additional college contribution financed by borrowing of        Noted
             - A College contribution from reserves of £1,600,000
             - LSC capital support of £42,107,000                                 Noted
Incorporating sustainability into the fabric of the new buildings.
The College Governing Body also requests that the LSC considers the
provision of an additional £250,000 towards the development of an Application
in Principle for this proposed project”

2.      (i) Minutes of the Governing Body held on 13 March
        The minutes of the meeting held on 13 March 2008 were
        agreed as a true record. Proposed by

        (ii)  Matters arising                                                     Agreed
        There were no matters arising.

Governing Body 12 July 2007
3.      Committee meetings to note:
        The following sub committee meetings were noted:

4.      (i)     Management Accounts to end of May 2007
                Mr Benson reported that the May 2007
                management accounts had been agreed by the
                F&GP committee. It was noted that the current
                ratio had reduced from 1.81 to 1.75, but was still
                within the benchmark of 1.5 – 2.5. Mr Benson
                reported that he anticipated that the    surplus for    Noted
                the end of the year would be £500,000 subject to
                any reorganisation costs. The management
                accounts were agreed proposed by Mr Evans and
                seconded by Ms Murawski.

        (ii)    Learner Numbers                                         Noted
                Mrs Eaton reported the up to date learner numbers,
                which had improved from the monthly report sent to
                governors. It was noted that funding was in a
                transitional period, but would be subject to plan led
                funding for the next two years. The Governing
                Body discussed the issues around FE funding and         Agreed
                agreed to note the report.                              budget and
                                                                        staff pay
       (iii)    Work Based Learning                                     award
                Mrs Eaton reported on the work based learner
                targets. The Governing Body discussed the report
                and noted that completed frameworks were above
                the 135 target, with 170 frameworks completed so

5.      Audit Chairman's Report
        Mr Evans reported that the committee had received the
        final reports from the internal auditors. There had been a      Agreed
        small number of medium risk items on the reports, but the
        committee had been pleased to note that there were no
        high risk items. The report was noted.

6.      Draft Budget 2007 -2008
        Mr Benson presented the draft budget 2007 - 2008, which
        had been recommended for approval by the F&GP
        committee. The Governing Body was advised that the
        budget had been prepared on the basis of the AoC                Agreed
        recommendations for the annual pay rise. After discussion

Governing Body 12 July 2007
        the Governing Body agreed the budget and the AoC
        recommended pay award for staff. Proposed by Mrs
        Carey and seconded by Mr Brady.

7.      3 Year Financial Forecast 2007 - 2010
        The Governing Body discussed the 3 Year Financial             Noted
        Forecast 2007 - 2010, which had been recommended for
        approval by the F&GP committee. After discussion the
        Governing Body agreed the Financial Forecast 2007 -
        2010 paying special regard to the sensitivity analysis.       Agreed
        Proposed by Miss Raven and seconded by Mrs Carey.

8.      Strategic Development Plan 2007 – 2010
        Mr Gill introduced the Strategic Development Plan for 2007
        -2010, which reflected the issues discussed at the
        governors residential: Every Child Matters; Employer
        Engagement and the drive to improve success rates. The Noted
        Governing Body discussed the plan and agreed it was an
        excellent report and thanked Mrs Lane for producing it.
        Proposed by Mrs Carey and seconded by Mr Evans.

9.     Changes to Government Structure
       Mr Gill reported on the changes to the DfES, which had
       split into two new departments. The governing body
       discussed the changes and the possible implications for
       the college.

10.     Post 16 proposed reorganisation
        Mr Gill reported on the LSC/LEA commissioned report on        Noted
        the structured collaboration relating to 6th Form education
        in the borough. He outlined the two options proposed by
        the report. The governing body discussed the report and
        agreed to keep the issue under review.

11.     College Structure
        Mr Gill presented the college management structure for
        September 2007. The new structure was noted.

12.     Environmental issues
        Mrs Eaton reported that the college was undergoing an
        environmental audit that would lead to the development of
        a college wide policy. The report was noted.

13.     College Chaplaincy
        Mr Gill reported that the college had taken AoC advice on

Governing Body 12 July 2007
        college chaplaincy provision. It had been agreed to
        provide a pastoral service to students, which would
        provide access to differing faiths as necessary. Rev
        Stratford stated that he regretted the new approach, he
        considered that a chaplain would provide more than
        pastoral support. The governing body discussed and
        noted the report.

The Chair took the opportunity to say that the governing body had
every confidence in the new management team led by Mr Gill and
he wished them well for the start of the new academic year.

He continued by recording the contribution of Mrs Lunt to the
college, who would be retiring after 36 years. He also thanked Sir
George Sweeney, on behalf of the governing body, for his
excellent leadership of the college over the previous 17 years and
wished him a long and happy retirement.

Sir George thanked the governing body and noted that the
college governing body was an exemplar of good governance: it
responded to challenges, supported the principal and had sound
collective judgment.

The meeting closed at 7.00pm.

Governing Body 12 July 2007

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